How to Untangle Matted Hair Fast!

Tangled Hair
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Waking up with a few knots in the hair is normal. However, matted hair is a completely different story. You know your hair is matted when severe knots develop, and untangling seems like a daunting task. Combing through the hair seems impossible, and when you try, it just hurts too much!  

If you have ever experienced matted hair, you already know that untangling can be a hassle. While some people spend hours pushing and pulling through the knots, others resort to cutting back the hair. Luckily, there are easier ways to untangle matted hair.

These methods will save you a lot of time and help you untangle your hair without damaging it further. Scroll down to take a look at how to untangle matted hair fast and prevent it from tangling again!   


How to Untangle Matted Hair Fast: 3 Methods that Work!  

Snow and Hair

Untangling matted hair is easier than you may have imagined. Here are some methods you can try to straighten out those knots without losing your mind.  

Use a Hair Detangling Spray

MIZANI Hair Detangler Milk

A hair detangling spray is a go-to solution for dealing with severe knots. Hair detanglers are designed to add instant moisture to the hair. They work to make your hair smooth and slippery, which, in turn, makes it easier to untangle. A few spritzes of a detangling spray should be enough to get tangle-free hair within minutes.

Different kinds of detangling sprays are available in the market. You can use them on wet or dry hair. While the exact method of using a detangler may vary from brand to brand, here’s a general guide on quickling untangling your hair using a detangling spray.  

  1. Apply hair detangler to your hair, focusing on the knots and tangles. If you are applying a hair detangler on wet hair, don’t forget to towel dry your hair before spraying the product. 
  2. Run a comb through your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to avoid pulling the hair excessively. It will make the process of untangling as painless as possible.
  3. Be gentle with your locks. Don’t get hasty, even if it takes a few minutes to remove all the knots and tangles.   
  4. No rinsing required. Style your hair any way you want!       

Using a hair detangling spray to get rid of matted hair is one of the best ways to gently remove the knots without breaking or damaging the hair.

Two detanglers that we love are MIZANI Hair Detangler Milk and Paul Mitchell The Detangler

However, if your hair is prone to matting, you will probably need a lot of detangling spray. The cost of purchasing bottles after bottles will eventually pile up, affecting your beauty budget. 

No worries, though – if you don’t want to spend on a detangling spray, check out the next method in our guide on how to untangle matted hair fast

Use Hair Oil to Detangle Hair

Curly hair

Using hair oil to deep condition the hair can effectively help remove matted hair. Keep in mind that while this method works like a charm, you will probably want to wash your hair afterward to remove excess oil.

So, plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to wash your hair after you detangle it. Here’s how to detangle matted hair using hair oil.  

  1. Pour your favorite hair oil (we love L’Anza Hair Oil) in the palm of your hand or a small bowl. Use your finger to work it along the locks. 
  2. Focus on the part of the mane that is matted. If your hair is dry or damaged, you may have to apply an ample amount of oil to saturate the hair effectively. 
  3. Run your fingers through the hair to detangle your hair as much as possible. 
  4. Let the hair oil sit in and hydrate the hair for at least 15 to 30 minutes. 
  5. Now grab a wide-tooth comb and run it through the locks, gently detangling the locks as you go. 
  6. Start detangling near the tips and work your way upwards. This will help avoid further damage and detangling. 
  7. Once you can easily run your fingers through your hair, it’s time to rinse your hair. Use cold or neutral water to rinse your hair. 
  8. Use your favorite shampoo to remove excess oil, following with a conditioner. 
  9. Towel dry your hair and let it air dry, if possible.

When you are not short on time, you can leave the oil in overnight. It will nourish and smoothen your hair through the night, making it easier to detangle the next day.

Some of the best hair oils you can use to get rid of matted hair include Argan oil, Moroccan oil, Coconut oil (what can’t it do?), and Olive oil. These hair oils work particularly well for afro-textured hair that is typically more prone to matting than other hair textures.  

DIY Hair Mayonnaise Mask

Got some extra mayonnaise on your hands? Use it to untangle your hair. Many people use mayonnaise and swear by its effectiveness at taking care of matted hair.

Just keep in mind that using a mayonnaise hair mask may leave your hair smelling like eggs and mayonnaise. Plus, it can be hard to wash out.

Regardless, if you want to give this method a try, here’s how to detangle your hair using mayonnaise.   

  1. Take mayonnaise in a small bowl. Use your fingers or a brush to apply it along the length of your hair. 
  2. Let it sit in for at least half an hour before combing through your mane. 
  3. Start untangling from the tips, working upwards towards the roots. Remember to be gentle and avoid pulling the hair excessively.
  4. Once your hair is tangle-free, use a good quality shampoo to wash your hair. You may have to shampoo more than once to get out all product and the distinctive smell of mayonnaise.
  5. Rinse your hair with cold water, following with conditioner as usual. 
  6. Let your hair air-dry if possible. Style it any way you want!  

How to Avoid Getting Matted Hair?

Now that you know how to untangle hair fast, let’s take a look at what you can do to avoid getting matted hair again. Here are some tips that will help you keep your hair soft, smooth, and silky.   

Brush Your Hair Properly

Beauty by Beach

Inadequate brushing is one of the most common reasons why hair tangle and break. Brushing your hair can help detangle regular knots before they turn into a problem and lead to severely matted hair.

However, keep in mind that wet hair is more likely to get tangled. Therefore, if your hair is prone to tangling, it is a good idea to brush it before washing. Doing so will remove the knots before they can cause matted hair.

On the other hand, if your hair is already matted, then that’s a completely different ball game. In this case, it is better to wet your hair or use moisturizing products to loosen and detangle your hair.   

You can also use a hair straightener like this one by Sultra the Bombshell (which we reviewed here)

Hydration is the Key!

So, why does hair keep matting anyway? Well, apart from the natural texture of hair, dryness and damage are two leading causes of matted hair. If your hair tangles easily, you may want to try hydrating and strengthening it from within.

Use hydrating hair treatments and oils regularly to ensure healthy, shiny, and tangle-free hair.   

Wear a Cap or Scarf

Windy days mean a greater chance of ending up with matted mane at the end of the day. An easy trick is to protect your hair from dust and pollution is to cover it using a cap or a scarf. Tying your hair in a braid or trying a braided hairstyle also helps keep hair in place and avoid those annoying knots and tangles.

Get Regular Hair Trims

Split ends are notorious for causing matted hair. If you have split ends and your hair matt regularly, particularly around the tips, getting a trim may make your life a lot easier. Don’t worry – nobody’s asking you to chop off lengths of those beautiful locks. However, trimming your hair can help you keep your hair tangle-free for good.     

Tie your Hair at Night  

Tired of waking up with knotted hair and cowlicks? There’s a simple solution – tie your hair before going to bed at night! You will not only wake up with tangle-free hair in the morning but will also minimize damage caused by friction between your hair and the pillowcase. Also, consider switching to a silk pillowcase to avoid knotty hair.    

Conclusion: Not a Point-Of-No-Return!

Many people believe that matted hair means you’ve reached the point of no return, and cutting your hair is the only solution. However, that’s far from the truth. Matted hair can happen to anyone, and the good news is that there are simple ways to combat the knots and tangles.

If you are stuck with matted hair and wondering how to detangle it quickly, try one of the methods discussed above. The key is to be gentle with your hair, use loads of conditioning products, and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle.  

On the other hand, if your hair is naturally prone to matting and tangling, make sure you keep it hydrated, avoid unnecessary heat styling, and follow a good hair care routine to ensure beautiful, tangle-free locks. Show some extra TLC to your hair to rejuvenate from within and reduce matting!    

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