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Welcome to Luxe Luminous, your trusted guide to a radiant lifestyle!

Our journey started in 2019 with a fierce passion for promoting safe tanning and mindful sun exposure. We have since grown and evolved into a comprehensive platform, illuminating various facets of beauty and style.

Now, we shed light not just on sun-kissed skin but also on a myriad of topics including hair care, skin care, nail care, and the latest in fashion. We are here to empower you with knowledge, tips, and trends, so you can shine confidently, from head to toe.

Join our radiant community as we continue to explore, learn, and glow together. Luxe Luminous: Your beacon of beauty in the ever-changing world of style.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enlighten and inspire. We aim to provide you with the essential knowledge and hottest trends to elevate your beauty and style routines. We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and most importantly, safe in their own skin.

What Sets Us Apart

What truly distinguishes us is our stellar team. We are a diverse collective of beauty enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and wellness experts, united by our passion for self-care and style. Each member of our team brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience, helping to ensure we cover every angle of your beauty and style journey.

At Luxe Luminous, you’re not just receiving advice; you’re gaining a team of allies dedicated to helping you shine your brightest. We are here to illuminate your path to radiance. Together, let’s brighten the world!

Our Team

Kayla Headshot

Kayla Young

Kayla is the driving force behind Luxe Luminous. With a professional background in the tanning industry, Kayla transitioned her industry insights into words, creating a platform dedicated to beauty, fashion, and wellness.

Since childhood, Kayla’s fascination with esthetics has led her on a quest to explore virtually every hair, skin, and makeup product available. Her hands-on experience, coupled with her unquenchable curiosity, fuels her honest, detailed reviews and guides.

As the lead writer and founder, Kayla’s expert insights and lifelong passion for beauty make Luxe Luminous a trusted source for style enthusiasts. With Kayla at the helm, we continue our mission to inspire, inform, and illuminate your personal beauty journey.

Jacqueline Ames

Jackie is our resident fashion and nail design aficionado at Luxe Luminous. Jacqueline’s passion for beauty and fashion transcends the ordinary, drawing inspiration from the glamorous eras of the 50s and 60s.

While she holds a degree in Management, Jacqueline’s heart has always been captivated by the allure of beauty and style. This unique blend of business acumen and creative flair has led her to become an integral part of our team, where she applies her knowledge and passion to write compelling articles.

Her love for the golden eras of style seeps into her work, bringing a touch of classic elegance to her pieces. Whether she’s exploring the latest nail design trends or revisiting fashion staples from the past, Jacqueline’s writings are a delightful blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Cecilia Torres

Cece is our resident hair care expert at Luxe Luminous. With a professional background as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist, Cecilia’s insights are steeped in hands-on experience and artistry.

Whether she’s creating a tutorial on the latest hairstyle or sharing tips on maintaining hair health, Cecilia’s contributions are a blend of professional expertise and personal passion. Her love for her craft is evident in every piece she writes, making her a beloved figure among our readers.

Cecilia’s passion for beauty is matched only by her love for her dog, and she brings the same warmth and dedication to her work. Her mastery of hair care techniques and trends, coupled with her keen understanding of personal styling, makes her an invaluable resource for readers.

Rachel Silva

Rachel Silva, Luxe Luminous’s in-house skincare and makeup maven. With a degree in Communications and a long-standing obsession with skincare, Rachel’s expertise spans the science of skin health to the artistry of makeup application.

Her fascination with skincare, born out of a desire to understand and enhance the natural beauty of the skin, has led to years of research and experimentation. This passion, combined with her communication skills, allows her to break down complex skincare concepts into digestible advice for our readers.

Whether she’s decoding the latest skincare innovations or curating a makeup look, Rachel’s articles are as informative as they are engaging. Her unique blend of academic knowledge, practical experience, and genuine passion shines through in every piece.


For a full list of the contributors that have provided their expertise on Luxe Luminous, see our contributor page here.

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