36 Trending Aura Nail Styles for Inspiration

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Elegance at your fingertips—aura nails are the latest trend sweeping through salons and social feeds alike. This delicate yet dynamic style captures the eye with its serene blend of colors that shimmer and shift like the mysterious corona of light that encircles the moon.

Perfect for those who prefer a sophisticated touch of whimsy, aura nails bring a personal spectrum of color to every gesture.

From the subtle to the striking, these manicures promise to reflect your inner light in a spectrum of shades that’s as unique as your own energy signature.


Aura Nail Style Inspiration

These nails are so cool, reminiscent of aura photography. Here’s my curated list. Which is your favorite?

1. Celestial Gradient Bliss

Drift through the azure skies and into the cosmic abyss with these stunningly gradient nails. A playful dance of vibrant blue melts into a dreamy hot pink, sprinkled with a dash of stardust. These nails are your personal nebula, capturing the ethereal beauty of the galaxy at your fingertips.

2. Crimson Tide Meets Ocean’s Kiss

Sail into the sunset with nails that tell a story of where fiery red passion meets tranquil blue depths. The seamless transition from a fierce red to a calming blue evokes the natural harmony of a horizon where sea and sky embrace. These nails are an ode to the adventurous spirit that lies within.

3. Aurora Awe

Witness the magic of the aurora borealis on your nails with this mesmerizing blend of purples and blues. The colors shift with a mystical fluidity, creating an enchanting effect that mirrors the night sky’s most spectacular light show. It’s a look that speaks to those who find wonder in the stars.

4. Citrus Splash Transition

Freshen up your style with nails that burst with the juicy hues of a summer citrus. Vivid yellows fade into a deep teal, embodying the refreshing splash of a cool drink on a hot day. Perfect for those sunny moments, these nails are a slice of vacation no matter where you are.

5. Twilight Fade

These nails are a love letter to the twilight hours, featuring a divine gradient from a rich purple to a tranquil blue. It’s as if the night sky is settling over the horizon, promising the mysteries that twilight holds. Elegant yet expressive, they’re perfect for anyone who revels in the romance of dusk.

6. Aquatic Stardust

Dive into an oceanic fantasy where the mysteries of the deep blue sea are dusted with twinkling constellations. These nails feature an aquatic gradient topped with a glittery celestial shower, capturing the enchanting union of sea sparkle and starlight. It’s a deep-sea treasure on your nails, perfect for those who love to make a splash with their style.

7. Midnight Ocean Gleam

Let your nails mirror the serene beauty of a moonlit ocean with this captivating deep teal shimmer. The glossy finish reflects the light like gentle waves under a starry sky, offering a touch of nocturnal elegance. These nails are for the night-thinker and the moon-chaser, embodying the tranquil pulse of the ocean’s heartbeat.

8. Solar Flare Elegance

These nails bring forth the dynamic allure of a solar flare, with a vibrant transition from midnight blue to a radiant golden yellow. The smooth gradient suggests a celestial event where the cool of the cosmos meets the sun’s fiery warmth. Ideal for the bold spirit, these nails are a cosmic conversation starter.

9. Tropical Sunrise

Bask in the warm glow of a tropical sunrise with these lively nails that blend a sunny yellow into a rich blue. The smooth gradient captures the essence of daybreak in paradise, where the sun kisses the ocean’s edge. These nails are a daily reminder of the beauty that each new day holds.

10. Enchanted Forest Magic

Step into a mystical realm with these enchanting forest green nails, dusted with flecks of gold that catch the light like morning dew on leaves. The shimmering gradient brings to life the magic of a forest at dawn, full of whispers and secrets. For the nature lover and the dreamer, these nails are a slice of enchanted wilderness.

11. Celestial Ice Whisper

Imagine the whisper of winter’s breath captured on your fingertips. These nails offer a frosty embrace with their icy blue hue dusted with a galaxy of silver glitter, creating a crystalline vision of elegance. They’re the perfect accessory for those who carry the cool majesty of winter wherever they go.

12. Vibrant Violet Veil

A dash of vibrant violet wrapped in a glossy sheen, these nails are a tribute to the playful yet regal spirit within. Their lustrous finish radiates confidence, while the varying shades from lilac to deep purple suggest a bouquet of wildflowers dancing in the breeze. For the bold and the beautiful, these nails are a true statement piece.

13. Midnight Glitter Cascade

Dive into the night sky with these captivating nails that blend the darkest midnight blue with a waterfall of glitter. They emulate the moment just before dawn, where the night’s mystique meets the day’s promise. These nails are a tribute to the endless possibilities hidden in the stars.

14. Cosmic Rose Transition

On a canvas of stiletto nails, a cosmic ballet of pink and blue unfolds, mimicking the hues of a nebula caught in a moment of eternal grace. The glistening transition is like the soft caress of a rose petal falling onto still waters, reflecting the beauty of the universe at your very fingertips.

15. Twilight Sparkle Blend

As twilight blankets the sky, these nails reflect the symphony of colors with pink and blue gradients kissed by star-like speckles. They capture the serene beauty of a sunset meeting the first sparkle of the night, perfect for those who are in love with the magic of the evening’s transformation.

16. Sunset Hues Meet Midnight Blues

These nails tell a story of day turning into night, with pink sunsets dipping into deep blue horizons. Each nail is a canvas for the celestial dance between twilight and evening stars, perfect for those who draw inspiration from the day’s enchanting transition into night.

17. Neon Dreamscape

Step into a neon dreamscape where electrifying green fades into a pink fantasy. This design is reminiscent of tropical sunsets against clear, summery skies, adorned with a sprinkle of stardust. It’s a vibrant getaway at your fingertips.

18. Cosmic Crimson Waves

Ride the waves of the cosmos with this interstellar design, where crimson red ebbs and flows into a sea of galactic blue. The glittering stars add a touch of the universe’s infinite mystery, making these nails a bold choice for cosmic adventurers.

19. Neon Aurora Skyscape

Like the northern lights in a clear Arctic sky, these nails capture the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s most vibrant light show. The seamless gradient of color paired with the brightness of neon hues makes for a spectacular display of creativity and wonder.

20. Galactic Purple Streak

These nails are a slice of the night sky with a swirl of galactic purple that stretches across a canvas of blue and teal. Like a distant nebula seen through a telescope, they bring the universe’s boundless beauty to the palm of your hand.

21. Lavender Frost Ombre

Adorned with a delicate frost of lavender and silver, these nails capture the serene essence of a frosty morning. The gentle gradient mirrors a winter sunrise, sparkling with the promise of a new day.

22. Ethereal Twilight Glimmer

These nails are like twilight captured on your fingertips, with hues of deep blue and violet that blend into a soft pink. They resemble a dreamy sky after the sunset, with a sprinkle of stardust to light up the evening.

23. Fierce Sunset Flame

Embrace the boldness of a fiery sunset with these nails, where a vibrant orange melts into a dusky purple. The design conjures images of an untamed blaze, igniting the spirit of wild, uninhibited freedom.

24. Tropical Sunrise

Vibrant and energetic, these nails are a nod to the daring spirit of a tropical sunrise. The fierce orange is rimmed with a deep purple, capturing the moment the sun kisses the ocean’s horizon at dawn.

25. Citrus Summer Fizz

Bright and effervescent, these nails are like a refreshing sip of a citrus summer cocktail. The gradient of sunny yellow to tangy orange is reminiscent of laid-back beach days and fun-filled summer adventures.

26. Peachy Lavender Dreams

Bask in the glow of soft lavender fading into a peachy sunset, these nails evoke a dreamy summer evening in the countryside. The delicate ring of tiny gems adds just the right touch of whimsy to the pastel perfection.

27. Azure Wave Tips

Dive into the deep end with nails that mimic the mesmerizing hues of ocean waves. The stunning gradient from a soft, seafoam blue to a rich, sapphire tip is like holding the essence of the ocean at your fingertips.

28. Electric Plum Eclipse

Channel your inner night sky with these dynamic nails, where electric pink meets a mysterious plum in an ombre effect. They’re a little bit of cosmic wonder, perfect for when you want to bring the drama of the galaxy to your look.

29. Purple Haze Allure

These nails are a tribute to the enigmatic charm of purple haze, with sparkling accents that dance in the light. The transition from glittering pink to deep purple is as captivating as a dusk-filled sky.

30. Pink Nebula Swirl

Get lost in the interstellar beauty of a nebula with these nails, where vibrant pink swirls into a deep purple void. It’s like wearing your own little piece of the cosmos, with a touch of sparkle to light the way.

31. Sunrise Sorbet Fade

Capture the essence of a serene sunrise with these nails, featuring a gradient that fades from a warm yellow to a dreamy purple, reminiscent of a refreshing sorbet on a summer morning. It’s like each nail tells the story of the sun rising over a field of lavender — a great choice for a spring nail style.

32. Glitter Garden Party

These nails are a bouquet of fun, with vibrant pinks and greens that fade into a sparkle that would outshine the dew on a spring morning. They’re the perfect plus-one to your next garden party or a day out in the sunshine among the flowers.

33. Icy Blue Edge

Step into the future with these icy blue nails that give the impression of sharp, crystal clear ice with a hint of pink warmth. They’re the perfect mix of cool edge and soft elegance, like the meeting of a glacier and a sunset sky.

34. Cherry Sparkle Stiletto

These nails are the epitome of daring with a fiery red that transitions into a deep, sparkly pink. It’s like wearing the passion of a thousand sunsets at the tips of your fingers, sure to turn heads and hearts alike.

35. Peachy Purple Horizon

With a blend of peach and purple, these nails mimic the stunning hues that stretch across the horizon at dusk. They bring a piece of the twilight hour’s magic to your everyday style, with a sprinkle of glitter that mimics the first stars appearing in the evening sky.

36. Pink and Blue Hypnotic Swirl

Fall under the spell of these hypnotic nails, where pink and blue swirl together in a mesmerizing dance. They’re like a portal to a fantasy realm where the skies are always painted with the most magical colors.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).