Half Curly Half Straight Hair. Why Is It Like That, and How Do You Style It?

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There are those with straight hair and those with curly hair. Then there are those with a combo of half curly half straight hair. This is something they were born with, or their hair just started to change at some point — and not because of the weather.

This article will examine why this happens and how you can use this to style your hair. With a lot of advice on social media networks and other websites, we decided to bring it all together.

So, come investigate with us why this half curly and half straight hair phenomenon happens and how you can use it to your benefit. Half curly, Half straight hair.

Why is it like that, how on earth do you style it?

Read on to find out!


Why Does Half Curly Half Straight Hair Happen?

This is something that just happens to women (ad men!), and there are no real explanations for this rare thing happening. There are a few reasons the experts came up with that it has to do with body chemistry and a combination of hormones and genetics.

One theory is that if hair suddenly becomes curly, something is happening to the shape of the hair follicles. There are several medical reasons that experts came up with to explain why this happens to some women.

There are some reasons experts came up with about body chemistry and a combination of hormones and genetics.

Take a look at the following list of these reasons that may occur because of changes that happen in the body:

1. Aging

This is the most common explanation available at the moment, which also has to do with the hormones that change with aging. It also happens that the follicles of the hair get flat, which causes some of the hair to become curly.

But this is just a theory, and it still is an unanswered question as to why straight hair suddenly becomes curly.

2. Chemotherapy

Cancer patients who receive chemo treatment sometimes experience their hair suddenly becoming half curly and half straight. When the hair follicles are jolted with the chemo treatment, some of the hair follicles will change temporarily but return to normal later.

Chemo may have an effect on cells that grow faster than others which is the case with the hair follicles.

3. Changes In the Muscles Of the Hair Follicles

Changes that occur in the base of the follicles because of hormone changes or even chemo treatment can change the texture of the hair. According to experts, it is possible that medicine, puberty, or menopause can cause changes in the muscle tone in the hair follicle.

Sometimes the changes in the follicles can be drastic, leading straight hair to become curly and the other way round.

4. Hair Follicles Get Altered Over Time

As it is with hair turning gray over time, it is also possible that the follicles can get altered to cause half curly hair, or just less curly hair. This does not happen to everyone, but it occasionally happen, sending curly hair to straight when it starts to grow slower.

It happens that some people will have gray hair at a younger age than others. The same may be the case with some people’s hair follicles that become altered while others do not.

Now that we know a bit about why the half curly and half straight hair mystery happens to some, let’s go further. In the next section, we will take a look at ways to use this to your benefit; curly hair is, after all, beautiful.

How To Style Half Curly And Half Straight Hair

Many people consider curly or wavy hair very attractive, and that is mostly what men say about women and their hair! Why else would women with straight hair try to add some curl to make it a bit more voluminous?

Curly hair is also quite rare, and it is estimated that only about eleven percent of the world’s population have curly hair. There are a few great styles that will make your hair look even better with this mix of hairstyles.

Curly hair is also quite rare, and it is estimated that only about eleven percent of the world’s population have curly hair.

1. Asymmetrical Bob Style

This is an ideal style if you want to go a bit shorter with your hair, making the under hair shorter. This means the hair closer to your head will be shorter than the curly hair further away to give it that asymmetrical look and display.

Your hair at the back will also be shorter than the hair at the front to give it a nice movement. You will find it also gives your hair more freedom to be more curly at the back.

While you keep the front longer and heavier, it will provide you with a nice and clear option for both curly and straight hair.

2. Longish Haircut

With this cut, you want to cut your hair to a longish style, at least below the shoulders. Then you or your stylist can cut the straight hair underneath an inch or two, depending on how long you want your locks.

For this style, it is best for the hair to be dry so you can see how short you need to cut the straight hair. This way, you can see clearly if the straight under hair is the same length as the curly hair lying at the top.

The springy action will determine how much of the under hair needs to be cut to make them the same length.

3. Pixie Haircut

You can also opt for the pixie cut, where you need to chop everything off for this short style. This will also release the weight of the hair all over and give the straight hair its spring back.

You will find that the straight hair will stand up more and give you an interesting mixture of springy and flat.

4. Spot Perm

If you do not like these styles, you can always try a spot perm with your half curly and half straight hair. With this method, the stylist will only perm the straight hair on your head and leave the curly and wavy locks as they are.


As you can see, there are quite a few styles you can use to make your hair look much better. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand more about why this phenomenon happens and how to take control of it.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).