Can You Use Mousse and Gel Together?

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Hair styling products are a vital part of the grooming routine and are in regular use by many. Having the right products to maintain your hair and make it look good is important. Gel and mousse are common products, and many of us use either gel or mousse.

But can you combine them? Can you use mousse and gel together?

You can use them together, and they can work in harmony. But things can go wrong, too. Usually, it’s best to use the mousse on your roots for volume, and gel on your strands for hold.

In this article, we will discuss hair mousse and gel used for styling hair, and then go over what happens when you use them together.


Hair Mousse 101

Maui Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is a type of hair styling product used to create a loose, airy, and voluminous style. It typically contains ingredients, including water and alcohol, which are used to soften and smooth the hair.

Hair mousse is commonly used to add volume and texture to dry or damaged hair.

Hair mousse is commonly used to add volume and texture to hair.

It can also be used as an alternative to shampooing when you want your hair to be clean but still have some hold in it.

There are many types of mousse, focused on different hair issues. For example, curling mousse  helps pump up the curls, and can be used both with curly hair and straight hair. Volumizing mousse  thickens the hair and brings the volume.

Hair Gel 101

Paul Mitchell Hair Gel

Hair gel is a styling product that keeps hair in place, typically by providing a temporary or semi-permanent hold.

It can be used as an alternative to hair spray and provides an instant style that does not require any heat to set. 

Hair gel typically comes in two types: water-based and oil-based. The main difference is how easy they are to get out of your hair.

The water-based type is easily washable, whereas the oil-based type needs more time and effort to remove from the hair. It is a viscous liquid that is applied by rubbing it between the hands and then combing it through the hair or by applying it with a brush.

Hair Mousse vs. Gel

The two products are often used interchangeably, but they do have some differences. Hair mousse is a foaming, water-based product that contains ingredients like alcohol and glycerin.

It creates a flexible hold that can be easily undone with water. 

Hair gel, on the other hand, is a thick liquid-based styling product that creates a firm hold and has ingredients like silicone, polymers, and mineral oil.

Ultimately, hair mousse can be used in place of hair gel for styling purposes only if you are looking for a wet look or if your hair is short and thin to avoid the sticky residue left by hair gel over time.


Hair gel is made with a polymer that becomes more solid when it dries. This causes the hair to have a stiff, rigid feel, which is why the majority of men use it to style their hair.

On the other hand, mousse has less of a polymer in it, and its consistency is less liquid. As a result, it does not leave any residue on the scalp or hair, which makes it an easier choice for people who want to avoid using chemicals on their hair. 

Holding Power

Hair mousse is a cream-based product that leaves your scalp and strands feeling soft and silky after use while adding volume with just one application.

Hair gel, in contrast, uses water, alcohol, or other ingredients to keep your hair stiff and shiny.

Mousse comprises mostly air particles, while hair gel has a higher proportion of water. This results in the fact that gel lasts longer than mousse.

Hair Dampness

Hair mousse is a light, fluffy, foamy product that doesn’t weigh down your hair. On the other hand, hair gel is a heavier product that gives you an elegant look.

In addition, one of the differences is hair mousse is normally applied to damp or dry hair, whereas hair gel is applied to dry hair. Undoubtedly, It will make your hairstyle appear more polished and professional. 

According to a survey, mousse is considered a more expensive hair styling product than hair gel. However, it also depends on your hair length, texture, and requirements.

Usually, hair mousse is preferred by women, and men frequently use hair gel due to different requirements.

Generally, women struggle to achieve volume, so they go for hair mousse. Alternatively, men struggle to provide a strong hold to their short, thin hair. So for them, hair gel is a perfect choice.

Generally, women struggle to achieve volume, so they go for hair mousse. Alternatively, men struggle to provide a strong hold to their short, thin hair. So for them, hair gel is a perfect choice.

Can You Use Mousse and Gel Together?

Hair mousse and hair gel are two different types of hair styling products that are used to create different effects on the hair.  Both hair styling products have their benefits and drawbacks. 

Can they be used together?

Yes, many people do use both together. But it may not be for everyone.

Some people have found that they can use both products together in order to achieve a certain look.

However, it is important to note that this may not be a good idea for everyone, and the results may vary depending on your hair type and the product you use. 

If you still want to use the mousse-gel-mousse technique, then the key is not to overdo it. Indeed, you have to understand a certain level of balance while applying both products to your hair.

Different Products on Different Parts

For example, you can apply hair mousse to the roots to achieve root volume. Then use the hair gel on the hair strands to provide the hold.

One Then The Other

Some people apply gel first, specifically on wash day, after washing their hair. They then later apply a mousse to their hair to refresh it.

This is a good technique that allows you to use both without pushing anything too much. If you use hair mousse after using hair gel, you should wait for almost 15 minutes before styling your hair. 

Problems Using Mousse and Gel Together

In some cases, people reported that the two products could cause allergic reactions on the scalp and cause damage to your hair.

Also, some people have stated that this combination can lead to baldness over time. The problem is that baldness has a billion different causes and precursors, so it’s impossible to tell what exactly is causing it, if anything!

Regardless, it’s possible the combination of hair mousse and hair gel can be risky. 


Hair mousse and hair gel are both common products that are used daily. And if you want, you can use them together!

We would suggest that if you want to try it, split your strategy into roots vs strands, and apply gel to the strands and mousse to the roots. Alternately, space out the time between application so as to avoid stressing your hair too much.

And you can always discuss with your stylist the idea of using both together on your hair, if you’re trying to achieve a specific look or hold.

Good luck!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).