How to Style Brown Leggings for Effortless Everyday Elegance

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One of the most versatile pieces of clothing is brown leggings. This is particularly true in the fall and winter. Brown is one of autumn’s quintessential colors. It’s also a relatively neutral color and it goes with everything, so it’s no surprise that brown is very popular.

Leggings in general are versatile, not to mention super comfy. But what do you wear with brown leggings so you don’t look like you forgot to change out of your gym outfit or pants on?

In this article, we are going to give you some ideas about what to wear with brown leggings and how to style them out. And (maybe more importantly), we’ll also give you a few pointers on how not to wear them.


What Should You Not Wear With Leggings?

As important as it is to know what to wear with brown leggings, it’s equally important to know what not to wear with them.

We are going to go through a few items you should avoid with brown leggings and tell you why.

1. Crop Tops & Sports Bras

Wearing a pair of brown leggings to a yoga class or gym session with a crop top or sports bra is fine if you can rock that outfit for working out.

But don’t make the mistake of heading to the grocery store or out for coffee in the same getup.

Leggings are considered ‘athleisure wear’, which means they can bridge the gap between your athletic pursuits and leisure activities.

But what a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that you cannot wear them the same way for both. Save the gym clothes for the gym.

2. Tight Tops

We will show you what you should be wearing with leggings outside the gym, but avoid tight, waist- length tops.

Even if you have a rockin’ hot bod and skin-tight leggings with a skin-tight top aren’t emphasizing love handles, rolls, bumps, or folds in places you’d rather not put on display, it’s still not a good idea.

Wearing a tight top on its own with leggings as well simply looks like gym attire or a conscious and very desperate attempt at trying to look ‘sexy’.

3. Dressy Tops

You hear people talk about dressing leggings up or down – that’s not what they mean. Yes, you can dress them up so you can incorporate them into a stylish outfit.

But remember, you’re dressing up ‘athleisure wear‘. By dressing up athleisure wear, you can wear them in public outside of the gym, but not to the level of a fancy dinner date.

4. Heels

Leggings are best suited for flat soles. Heels with leggings will make you look dated and completely out of touch with current fashion trends. This is a definite throwback look that wasn’t even a good look at the time.

We like the 80s too, but when you are trying to recycle fashion trends, you need to update them.

The new wave mom of the 80s with the bad perm and heels with leggings is probably something left well in the past.

5. Flouncy Skirts or Dresses

Flouncy… as in loose and flowing. Leggings with a flouncy skirt or dress are another very dated look. But keep reading because we will show you what type of skirt to pair them with to look fantastic, up-to-date and on-trend.

6. Lots of Jewelry

Again – athleisure wear!

You wouldn’t get all blinged up if you were wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt with flip-flops. You’d look a bit ridiculous.

Leggings are sporty-casual, which do not mix with over-the-top jewelry and accessories.

Okay so now that we’ve got what not to wear with brown leggings out of the way, let’s get to how you should be wearing them!

What Shoes To Wear With Brown Leggings

Go for flat shoes if the weather is warmer – anything from ballet flats to loafers to sneakers. As the temperatures start to drop, we’re all about boots!

But like the shoes, keep them relatively flat.

You can get away with a wedge heel on an ankle boot. The longer the boot, the higher you can go with the heel, BUT it must be a block heel.

What To Wear With Brown Leggings

We are going to feature some great fall and winter looks that incorporate brown leggings in all the right ways. When it comes to wearing leggings as streetwear – think layers… lots and lots of layers. Also make sure your layers are long layers. At least one of those layers should be covering your butt.

Look 1

Credit: Instagram / amrit_bilkhu

This year is the year that white will forever cement its place beyond labor day as totally acceptable. You will be seeing it everywhere.

Case in point: An oversized white turtleneck with brown leggings and white knee-high boots, combined with a patterned outerwear blazer jacket.

The white bag and the brown hat are a cute touch.

Look 1-1 Look 1-2 Look 1-3 Look 1-4 Look 1-5

Here’s how to put this look together:

Look 2

Credit: Instagram / annaaborisovna

This outfit takes the horse riding brown leggings and black knee-high boot look to a street-worthy ensemble. It adds lots of layers that include a hoodie, quilted vest, and again, an outerwear blazer jacket.

As you can see this type of jacket is one of the hot items you’ll be seeing come fall and winter.

Look 2-1 Look 2-2 Look 2-3 Look 2-4 Look 2-5

Here’s how to put this look together:

Look 3

Credit: Instagram /

No one said your brown leggings had to be cotton! Here, faux leather leggings take the oversized sweater and sneakers – the ultimate casual – and step it up a notch.

You’ll notice the bag and sunglasses work as the perfect accessories in lieu of jewelry.

Look 3-1 Look 3-2 Look 3-3 Look 3-4

Here’s how to put this look together:

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Look 4

Credit: Instagram / shopriverarivera

A slim-fitting mock turtle neck and matching leggings on their own would be a bit like wearing a catsuit, and not recommended.

However, pair those with an oversized knee-length cardigan and that changes everything!

Look 4-1 Look 4-2 Look 4-3 Look 4-4

Here’s how to put this look together:

Look 5

Credit: Instagram / amrit_bilkhu

This is actually a really simple look to put together. Brown leggings and an oversized tunic, a long faux fur jacket, a scarf, and practical winter boots for a place that has snow.

It doesn’t matter how cute or cool or fashionable you think you look, frostbite will never be trending.

It’s not the cold that’s not fun, it’s being cold. You can be practical AND fashionable… and still have fun — because you are warm!

Look 5-1 Look 5-2 Look 5-3 No products found. Look 5-5 Look 5-6

Here’s how to put this look together:

Look 6

6-1 6-1 6-1 6-1 6-1

Above, we mentioned in the ‘what not to wear with leggings’ section, to avoid flowing skirts and dresses.

In the colder months, you can, however, wear brown leggings more like insulated tights. They are warmer and can look great with a pencil mini skirt that is season appropriate.

On the top we have a slim fitting knitted black turtleneck with a faux fur vest. Faux fur is also trending for this fall and winter. On the bottom, have brown leggings with a brown skirt and brown suede thigh-high boots. Over-the-knee boots are also hot for this fall and winter, so make sure you check out our article on what to wear with thigh-high boots

Whether you go thigh-high or opt for ankle boots, just make sure if you are wearing a skirt with your brown leggings, that your boots go over the bottom of your leggings.

The idea is to make them look like tights, rather than leggings. Otherwise, you’ve taken a perfectly stylish outfit and just dated it 20 years.

Here’s how to put this look together:


We’ve shown you six different ways to style out brown leggings, incorporating some of the hottest trends this fall and winter.

You also know what not to wear with your brown leggings, so now you have no excuse not to rock your brown leggings for the next six months.

Written by Jacqueline Ames

Jackie is the resident fashion and nail design guru at Luxe Luminous. With a degree in Management and a deep-seated passion for the glamorous styles of the 50s and 60s, Jacqueline offers a unique fusion of business acumen and vintage fashion flair in her captivating articles.