Best Lotion for Crepey Skin on Arms and Legs

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One thing there’s a good chance you won’t see on a billboard is an older model with crepey skin advertising skincare. This is because advertising companies — usually run by middle-aged men — are obsessed with selling a beauty ideal that doesn’t exist among the majority of us.

Nobody over the age of 10 has perfect skin. And although aging can be one of the main causes of someone developing crepey skin, it’s also a condition that can occur in younger people. And because of that, it’s not something that anyone should be made ashamed of to have.

Your body is your temple, after all. But there are ways that you can help alleviate the dryness and smooth the appearance of crepey skin. So, what’s the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs?


Why Is My Skin So Crepey?

Celebrities like the Kardashians use filters and photo-editing apps, professional lighting and camera angles to hide their saggy and unperfect bits.

We all know this, but it’s easy to forget!

Nobody has perfect skin. So having crepey skin shouldn’t make you feel bad. If the skin on your arms, neck, upper chest, and/or legs do look crepey, though, there are a few reasons as to why this may be the case.

The biggest reasons why your skin has a crepe paper-like appearance is due to either a lack of hydration, the loss of collagen, which is a result of aging, or rapid weight loss. Crepey skin can also be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight or tanning beds, due to damage of the skin’s natural elastic structure, as well as pollution, smoking, or use of some pharmaceutical medications.

Crepey skin usually becomes noticeable after the age of 40 due to the drop in your body’s collagen level. That said, genetics can play a part in it showing up in those in their 20s, depending on lifestyle choices, like if you smoke or live in a polluted city.

If your skin is of a lighter complexion, then you will also notice crepey skin more.

Best Lotion for Crepey Skin on Arms and Legs

While shopping for crepey skin lotions, you might want to look out for formulations that will help to boost your collagen levels. One particular ingredient to keep an eye on is retinol, the vitamin A derivative that works to stimulate collagen by accelerating new skin growth.

If you choose the retinol route, though, be sure to only use your lotion at night, because the chemical makes your skin photosensitive, which means it will burn more easily.

Although the following products all claim to get rid of crepey skin, no lotion, potion or cream will magically make it disappear. Your skin will most probably feel better after using these products, because of their moisturizing effects.

However, read to the end to find out more ways that you can tackle crepey skin.

Dermactin-TS Crepe Be Gone Body Souffle 3 ounce (4-Pack)
  • Can be used on the neck, chest, arms and...
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Ideal for smoothing, plumping and...
  • Crepe Away Body Soufflé the ultra-...

Reviews are mixed on this lotion, which can be used all over the body, including the upper arms and chest, and legs.

When used as a daily moisturizer, Dermactin – TS Crepe Be Gone Body Soufflé is marketed as a hydrating skin firming cream that can help to plump out dry, crepey skin. 

With regular use, you will notice a gradual improvement.

No products found.

Not tested on animals, free of parabens, and made in the USA, ReShape’s Firm & Tighten Collagen Body Cream does more than just nourish crepey skin. It also minimizes stretch marks, reduces the appearance of cellulite, fades scars, and softens cracked heels.

Containing antioxidant-rich green tea, hydrating aloe vera, and soothing chamomile, this collagen lotion can be used on crepey skin all over your body, including your tummy, legs, and upper arms. It’s a real treat for thirsty skin.

Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector Body Lotion, Replenishing & Smoothing Formula, 8 oz.
  • Contains: One (1) 8-oz. bottle of Gold...
  • Gold Bond Crepe Corrector Lotion helps...
  • This unique smoothing concentrate...
  • Gold Bond Lotion for Crepey Skin...
  • This lightweight lotion is fragrance...

Containing nourishing omega fatty acids and natural botanical antioxidants, Gold Bond’s Ultimate Crepe Corrector is a smoothing concentrated therapy lotion that includes age-defying properties.

Its fragrance-free formula has been clinically shown to improve skin firmness within two weeks.

Most user reviews claim that Ultimate Crepe Corrector’s moisturizing formula will reduce the crepey look after just one or two applications, giving skin a much smoother appearance that will have you pulling out your camisole tops to wear again.

NIP+FAB Upper Arm 100 ml
  • Helps define the appearance of the upper...
  • Tones upper arm
  • stimulates circulation
  • 100ml

It isn’t a lotion as such, but Nip+Fab Upper Arm Fix is described as a sculpting gel, which some may find has a better consistency for being absorbed into the skin.

The product’s ingredients include caffeine, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and promote the breakdown of fat cells.

Patience is needed, as it can take up to four weeks before you start noticing any results. The sculpting gel’s combination of ingredients is designed to soften, hydrate, and tighten crepey skin on your upper arms.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Firming Body Moisturizer

If you want to take a more natural route to find the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs, then this option might be what you’re looking for. Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Firming Body Moisturizer contains a variety of ingredients, many of which are also organic.

The focus of this product is on deeply moisturizing that will not only protect crepey skin from further damage but also includes ingredients that stimulate elastin and collagen production.

Besides nourishing shea butter, soothing evening primrose oil, and vitamins B, C, and E, it also contains allantoin, which can help skin with cellular rejuvenation.

Medix Retinol Body Lotion - Firming Moisturizer for Crepey, Sagging, Sun Damaged Skin - 15 Fl Oz
  • RETINOL CREAM – Vitamin A (Retinol) is...
  • HYDRATING & NOURISHING – With age our...
  • TREAT YOURSELF – Our Medix 5.5 creams...
  • RELAX & RESTORE – Non-Greasy Formula,...

Medix 5.5’s Retinol Cream contains a combination of anti-aging ingredients, including the number one, retinol, as well as ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps to treat sun-damaged skin.

Its anti-aging cream formula will help to diminish fine lines and crepey skin to leave it feeling smooth and hydrated.

Also containing natural ingredients like soothing aloe vera, moisturizing shea butter, calming chamomile and black tea, it is claimed to increase the hydration of your skin by up to 88% and can even be used on the face and hands.

Not only will Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream improve the overall appearance of your crepey skin, but it doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, triclosan or mineral oil, making it a perfect option for those who prefer more sustainable skincare. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and manufactured in the USA.

Work It Out

Rapid or surgical weight loss can cause loose skin to be left behind that has a crepey appearance, especially around areas like the upper arms, stomach, thighs, and knees. One way to help with this is to use your muscles effectively to tone these areas.

This can be done through a combination of weight training, pilates, and yoga. And don’t worry, there is absolutely no way you will end up looking like a bulky weightlifter.

There’s simply not enough testosterone in your body to make that happen… unless you’re also taking steroids!

Strengthening and building your muscles through exercise, however, will reduce the appearance of any crepey skin due to a lack of muscle tone.

Tight taut triceps will only emerge through eating a good diet and adequate exercise.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is nothing topical that will heal something that needs to be dealt with from within.

Tricep dips will assist you in sculpting upper arms to rival Jennifer Aniston’s. This targeted exercise will help disguise your crepey skin by tigthening it.

Do a set of 12 repetitions no less than three times a day… why not challenge yourself and do a set each time just before you sit down for a meal?

Sit back on a comfortable and sturdy chair.

Face your fingers forward, bringing them over the edge of the chair to maintain a grip.

Next, scoot your feet forward about 12-18 inches, before bringing your butt forward off the seat and holding yourself up with your arms. Make sure your knees are perpendicular to your ankles.

Dip your bottom towards the floor, then use your arms to push yourself back up. Repeat for 12 repetitions (or more if you don’t feel a slight burn by the end).

Going to pilates, or Astanga, or Bikram yoga on a regular basis will also help to strengthen and lengthen your tricep muscles by reducing body fat and slimming the overall arm shape.

Do this practice 2-3 times a week for at least 20 minutes, and in a month you will get amazing results.

Be Mindful

Body dysmorphia and body loathing are big issues in our society, so making a ritual of lotioning your crepey skin will help you to love and honor your body where it is in this now.

Gently stroke your crepey skin as you apply the lotion or oil, practicing gratitude for the fact that you have a body.

This practice is a self-care ritual that will also help to calm yourself, and thus reduce your anxiety so that finding the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs will be more fun and engaging process.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).