Does Purple Shampoo Work on Natural Blonde Hair?

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People with dyed blonde hair understand how lifesaving purple shampoo can be. But what about those with natural blond hair? Is toning shampoo a product only for those bleachers? Can the natural blondes benefit too?  

Does purple shampoo work on natural blonde hair?


Purple shampoo will remove brassy yellow tones from the hair, regardless of whether that hair has been dyed or is naturally blonde. We’ll explain it all below!


What Is Purple Shampoo? 

Purple shampoo before and after

Purple color depositing shampoo is a type of shampoo that tones your hair. It comes as an intense violet pigment that effectively covers up brassy tones — commonly the result of hair bleach that makes hair look unnatural

But that brassiness can occur on natural blonde hair, too! Purple shampoo will also work on natural blonde hair to remove unwanted color tones and soften the brassiness.

These kinds of shampoos neutralize the warm, brassy tones

Brassiness can occur on natural blonde hair, too! Purple shampoo will also work on natural blonde hair to remove unwanted color tones and soften the brassiness.

One of the advantages of using purple shampoo for these undertones is that the color sits next to the standard undertone colors, which are red, yellow, and orange.

This gives it the power to neutralize its warmth, creating a crisp, aesthetic look. 

How Does Purple Shampoo Work? 

The rich violet pigment in the shampoo gets deposited in the hair in small amounts. After following the right application procedure, the shampoo leaves the hair cool and appealing.

It is essential to note that purple shampoo is not a dye and doesn’t dye your naturally blonde hair in any way. This is one of its advantages.

It is essential to note that purple shampoo is not a dye and doesn’t dye your naturally blonde hair in any way. This is one of its advantages.

To understand the basics of how color depositing toning shampoos work, we need to take a glance at the color wheel. 

Look at your hair and determine the color tone you want to remove. You then choose the toning shampoo of the opposite color, and the shampoo will neutralize your target color.

For example, if you have red tones in your hair, you would use a green toning shampoo.

If you have yellow tones you want to remove in your hair, you would choose a purple shampoo.

If you have yellow tones you want to remove in your hair, you would choose a purple shampoo.

Other advantages of using purple shampoo on naturally blonde hair include:

1. It Maintains The Ashy White Color Of Natural Blonde Hair 

The violet pigment cancels out the yellowish and gold tones that tend to make blonde hair look pale. Purple shampoo works its magic to bring out a cool, icy, and ashy color that you’ll love.

Incorporating color toning shampoo into your hair care program ensures this light shade lasts longer. 

The violet pigment cancels out the yellowish and gold tones that tend to make blonde hair look pale. 

2. Acts As A Toner 

Another property of this special shampoo is that it acts as a toner to remedy dull and lackluster hair color. It effectively returns the beautiful color and revives the hair’s natural sheen. 

3. Protects Hair From Brassiness 

Natural blonde hair tends to get brassy, caused by unwanted undertones. These undertones result from using hard water, heat styling, UV exposure, and many other factors.

Purple shampoo, however, removes the brassiness effectively compared to other similar products. 

4. Reduces The Risk Of Damage 

It is important to note that purple shampoo works on natural blonde hair and not on naturally black shades.

Therefore, it is specially designed to take care and protect the delicate natural blonde pigment from the risk of sun damage. Also, the shampoo reduces damage caused by the heat produced by hair styling tools. 

5. Saves Time And Money 

The overall benefit of using purple shampoo is that it saves time and money, the time spent booking salon appointments during the bleaching process, and the money spent on dyes and bleaches. Furthermore, it is a healthier and safer hair care process that improves the hair’s condition. 

How To Use Purple Hair Shampoo On Natural Blonde Hair 

To restore your hair’s natural and glossy effect, follow these simple steps that you can easily incorporate into your daily morning routine. 

Step 1

Choose the right purple shampoo with thick color consistency for your hair. The ideal choice is opaque in color. There are various products to consider, and it is good to research or seek expert opinions before choosing one.

Since we’re dealing with blonde hair, get a brighter shampoo to avoid oversaturating the hair

Step 2

Begin by completely wetting the hair using warm water. Warm water tends to soothe and repair the hair structure. In addition, these temperatures expand the hair shaft allowing them to absorb the purple shampoo better. 

Step 3

Use your hand to apply the shampoo to the hair and rub it. The correct way to do this is to apply from the root to the tip. Ensure you gently massage the hair and concentrate on the brassy areas with yellow strands. 

If the shampoo amount is limited, prioritize the roots to preserve the natural blonde hair structure. Also, if you’re applying shampoo on your highlights, note that this purple kind isn’t going to do much to dark hair

Step 4

Allow the shampoo to sit for about 3 minutes to effectively work on the brassy hair strands. This is enough time for the strands to effectively absorb the shampoo since they are more porous and change tone easily. After that, rinse it with cool water. 

However, if the brassiness is extreme, leaving the shampoo for 5 to 15 minutes is better to allow the roots more time to absorb the violet pigment.

Note that timing is essential! Leaving the shampoo on for too long can ruin the natural look, make your hair too ashy, and even lead to grey tones in your hair

Step 5

After rinsing the shampoo, it’s time to condition the hair with a conditioner to ensure each strand gets moisturized.

Many professionals recommend using a purple conditioner to intensify the ashy tone. 

Step 6

Wait for your hair to dry, and you’re ready to rock your refreshing look. First, however, some basic guidelines assist you in maintaining clean hair color. 

How To Maintain The Natural Blonde Look Using Purple Shampoo 

Due to the concentrated violet pigment found in purple shampoos, stylists recommend using the purple shampoo once a week or when one notices excess hair brassiness. However, if the hair loses its color frequently, you can try using it 2 to 3 times a week.

Another helpful tip is to alternate the shampoo with the non-tinted options to keep the light tint even. 

There are some instances when one notices lilac tints after using the purple shampoo. This indicates that the solution is too robust for blonde hair. The ideal remedy is to dilute the shampoo observing a 2:1 ratio. It is the right approach for those who want to touch up their hair; feel free to dilute the mixture further to get a lighter solution. 

For those who wish to get a glossy finish for their blonde hair, applying shampoo on dry hair before wetting is the way to go. The trick is to gently massage the gel into the dry hair and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This process keeps the hair glossier and gets rid of the brassy hue. 

Don’t forget to occasionally deep condition your hair a few times monthly. The purple shampoo tends to dry, and it is best to maintain your hair’s health by using it whenever hair feels dry or loses its attractive nature. 

Choosing The Right Purple Shampoo For Your Natural Blonde Hair 

Various purple shampoos are available, each promising to offer the best hydrating, strengthening, and brightening effect for your blonde hair. Although some might be true, it is crucial to understand the proper criteria for choosing the ideal product for your hair. The ideal option; 

1. Contains The Right Ingredients 

The first thing to look out for is a product that contains essential ingredients such as protein, moisturizing ingredients, antioxidants, and purple pigment.

  • Purple pigment – this should be the number one ingredient to confirm on the list. This pigment gives the shampoo all the brightening and conditioning abilities that remove brassiness from your blonde hair. Experts recommend getting one with a thicker consistency; it is possible to use water to dilute the mixture to the preferred concentration. 
  • Protein – this component strengthens the weakened hair structure. When you dye or color the hair, you weaken keratin, and the strands become more prone to breakage. A protein-packed hair shampoo remedies the damage caused by such processes. The protein component quickly penetrates the hair shaft and rebuilds the structure from inside. 
  • Moisturizing ingredients – hair also requires moisture ingredients after undergoing any manipulation. The ideal shampoo contains humectants that source moisture from the environment. These components promote moisture retention, producing shiny and healthy blonde hair. 
  • Antioxidants are essential ingredients that protect hair strands from aggressive environmental conditions such as air pollution and extreme UV. Any product with such properties effectively maintains the ashy blonde look most people crave. 

2. Is Sulfate-Free 

Sulfate is a common ingredient in most hair products and can damage the delicate blonde strands. Other harmful components include paraben and gluten, which are aggressive on the hair. 

3. Has Anti-Fade Properties 

Apart from bringing out the shiny look, a good shampoo tries to retain the brilliant color for a long time. Therefore, it should contain antioxidants and other components that prevent color fading. This step proves to be economical since you’ll have a product that lasts long. 

4. PETA Approved 

All commercial purple shampoos must meet specific standards to ensure they cause no harm to customers. In addition, professionals recommend getting a product that is PETA-approved and vegan

How To Naturally Lighten Blonde Hair 

If you’re not liking the idea of using purple shampoo and other commercial products on your delicate blonde hair, there are other natural and safe alternatives to try to brighten your hair. These options include:

1. Using lemon juice 

Lemon juice is a known natural bleaching agent that works effectively on hair, especially blonde hair. The juice contains high concentrations of natural citric acid, which opens up the hair cuticle and nourishes the pigment generating a brighter color. To use lemon juice as a lightening agent; 

Squeeze ½ a cup of fresh lemon juice into a cup, and then the other half fill with water. Mix the mixture gently, then pour it into a spray bottle.

Next is to dampen the hair and then spray the lemon juice mixture. Sit in the sun for about 30 minutes to allow the UV radiation to activate the citric acid. Rinse the sticky gel from the hair, then deep condition as you wait for the hair to dry. 

2. Using honey and olive oil 

Another natural lightening agent is honey, which collaborates with olive oil in this case to create a mixture that nourishes the hair. The result of mixing the two is that you get a bright blonde look while not exposing the hair to any risk of getting damaged. 

Add ¼ cup of honey and ¼ cup of olive oil into a cup and mix them thoroughly. Next is to dampen your hair, then use your hands to spread the sticky gel through each strand. Afterward, cover the hair with a shower cap and let it sit for about 30 minutes. 

After that, rinse the mixture from the hair, and you’re good to go.

It takes a while to get the honey off the hair, and it is safe to repeat the process several times to get the desired finish. 

3. Using chamomile tea 

Chamomile tea bags contain natural compounds known to lighten blonde hair. This is an easier and more effective method that involves; 

Boil water in a pot, then place five tea bags inside. Ley the tea bags steep as you wait for the water to cool. Remove the chamomile tea bags, then pour the cold mixture on your hair. 

Give the natural compounds enough time to brighten the hair, which is about 30 minutes, then rinse it off. The chamomile compounds work similarly to the citric acid in lemon juice. Therefore, sit in the sun and enjoy the breeze as you wait for the hair to air dry. 


Purple shampoo is an important part of the bleaching process and results in natural colored hair without unwanted overtones. But it is also useful for those with natural blonde hair who want to even out their hair tones and remove unwanted brassy tones.

The great thing about purple shampoo is that it’s easy to try. If you don’t like the results, it will wash out after a week or so without continued application!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).