Aquaphor on Eyelids Overnight: Is it a Good Idea?

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The skin around the eyes needs moisturizing with thick moisturizers such as Aquaphor to keep the moisture barrier intact. Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes can appear smaller when you use Aquaphor daily.

If your eyelids are dry or you would love a wrinkle tamer, this cream is for you. 

However, is Aquaphor on eyelids overnight recommended? Can you leave it on all night?

  • Aquaphor’s level of hydration can prevent fine lines.
  • The ointment protects the skin from the elements by a waterproof barrier.
  • Contains vitamin B, which stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, and chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Aquaphor is a great moisturizer, but it’s important to use it correctly.

Here we explain how to apply it to your eyelids and how it benefits your skin.


Aquaphor 101: How Does It Benefit Your Face?

Dry, cracked skin is treated with Aquaphor, a dermatologist-recommended ointment (thought not technically a moisturizer). Minor wounds are often treated with this multipurpose ointment. It is a popular moisturizer designed to target the skin on your face.

Aquaphor oil traps water on the face, preventing the skin from drying out. The ointment has moisturizing agents and softening agents. You will see a significant difference in the look and feel of the skin around the eyes after a few days.

Aquaphor oil traps water on the face, preventing the skin from drying out.

Is It Safe to Leave Aquaphor on Eyelids Overnight?


Aquaphor is totally fine to sleep with on your face, eyelids, and even your eyelashes. Apply the cream just before going to bed.

It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin. Aquaphor offers soothing properties that will rejuvenate your skin.

In addition to preventing wrinkles and other aging signs, sleeping with moisturizer can help prevent breakouts if you aren’t prone to them. The reason for that is that Aquaphor serves as a hydration booster and provides protection from environmental aggressors.

That said, if you suffer from acne, stay away from moisturizers at night. Breakouts can worsen or occur more frequently for those with problem skin.

It doesn’t hurt to sleep with Aquaphor occasionally for those with sensitive or dry skin.

When sleeping with this product, you should wash your face in the morning!

Should You Moisturize Your Eyelids?

In short, yes, you should moisturize your eyelids.

The only thing to remember is that it shouldn’t cause eye irritation and should provide adequate moisture. That said, since your eyes have thin skin, some face creams can irritate.

Moisturizing eyelids can prevent droopiness, wrinkles, and dry, scaly skin. Always ensure you test the spot on your skin first to ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions or burning.

Always ensure you test the spot on your skin first.

How to Use Aquaphor Under Your Eyes

  1. Apply face moisturizer to your face after cleansing
  2. Take your ring finger (the finger that is unable to apply excessive pressure), put some Aquaphor on it, and gently rub it on your eyelids. Focus on the sides where the crow’s feet often start.
  3. To achieve the best results, gently push inwards – in the direction of your nose. The anti-wrinkle stretch is effective because it goes counter-clockwise, smoothing wrinkles out and preventing more from forming by moving in the opposite direction.
  4. Repeat this gentle motion for a couple of seconds. As a result, the skin will be softened and relaxed. In the first place, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes are often caused by tension.
  5. You can apply this every night before bed.

It’s safe for use every day. But once you have used it for a while, it’s good to stop and give your skin a break for a few days.

If you notice gray coloring to the skin or your eyelids seem extra soggy, discontinue use and let the eyelid skin breathe. In most cases, you are using the product excessively.

Aquaphor vs. Vaseline: What’s the Difference?

Many people use Vaseline for the same reasons as Aquaphor. However, Aquaphor works better. There is 100% petroleum jelly in Vaseline, but Aquaphor also contains ingredients like lanolin alcohol, glycerin, ceresin, mineral oil, ceresin, panthenol, and bisabolol.

Aquaphor offers more moisture to the skin than Vaseline. 

Is Aquaphor Safe for Use on Eyelashes and Eyebrows?

You can definitely use Aquaphor, however, it won’t grow your lashes or eyebrows. The benefits are similar to that of a conditioner. Your lashes and eyebrows will look healthier and shinier with regular use.

Whenever you apply it near your eyes, be extra cautious. If you notice irritation or redness, wash your skin gently and discontinue use. 

Whenever you apply it near your eyes, be extra cautious. If you notice irritation or redness, wash your skin gently and discontinue use. 

The Potential Risks of Applying Aquaphor to Your Skin

Like all products, Aquaphor can cause issues for some people, though negative reactions are rare. On rare occasions, rashes can occur when Aquaphor causes an allergic reaction.

To see if you react to Aquaphor, apply the cream to a different part of your body and observe for 24 hours. As long as your skin feels fine and looks clear after a day, you should be fine using it on your face.

Aquaphor or other skin care products may cause a negative skin reaction. Consult a dermatologist if this happens.

A few things to consider:

  • For those with acne, Aquaphor may cause breakouts by inhibiting the flow of sebum through the pores.
  • The Aquaphor barrier protects the skin from dirt or bacteria, so washing your skin before applying is important.
  • Aquaphor helps retain water that’s already on the skin, but it doesn’t supply moisture to the skin.
  • Not all products suit everyone’s skin. There is a chance you might react to the cream and not be able to continue using it.
  • Always apply a small amount, to begin with, and then increase as your skin gets used to it.

Final Thoughts

Aquaphor should not replace your moisturizer as it’s not technically a moisturizer. But it is effective on the eyelids and around your eyes. As a result of regular use, your skin will be able to heal better, and you will get better results from your skincare products.

Your skin will be softer and dewier over time. There are rarely any side effects associated with Aquaphor when used on the skin. If an allergic reaction occurs, simply discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).