Bangs With Glasses! 15 Awesome Style Combos for Inspiration!

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Bangs and glasses… Some might say they go together like toothpaste and orange juice.

Granted, wearing bangs with glasses can be tricky because you not only have to consider the hair and the glasses, but you also have to make sure they both flatter your face shape AND that they don’t compete or get in the way of each other.

But make no mistake – bangs and glasses can be a winning combination if you know how to pair them up properly.


How To Choose The Right Bangs With Glasses

First thing you need to do is start with the frames. When choosing frames for your glasses, you want to find a shape that will flatter and complement your features.


For rounder face shapes, look for something more angular in a frame. For those with sharper, more angular features, round or oval frames will soften those angles.

That said, these are just guidelines, not hard and fast rules. The best way for you to see what shape looks best on you is to try them on.


When it comes to glasses, they can either be a fashion-forward statement of your personality or make you look like a librarian or someone’s grandma.

You definitely don’t want either of the latter, so it’s important to know what’s current in frame fashion.

Right now, these are some of the hottest frames styles:

  • Tortoiseshell
  • Cat-eye
  • Metallic
  • Thick-rimmed geometric
  • Large round
  • Crystal clear (transparent)


You will also want to consider color when choosing frames. You can either match the same tone as your hair or if you’re feeling like you need a little more color in your life, go for the opposite complementary color of your hair. Have a look at the color wheel…

Colors opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary. So if you have blonde hair, purple is your hair’s complementary color. Light red hair that tends to the orange side goes amazingly well with blue and for those with darker red hair, green is your complementary color.

If you have brown hair, figure out what color undertones you have in your hair. Do you lean toward golden or ashy?

Brown hair can suit more colors, but it’s best to stay within the colors that match your undertones. So the cooler, more ashy undertones will look better within the cooler colors. That’s to say any reds that lean toward cranberry, rather than tomato, or greens that are more teal than lime, are your best bets.

Likewise, those with brown hair and warmer, golden, or copper undertones should steer toward warmer colors that have more red or yellow in them.

If your hair is black then you should stick with the colors that look best with your skin tone because black hair will go with any color.

Once you have your frames picked out, then you need to choose a bang style – that’s where we come in to help give you a little inspiration. 

We’ve put together 15 great looks with bangs and glasses that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that glasses and bangs can indeed work fabulously well together. 

#1. Choppy Bangs

This is a perfect example of how frames in the complementary color of your hair look amazing.

And if you are going to go bold and quirky, choppy bangs are fun and their lack of uniformity will pair well.

Credit: Instagram / wigdoutartist

#2. Short Curtain Bangs

Whether you part them in the center or offset, short curtain bangs suit almost every face shape. Shorter curtain bangs are fabulous for showing off stellar cheekbones.

And because they get gradually longer toward the sides to blend in, they won’t get in the way of your glasses.

Credit: Instagram / kristenwilsonprofessional

#3. Long Curtain Bangs With Glasses

Curtain bangs cut to just above the top of the jawline will not only emphasize your cheekbones but go over the outer edges of your glasses.

Just note that this won’t work with cat eye, or super wide frames because they will just stick out the sides of your bangs.

Credit: Instagram / raenikole

 #4. Baby Bangs with Glasses

If you’ve got the good eyebrows goin’ on then baby bangs will serve 2 purposes – showing them off and not getting in the way of your glasses.

Credit: Instagram / mandymakeup23

#5. Textured Bangs And Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoiseshell frames are totally in right now. And what’s not to love about them? They are especially fantastic for anyone with medium to dark brown hair.

There’s something about tortoise shell that says worldly and well-read, but more of the traveler (i.e. the journeyer, as opposed to backpacker), rather than librarian.

Pair those with some textured bangs that angle ever so slightly out to the sides and you can almost add archeologist or foreign correspondent to your resume… okay, well maybe not to your resume, but to Instagram – definitely!

Credit: Instagram / cassielee312

#6. Wispy Blunt Bangs with Glasses

For those of you with fine, straight hair, blunt wispy bangs can work well. Cut just at the brow line, and far enough back on either side, so they won’t interfere with your glasses.

This is especially important if you opt for a wider frame.

Credit: Instagram / faceofbeauty_by_hannah

#7. Curly Bangs With a Deep Side Part

There are those that say, stick to thinner frames when it comes to curly hair, but we beg to disagree. Big, bold frames can also look great with curly hair. Unlike straight bangs, curly bangs with a deep side part will allow your curls to cascade over even the biggest frames.

Credit: Instagram / alittlebeacon

#8. Fine Textured Bangs with Thin Metallic Rims

For those with fine hair, textured bangs add more volume. Unless you’re going for statement glasses, pairing fine hair with thinner rims creates a nice balance and makes sure you are the center of attention, not your glasses.

Credit: Instagram / li_ma_am

#9. Side Swept Bangs with Glasses

Side-swept bangs work well with glasses and work especially well with those who have shorter, rounder faces.

While wearing blunt bangs with this kind of facial structure may look like all bangs and glasses and a bit top-heavy, side-swept bangs, show a little more forehead and elongate the face.

Credit: Instagram / girlswithglasses_daily

#10. Shaggy Bangs With Glasses

The shag is one of the most popular haircuts right now and its signature shaggy bangs work well with glasses. Frames that are more low profile that don’t extend above the brow line will work best with this cut.

Credit: Instagram / girlswithglasses_daily

#11. Long Blunt Bangs

Longer bangs cut to the bridge of the nose can offer you more styling options. You can wear them straight, but you can also curl them or pin them back. If you go for longer bangs, make sure the frames you choose sit so they don’t pinch your bangs against your forehead.

Credit: Instagram / xeaora

#12. Short Choppy Bangs with Large Retro Glasses

A mullet shag with its short choppy bangs look great with large glasses. Whether they be round, geometric in shape or somewhere in between. Short bangs means there’s nothing to get in the way of your statement specs.

Credit: Instagram / theglamrockinmomma

#13. Pixie With Long Side Bangs And An Undercut With Glasses

Long bangs that sweep to one side, coupled with a stylish undercut on the other create an asymmetric pixie cut that’s a bit edgy and nicely frames the face, not to mention works well with glasses.

Credit: Instagram / soni_254

#14. Long Curly Bangs

Let your curls fly free! Whether you go for a side or middle part, long curly bangs work really well with glasses because rather than tending to get stuck behind your glasses, like longer straight bangs can sometimes do, curly bangs effortlessly flow over the glasses.

Credit: Instagram / prozhanna

#15. Don’t Be Afraid Of Color!

Big, colorful frames and colorful bangs come together to create a super fun, youthful look. Textured bangs cut to just above the brow line means they won’t compete with larger frames.

Credit: Instagram / peculiarmisspie

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).