How To Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye In One Day

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If you’re looking to add a bit of color to your hair, but you’re not ready to fully commit to changing your hair color for good, then using a semi-permanent hair dye is a great compromise. It’ll give you the splash of color you want without forcing you to make a long-lasting choice. 

However, let’s just say that you didn’t exactly like the color you chose or how it blends with your hair. In today’s post, we’ll show you exactly how to remove semi-permanent hair dye in one day! 

Perhaps you chose a less-than-satisfactory brand, your job had something critical to say, or something else came up. Whatever the case, you don’t have to stress out or worry. There’s an easy solution to get rid of it in one day and several other fast-acting solutions we’ll show you as well. 

It’s time to get your hair back to normal! 


How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last? 

Semi permanent hair color

Before we get into removing semi-permanent hair dye, it helps to have a bit of knowledge about how it works. 

In the old days, if you wanted to dye your hair, it was a permanent choice. If you wanted to change the color back, then you would either have to re-dye it or wait for your natural hair color to grow back in.

Today, things are a bit different. 

Semi-permanent hair dye is designed to last for between 8 and 12 washes with shampoo. For the most part, it will hold up well against water.

However, even water will eventually wash out the dye (especially if you’re using warm or hot water).

The advantage of semi-permanent hair dye is that the choice isn’t permanent. You could dye it blue one month, purple the next month, and then red the month after.

If you’re the type of person who’s constantly changing their style and appearance, then semi-permanent is the way to go! 

What’s The Difference Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Dye? 

So, that being said, what’s the difference between semi-permanent hair coloring and traditional permanent hair dye? It all has to do with how the color is added to your hair. 

Permanent hair dyes have ammonia and peroxide. The ammonia strips through your hairs protective cuticle layer, and then the peroxide bleaches the hair and changes its color. Finally, the new dye deposits pigment into the freshly broken down and bleached hairs. The color goes all of the way through the hair, which is why it’s a permanent solution. 

Semi-permanent hair dyes, on the other hand, do not contain ammonia or peroxide. Instead, it contains dye particles that are designed to color the outside layer of your hair.

While some of the dye may penetrate the cuticle, it won’t be enough to change your hair color permanently. 

What’s The Difference In Effect? 

The most noticeable difference between semi-permanent and permanent hair dye is how the finish looks. Permanent dye tends to be more vibrant, while semi-permanent dye tends to be more of a colorful sheen. 

Permanent dye penetrates through your entire strand of hair, which means that a dark-haired person could achieve a vibrant, bright-colored appearance. Conversely, semi-permanent dye mainly sticks to the outer layer of the hair, giving it more of a blended appearance that’s similar to having tinted hair. 

How To Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye In One Day

So, now that you understand how semi-permanent hair dye works, it’s time to go over how to remove it. As we discussed, semi-permanent coloring only affects the outer layer of the hair, which means that you can wash it out and return your hair color to its previous shade. 

The easiest (and quickest) method, by far, is to use a color remover . Color removers are specially formulated solutions that are designed to penetrate your hair and remove any and all artificial dyes.

While they can work for permanent dye, they’re far better suited to removing semi-permanent dyes and temporary coloring. 

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Color removers work by dissolving the bonds between color molecules. Once these bonds are dissolved, the pigment has nothing to hold it in place, and it quickly and easily washes out of your hair. 

Often color removers use argan oil, like the one shown above, to tackle the color.

Are Color Removers Safe To Use? 

For the most part, color removers are safe to use. That being said, we recommend that you don’t get the color remover in your eye. The solution is quite strong and can burn your eyes.

Additionally, it can remove the color from clothing; so, make sure you’re wearing something disposable. 

Can Color Removers Damage Your Hair? 

When used occasionally, color removers shouldn’t cause any lasting damage to your hair. After using it, you’ll likely notice that your hair and scalp may be a bit dry, and your hair might be a bit frizzy. That being said, you probably shouldn’t make a habit of using color remover on a weekly basis. 

However, this is easily counteracted by using a quality conditioner or healthy oils in your hair to re-hydrate it. Your hair should be back to normal by the end of the day! 

How Do You Use A Color Remover Correctly? 

So, here’s how to remove semi-permanent hair dye in one day

Using color remover is fairly easy and straightforward. Your bottle should have detailed instructions on how to use it safely and effectively. However, if you’re looking for a quick outline of how it works, here are the basics of how to use color remover: 

  1. Color remover typically comes in two parts. Mix them together and then thoroughly apply them to your hair. 
  2. Next, set a timer for 20 minutes. It’s important not to leave it in for longer, as this can actually cause your hair to become even darker! 
  3. Finally, wash the color remover out of your hair. 

And voila! Your hair should be back to normal. Some color-removing products differ from each other, so make sure that you follow the instructions provided to ensure that it works properly. 

How long does it take to get semi-permanent hair color out?

Semi-permanent hair dye will fade on its one after 6-8 shampoos with regular shampoo. If you don’t need to remove it immediately, you could just live with it for a week or so, and shampoo every day. It will gradually fade on its own.

Can semi-permanent hair dye come out completely?

Yes, semi-permanent hair dye can be completely removed from your hair. You should have no trace remaining after you use shampoo several times or use a color remover like Color Oops (though it’s possible it will take a couple of rounds to complete).

However, you will likely have to give your hair some TLC after color remover!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s no reason to fret about your bad hair day. While it may leave your hair feeling a bit dry afterward, a couple of days of conditioning should solve this problem!  Using a hair color remover is a safe and effective way to restore your hair back to its previous color.

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