Do Eye Creams Make Wrinkles Worse?

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Some people rave about eye creams, while, others feel they are the same as your facial moisturizer… just more expensive  (you can apply for a mortgage).

When applying eye cream, some people wonder “do eye creams make wrinkles worse?” Well, eye creams certainly aren’t designed to make your wrinkles worse. On the contrary, they are designed to improve the appearance of your eyes by lessening wrinkles! 

However, that doesn’t happen all the time. There is a possibility that your wrinkles worsen due to your eye cream. That will depend on the formulation of your eye cream and its compatibility with your skin.

Additionally, it may not be your eye cream that’s making your wrinkles worse, but how you are using it. 

In this article, we’ll take a close look at eye creams and what they are meant to do. We’ll also go over the possible ingredients and the things you might be doing that might worsen your wrinkles. 


All About Eye Creams

Lumiere Eye Cream

The eye area is a problem for most people due to the presence of wrinkles. Some are looking into eye products like concealers and primers to find a solution to their puffy eyes or dark circles. However, not all problems around the eye area can be remedied.  

Eye creams are skincare products that are designed to moisturize the eye area. Some people opt to use their facial cream on the eyes but others feel that the area around the eyes are more delicate.

That is why they make use of a specialized cream specifically designed for the eyes. 

Lumiere Eye Cream

If you are going to use an eye cream, the most important feature to find is the moisturizing and hydrating feature. That would generally help with various problems in your eye area.

However, some take their eye creams a level higher by finding those with anti-aging properties. These eye creams contain ingredients that specifically target wrinkles. 

Some of these can be pretty pricey. Ahem.

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Do Eye Creams Make Wrinkles Worse?

Who doesn’t want to get rid of the wrinkles around their eyes? This is the reason why anti-aging eye creams, light therapy for wrinkles, collagen supplements, etc. are very popular.

However, sometimes due to the potency of the product, it could backfire. Instead of fixing your wrinkles, eye creams can worsen them! 

Depending on the formulation and use of the eye cream, it is possible that the cream could be causing wrinkles.

Here’s how.

Oils in Eye Creams

Eye creams are formulated to help moisturize the area. However, there are some brands that may use rich oils. These rich oils help with the moisture but they can get into your eyes and cause puffiness. 

The rich and heavy consistency due to the oils can weigh down the delicate tissues surrounding the eyes.

Remember the eye area has more delicate skin than the rest of the face. With heavy ingredients, the tissue could be weighed down and cause the elastin fibers to weaken, thus causing wrinkles to form. 


Apart from heavy oils and petroleum, retinol  is another ingredient that could possibly cause your wrinkles to worsen. Retinol is vitamin A and is used to speed up cell turnover. It is commonly used with serums to help treat wrinkles. But it can also worsen wrinkles and dark spots when it is not used properly. 

Retinol is known to have a drying side effect. That is why when you use it, you should make sure to keep your skin adequately moisturized.

If you use eye creams with retinol, make sure that you check the formulation.

Also, make sure the concentration isn’t too strong especially if it is your first time using retinol products 

Reactions to Ingredients

Sometimes, it is not the product itself that causes the worsening of the wrinkles. It could also just be due to the reaction of your skin to the products or the manner by which you apply your products. 

In order to prevent eye creams from causing various skin problems around the eyes, it is best to properly select the eye cream you choose.

Read the ingredient list and make sure to keep yourself informed about what you are using. Follow the proper instructions on how to use them and choose to stop using them when there is no improvement. 

Other Things That Worsen Wrinkles

Apart from eye creams, there are also some other things that can cause the wrinkles around your eyes to worsen. They are as follows:

Scrubbing Your Eyes

How do you remove your eye makeup? Did you know that vigorous removal could contribute to the wrinkles and dark circles on your eyes? That’s because you keep on tugging on the skin.

To lessen the tugging, choose an effective makeup remover like oil based cleansers then micellar water .

Wrong Application Of Eye Cream

How you apply the eye cream also matters. You only want to use a tiny amount because the area around your eyes is very small. Also, don’t apply too close to your lash lines so that it won’t get into your eye. That could cause puffiness the next day.

Don’t pull on the skin, but gently pat the cream.

Using The Wrong Concealer

The other products you put in your eye area could also be the culprit in your worsening wrinkle problem. Sometimes, you’d see your wrinkles better due to your concealer caking or setting in the fine lines.

They may not make your wrinkles worse but they can make them look worse.

Final Thoughts

Can eye cream cause wrinkles?

Eye creams are supposed to help with various eye problems like wrinkles. However, these creams can also worsen your wrinkle problem. This can occur due to the oils in the creams. Sometimes, the ingredients are too rich for the delicate tissues around the eyes. Additionally, the ingredients could also be too drying, which can lead to wrinkles. 

Finally, the improper use can lead to problems. Such things would include rubbing the eyes, poor application of eye cream, and using the wrong concealer. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).