About Us

About Me

My name is Kayla Young, and I write here at LuxeLuminous. I have long had an interest in the power of light to heal and beautify, stemming from my own battle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I want to help readers step back into the light!

I started this blog after learning some of the emerging science around light therapy and sunlight exposure. I want readers to achieve beautiful skin and a pain-free life, while keeping the woo-woo pseudoscience as far away as possible.

With careful sun exposure, skincare, and light therapy, you can envision:

  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Feeling confident, sexier, and more poised, because you know you look and feel great.
  • Motivated and energized, even in the depths of winter

My goal with this blog is to help readers safely navigate research and claims regarding sun safety, UV-tanning, light therapy, beauty products, SAD lamps, and the like.

I have long suffered from SAD, which is strongly connected to sunlight exposure and light exposure in general. My journey into light therapy started with my attempts to combat the winter blues with light. It spread out from there into various other ways to use light to improve life.

Join me, and bask in the luxurious luminescent glow!