Do Bangs Affect Your Eyesight? It Can Be Hard to See Through Thick Bangs!

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Bangs or fringe are a hairstyle that consists of hair falling over the forehead. Normally it’s styled just sitting above the eyebrows. However, many go beyond dramatic with their bangs. These are the styles that completely cover one eye or both.

Do bangs affect your eyesight? Theoretically, they could affect eyesight, but it’s highly unlikely bangs will do any harm unless something strange is going on!

Many love to express their individuality with hairstyles and coloring. We see this in goths and emos, beauty queens, and hip moms. There is no problem with boosting your self-confidence and appearance.

However, many have concerns with hair impacting the vision. Let’s look at these below.


How Long Does Vision Have to Be Blocked Before It Is Lost?

In the treatment of lazy eyes, patching is commonly used. Amblyopia caused by refractive errors is particularly well-suited for this treatment method. For best results, patching should be done for 2 – 8 hours each day for at least 3 months. 

Furthermore, non-lazy eye vision usually returns to normal soon after patching. Therefore, to cause vision loss, hair obstruction of vision would have to happen repeatedly for an extended period. This would be a time frame of 10 hours each day for one whole year. 

To cause vision loss, hair obstruction of vision would have to happen repeatedly for an extended period. This would be a time frame of 10 hours each day for one whole year. 

Hair Covering the Eye Entirely for 10 Hours Is Not Really Likely

How often do you move your hair out of your eyes, even with long wispy bangs or curtain bangs? The hair might be annoying you in the current position, so you flick it. You might move it to drink or eat, etc. 

Leaving hair in the eyes for ten hours at a time is extremely unlikely. For hair to stay put for 10 hours on end, you must consciously not move it. This includes not doing any moving that could cause the hair to move on its own, like jumping or running.

The assumption is that the hair acted like an eye patch, causing a complete obstruction.

While the hair might obstruct your vision, it will not cause any real damage. You need to think about nighttime too. 

When you’re rolling around in bed, your hair moves, and your eyes are shut. They are getting a break there for about 10 hours. Blurred vision, lazy eyes, and vision loss hardly seem plausible from wearing bangs over the eyes. 

Eye Hygiene Can Be Affected 

Foreign particles on the eye’s surface, such as dust, can be removed by blinking. Nevertheless, excessive bangs can put your hair in physical contact with your eyeballs.

This can cause foreign body sensations and itching. It’s natural to rub them when they are itchy. However, rubbing the eyes can cause corneal damage. If you have germs and oils in your hair, they can be transferred to your eyes. 

Following this, you can get eye infections like conjunctivitis. Signs of infected eyes are swelling, tightness, and redness. You must wash your hair often when you wear your bangs over your eyes.

Can Trendy Haircuts Like Bangs Cause Lazy Eyes? 

This condition of reduced vision is known as amblyopia. This is because the brain does not recognize part or all of what the eye sees. A lazy eye is indeed a serious condition. Children under the age of 7 who are untreated can sometimes find it has to be correct. However, as soon as a child turns 7, their visual and neural mechanisms are well-established. So changing them can be difficult.  

Bangs causing lazy eyes might be true in someone very young. However, they would need to not see clearly out of that eye 24/7. Most children run, jump and play on equipment, so hair will not stay in their eyes all the time. In most cases, children have the natural urge to push their bangs out of their eyes.

In most cases, children have the natural urge to push their bangs out of their eyes.

Change Things Up

Swap things around if you are worried about your bands causing eye problems. For example, try a different hairstyle instead of having your fringe in your eyes, or use some accessories!

Some pretty-looking styles will keep those bangs out of your eyes for a while.

A Long Curtain Bang

If your bangs are really long, they may need trimming. If you are worried about them being in your eyes, you can turn them into curtain bangs. A creative style where you part the bangs in the middle. Then you sweep an even amount to each side.

This style works well to keep the bangs out of your eyes – a retro style that helps frame your face

Flat Braid With Two Strands

Paranoid about your bangs causing eye problems? How about a braid to keep them off your eyes for a while? 

Start by giving yourself a deep segment on your right and left sides. Now divide the bigger section into two even parts. Grab one section and then twist it from the hairline. It needs to go over the second. It is important to keep the twist close to the scalp. 

With only one section, wrap it around the second near the hairline. Do not twist too far from the scalp. You will need to twist more hair in as you go to reach your ear.

Use several bobby pins to hold the twist in place above your ear.

Mini Pompadour

The easiest way to keep bangs out of your face is to pin them back with bobby pins. That might not sound too exciting, so let’s do it with style. First, using a round brush, blow-dry the bangs back to the crown.

Then, pin your bangs into a mini pompadour and use several bobby pins to secure it.


There is plenty of evidence that wearing bangs won’t harm your eyes. Outside of very rare cases, you cannot get lazy eyes or blurred vision from bangs. If you like wearing your bangs over both eyes or just one, go for it. You do you!

If you are worried, give your eyes a break every now and again with a few creative bang hairstyles.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).