LumaRX Reviews. Powerful Home Laser Hair Removal

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It is often difficult to make time for a professional hair removal session in your busy schedule. When it comes to hair removal, most people go for the regular options like shaving, waxing, or tweezing. However, if people have a home gadget that can make hair removal convenient and quick, they would certainly choose that option.

Fortunately for you, the LumaRX can make the chore of hair removal a breeze. With this laser device, you no longer have to worry about the preparation involved in wearing a sundress. This at-home laser treatment device uses Intense Pulse Light Technology (IPL) to give you the ease of quick hair removal at the comfort of your home.

The LumaRX provides professional-level IPL treatment for long-lasting hair removal and reduction. Although the timing of hair removal depends on the size of the area you are treating, smaller areas take less than two minutes to get rid of hair.

If you still have concerns about its usage, keep reading to learn more in-depth LumaRX reviews and information. We have covered all the essential aspects to help you fully understand the capabilities of the LumaRX series of devices.

lumarx reviews

LumaRX Reviews and Information

Some get nervous at the thought of using a hair removal gadget that works using intense pulsed light. You will be relieved to know that IPL technology has been used over the last two decades and is considered safe. The manufacturers of the LumaRX have developed it by keeping user safety in mind.

They use ComfortFilter Technology to prevent harmful UV and infrared energy from reaching your skin.

In this post, we will let you know everything about the aesthetics, functionality, quality, etc of the LumaRX to help you make the right decision.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Uses professional, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology
  • Reduces 94% hair in just three treatments
  • 2 interchangeable treatment caps for body and female facial hair
  • 5 energy levels to change the intensity of the treatment
  • Uses ComfortFilter technology to block UV and infrared energy
  • 65,000-flash cartridge
  • FDA approved for hair removal and reduction

Dimensions and Specs

  • The dimensions of the LumaRX are 9.5 x 9.5 x 8.1 inches
  • The shipping weight of the product is 4.7 pounds
  • The maximum energy level of the LumaRX is Maximum energy of 8 J/cm2 (+/-20%)
  • It has a wavelength of 650-1200nm for Body Cap and 600-1200nm for Facial Cap

The Details

The LumaRX is an intense pulsed light device that allows the user to remove hair with the help of laser technology at the comfort of their home. This is different than the diode lasers commonly found in salon devices and some home devices like the Tria Hair Removal Laser (reviewed here). The LumaRX is specially designed to not only remove the body and facial hair but also reduce their growth to 94%.

To get oriented, here’s a short video showcasing how the LumaRX works to halt hair growth.

We note that the LumaRX is sold in various formats including the Face and Body (the most popular, and what we have focused on here), the Pro version, and the Mini version.

With advancements in technology, manufacturers are now able to create products that give professional-grade results at home if you follow the instructions carefully and invest your valuable time into the treatment with patience. The LumaRX is one of the best at-home laser hair removal devices which is suitable for most parts of the male and female body as well as female facial hair.

You can use LumaRX Face and Body for areas like the underarms, arms, chest, stomach, legs, and bikini line. As far as facial hair is concerned, the manufacturer emphasizes that the device can only be used for female facial hair.

Sorry, guys!

Also, it can effectively remove hair from areas including the cheeks, chin, upper lip, and neck.

The company also recommends that people with light to medium skin tones and dark hair should use this device. Unfortunately, it has a hard time working with darker skin tones as well as lighter hair colors.

The LumaRX Face and Body has a built-in skin tone tester that ensures that skin that is too dark is not treated using it. The light energy of the LumaRX targets dark hair and it is not effective for lighter hair colors such as blonde, white, gray, or red.

The device also has a built-in contact sensor that makes it go off, preventing it from wasting a flash if the device does not have full skin contact. This sensor also prevents the device from flashing the laser into sensitive areas like the eyes as it can cause eye damage.

The LumaRX has energy levels from 1 to 5 that allows the user to use the appropriate intensity for different body parts. Many similar devices lack this feature and, therefore, their users are at risk of skin injury because they might use a higher intensity than necessary.

The default setting is the lowest intensity, and we recommend you start with the default setting first and then work your way up.

Another great thing about the product is that it is corded. You can plug in the base unit of the device into a power source, which makes the treatment hassle-free. You no longer have to worry about the power running out or to ensure that the battery has full charging.

The LumaRX also has the largest treatment window compared to other available best at-home laser hair removal devices in the market. This means you can cover larger areas of the body in a short time. The flash cartridge of the LumaRX has 65,000 flashes, which makes the cartridge long-lasting.

It is, however, replaceable after you have exhausted the entire flash limit. The device comes with two interchangeable treatment caps. One is for use on the body while the other one is for female facial hair. The cap for body hair can flash every three seconds and has a bigger window to cover a larger area of the body in a short time. The facial cap, on the other hand, flashes every five seconds and minimizes light leakage.

You can use it for chin, neck, upper lip, cheeks, and sideburns only and strictly keep it away from the eye area.

The LumaRX Face and Body is effortless and entirely safe for use at home. The ComfortFilter technology to block UV or infrared energy so that you do not experience burn or any discomfort while using the LumaRX.


The LumaRX is a portable hair removal device that provides great convenience. It is quite compact, as the company intended to make an ergonomic gadget for laser treatment of body and facial hair. The unit looks much like old telephone.

You will find no panel on the device; the base of the unit has all the controls and settings. When it first comes in contact with your skin and detects the skin tone, you will be able to see the results on the base unit.

A corded device has its benefits and drawbacks. The biggest drawback being that you will have to be near the socket all through the treatment to keep using it. While it is portable, the device is a bit bulky.

The handheld piece might also be a bit larger for small hands.

If you really find cords to be an issue, you could choose to go with the LumaRX Mini, which is cordless. But it is less fully-featured than the LumaRX Face and Body.

The company has designed the Face & Body using the latest at-home laser hair removal methods, and they’ve been successful in doing so to a great extent. The device has a 3 cm squared window, which is the largest treatment window in any of the available at-home laser hair removal devices. It covers more area on your body in a significantly less amount of time.

Overall the design and aesthetics of the device look good. The unit seems sturdy and durable, and the material quality is also great. That said, we can make a little compromise on its size, considering the fact that it boasts such amazing features that you are hard to come across in other similar products in the price range.

Effectiveness of Treatment

The LumaRX works pretty well and has legions of enthusiastic customers. Most reviewers and users find that you need to be patient with the treatment. It is not a quick fix like waxing or shaving. The process usually takes at least three treatment sessions until you start noticing the right results.

In the end, the vast majority of users with compatible skin and hair colors get satisfactory results after using this laser hair removal device. Most find a significant reduction in hair growth as well.

Yet, a few individuals, despite having light skin and dark hair, were not that satisfied by the results.

How the LumaRX Works

The rays with large wavelengths reach the follicle of the hair and remove them from the root. This eliminates the need to use the device frequently. You might only need to use it only once in two weeks, making it the most long-lasting and the best at-home laser hair removal treatment.

The intense pulse light uses rays of different wavelengths, ranging from 500nm to 1,200nm. They quickly scatter as soon as they reach the skin. They then target the hair pigment. Similar to how black cloth absorbs the sun’s heat, the pigment of the black hair also absorbs the energy from the IPL device. The heat is what kills the hair at the root.

This explanation of the functionality of the device also explains that the product is most suitable for people who have a contrast between skin and hair color.

The fact that the device can remove 94% of the hair proves just how efficient the device is. You can optimize the performance by working your way up to higher intensity levels. The average range of the IPL-power of most laser hair removal devices is 3-6 J/cm2. The LumaRX is one of the highest IPL-powered laser hair removal devices as it goes up to 8 J/cm2.

The LumaRX also comes with a cartridge that contains 65,000 flashes. This gives you a long time to use the device comfortably before the cartridge needs to be replaced. The number of flashes is comparatively more than the 30,000-50,000 offered by other brands in the market. They are more than enough for a full-body laser session and even do some touch-ups.

Starting Out with the LumaRX Face and Body IPL Hair Remover

When starting out, you need to test your skin to ensure that it is compatible with your skin tone. You do this by holding your skin over the sensor on the LumaRX. Assuming all is well, you will hear a chirp from the unit, and you’ll be able to begin further testing.

You then begin to test the area you’ll be targeting for power. You’ll start on the lowest power level, and see how your skin reacts. Assuming you don’t have any adverse reaction, you can increase the power to the next level.

Once you’ve found your power level, you should wait 24 hours to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Assuming there is not, you can start using the device.

Does Using the LumaRX Hurt?

It can hurt if you’re running it at too high of a power level. By starting on the lowest level, and gradually turning up the power, you can ensure that it doesn’t hurt. If you’re feeling… extreme sensations, drop the power level down until you no longer feel pain.

You can choose to add a numbing cream to the mix to help lessen the pain.

Also note that for each body part you use the device on, you want to redo the skin tone check, and redo the power level check. Different parts of the body may have different skin tones, and can react in different ways to the IPL device.

Treatment Method

You need to be sure that you’re not hitting the same location on your body multiple times with the laser. So you should work in a grid or line pattern to ensure that each time you flash the LumaRX, you’re targeting a new area of the body.

Treatment Frequency

The LumaRX doesn’t immediately remove hair. It typically takes 7-10 days to receive any impact from the device. And you need to do 2-3 sessions for it to maximally block hair growth.

Each treatment of a specific area should be spaced out in a two week period to ensure that you’re not damaging the skin. After three treatments, or six weeks of use, your hair should essentially have stopped growing.

Any straggler hairs that appear after that time can be treated with spot treatments, following the same general treatment guidelines mentioned above.

Is the LumaRX Worth Buying?

The LumaRX is one of the best options available in the market for the best at-home laser hair removal treatment. It is the most potent laser treatment for hair removal and is packed with a lot of features. The built-in sensor of the device is also highly intuitive and makes it a lot more efficient. The device uses the most effective technology, IPL, for long-lasting hair removal treatment.

It is worth mentioning here that several skincare professionals use this technology. The device helps to give you a professional-grade at home laser treatment session that helps remove hair and reduce regrowth.

The manufacturers have also developed the device with user safety in mind. The FDA has cleared the device for removal of body and female facial hair.

As long as a user keeps the device in good condition, they can enjoy the incredible benefits of it for a very long time. They will only have to replace the cartridges when it runs out of flashes, not the whole device! Unlikely other devices in the market, you also do not have to buy separate devices for facial and body teatments.

You get a 2-in-1 benefit by purchasing the LumaRX. It is the most powerful and sustainable laser hair removal treatment for home use in the market.

Assembly and Configuration

The LumaRX is a pre-assembled device for laser hair removal treatment. You can use it straight out of its packaging. You do not even need to charge the device before use! All you have to do is plug in the base into a power source, pick up the handheld piece and choose your preferred setting on the base unit and bring the handheld unit in contact with the treatment area. The usage is as simple as it can get.

Changing Treatment Caps

The device has two interchangeable caps for hair removal. The method of changing the caps is also quite simple.

  1. Ensure that the power switch is off and unplug the cord before setting out to change the caps.
  2. Now allow the system to cool down if you have been using it for a while.
  3. Hold on to the treatment cap with one hand while pressing the release buttons of the treatment cap with the other hand and tug on it gently.
  4. Once the treatment cap comes off, take the other cap, and gently push it back into the handheld unit. Ensure both side tabs click securely into place.
  5. Keep the more extended tab with gold circuits on top to properly fit the treatment cap.

Another critical point to note is that you should keep the cap that is not in use in the packaging to prevent the flash window and other components from damage.

Cartridge Replacement

As mentioned earlier, the cartridge of the LumaRX contains 65,000 flashes, which last for a long time. But, this does not mean that the need for cartridge replacement would never arise. Once the cartridge runs out of all the flashes, you will have to replace it. The replacement method is also simple and easy.

  1. First, turn off the power switch and unplug the cord from the power source.
  2. Allow the system to cool down for a while before trying to replace the cartridge.
  3. Hold the treatment cap with one hand while holding the release buttons with the other hand and gently pull the cap. After the treatment cap comes off, grab the lamp cartridge, and gently pull it away from the handheld unit.
  4. It is important to be extra careful while replacing the cartridge. Please see that the cartridge has cooled down before pulling it away from the handheld unit.
  5. Now push the new lamp cartridge in place of the old one. Avoid touching the lamp tubes or the pins on the cartridge. Position the cartridge in a way that the side with the four pins is on the left, and one with one pin is on the right.

After the cartridge is securely in place, you can put the treatment cap back on, and the device is ready for use again! You can discard the old cartridge.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The LumaRX is a high-end laser hair removal product which is why the company has made sure to integrate quality and smart technology in its manufacturing. But even the best quality products require thorough cleaning and careful maintenance to increase the lifespan.

So, you should clean the LumaRX device after use. The most important parts that need thorough cleaning are the flash window, treatment cap, and the skin tone tester.

For cleaning, start with switching off the power button and unplugging the device from the power source. Allow the unit to cool down completely.

The device comes with a lint-free cloth for proper cleaning. Use this lint-free cloth or a cotton swab to wipe the flash window area gently. You can also dampen the cloth or cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol if you feel it is necessary. Let the device dry entirely before using it again.

If the base unit needs cleaning, use a damp lint-free cloth to wipe away the dirt or debris.

If the device gets wet due to any reason, do not use it. Instead, contact customer service. Using a damp device can be hazardous.

What’s Included:

After the purchase and shipment of the LumaRX device, you will find the following system components inside the packaging:

  • Base unit
  • Precision treatment cap
  • Power cord
  • Handheld unit with a body treatment cap and pre-installed lamp cartridge
  • Skin tone tester and flash button with the handheld unit
  • Lint-free treatment window cleaning cloth
  • Quick start user guide
  • Use and care guide
  • Instructional flash drive
  • Storage Case

The Bottom Line

Give the best features of the FDA approved LumaRX for hair removal, it is safe to say that the device is one of the best among its kinds. We recommend it for people with lighter skin tone and dark hair. Using the device for three treatments is likely to show positive results. For some, it might take a few more treatments.

The fact that the device reduces up to 94% reduction of hair growth and enjoys positive reviews gives you some good reason to try the device. The 90-day money-back guarantee offered with the product also gives it credibility. Despite being a fairly pricey option for the home laser hair removal treatment, the LumaRX is the best choice for people who do not have enough time to go for a professional laser session. It provides you ease and convenience of hair removal as well as reduction of hair growth—all of this from the comfort of your own home!

Written by Kayla Young


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