Does Argan Oil Expire?

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Argan oil is one of the top products on many beauty lists. It’s a common ingredient found on various skincare products and is an effective heat protectant. However, there are also some who sell this in pure form. Pure argan oil can be used on both your skin and your hair and has many benefits. 

Sometimes Argan oil can be sold in large bottles, and it can take a while to use up. Many ask “Does Argan Oil Expire?” Well, yes, Argan oil expires, and unfortunately it can turn funky after expiration.

So can you still use it after it expires? How do you know it is expired? And how do you prevent it from expiring? The answer to all those questions is detailed below. 


Does Argan Oil Expire? How Long Do I Have To Finish This Bottle?

Pura D'or Argan oil

No matter what brand of argan oil you purchase, whether it is pure or diluted, it should always have an expiration date. Your best bet on how long before your product expires is in the bottle itself.

Reputable companies will always add an expiration date.

Argan oils usually have a long shelf life before they expire. Pure, undiluted, properly prepared, and properly stored ones could last for up to 2-3 years.

Some bottles also indicate the shelf life of their product from the time you’ve opened it. Some may mark it like 6 months while others have it at 12 months. It will vary from one brand to another. 

In many cases, that expiration date will pass even though the argan oil seems fine. It is up to you if you want to throw it or keep on using it after expiration. The expiration date is generally a guide saying “the product should stay good at least until this date”.

Can You Still Use Expired Argan Oil?

You can certainly use argan oil even if it’s expired. It can still be good, even though it’s technically expired. What you don’t want to do is use argan oil that is bad.

The easiest way to tell if argan oil has gone bad is to smell it. Argan oil should smell slightly nutty. If the argan oil smells bad, you should toss it. It’s no longer good, and using it may cause problems.

When argan oil goes bad, it becomes rancid. You’ll definitely know that it is gone bad due to the smell. If you haven’t smelled your bottle of argan oil before to compare if there are any changes, take note of a pungent or nasty scent.

That is an guaranteed indication the argan oil is done. 

The best thing to do with expired argan oil is to throw it away. Just get another bottle of oil  and continue using it as you did.

If you’re in a pinch and you want to use a flat iron or curling iron, you could substitute coconut oil. But you need to keep the temperature low.

Your skin or hair won’t benefit from using rancid Argan oil. Furthermore, it can even use free radical damage or irritation. That’s the exact opposite of why you’d want to use argan oil for your skin or hair in the first place. 

How To Prolong Argan Oil Shelf Life

No products found. isn’t cheap, especially those that are pure and properly prepared.

It would be a shame to throw half of the bottle just because it expired! We all want to get the most of our purchases. Given that, you should try to prolong the shelf life of the argan oil or at least prevent it from expiring prematurely.

Here are ways on how you can do that:

Purchase In Smaller Quantities

We get it if you want to purchase a big bottle because it offers you better savings. However, you should also think about the shelf life when making the purchase. Will you really finish the big bottle before it expires?

If not, then it is best to stick with the smaller quantity.

If you really want to purchase the big bottle, consider storing some in a smaller bottle. Use the small bottle as your primary source, and refill when it gets low. This way, you won’t be exposing all of the oil each time you use it. 

Remember, air can increase the expiration process.

If the argan oil in the small bottle expires, you still have some in the bigger bottle that didn’t as oxidized. 

Tighten The Lid

As we’ve mentioned, exposing the argan oil to air could speed up the oxidation and cause the oil to expire. It is best to limit the air it is exposed to. Make sure you tighten the lid every time you close the bottle.

Keep it closed whenever you’re not using it. 

Keep It Clean

Many argan oils come with a dropper cap but there are also .

If you are using a dropper for your argan oil, make sure that it isn’t wet with water. Wipe it down before you insert it in the bottle, if you’ve washed it with water.

If you’re using any other products at the same time as the Argan oil, don’t let them contaminate the Aragn oil.

Proper Storage

When storing your argan oil, keep it in a cool, dry place. Light, especially from the sun, can cause it to break down quickly.

Additionally, heat will also increase the rate of oxidation. This is why argan oil is usually packaged in an amber bottle. 


Does Aragan oil expire? Yes! Argan oil has an expiration date that may or may not be the date when it will start to go bad. Watch the date, but pay close attention to the smell. If it smells bad, toss it out.

To increase the shelf life of your oil, try to avoid exposing it to air, light, water, and any other substances.

Good luck!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).