How to Use Volumizing Mousse

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Mousse creates volume and holds styled hair well. It is highly versatile and efficient if applied correctly. But if used incorrectly, your hair can feel like styrofoam.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry!

In this article, we’re going to look at how to use volumizing mousse. We will explore all of the steps required to achieve your desired hairstyle turned up to 11.

Here’s what you can do with volumizing mousse:

  • Define and shape your curls using a volumizing mousse
  • Enhance the texture of your hair by blow drying the mousse in
  • Add more volume by applying mousse to the underside of your hair

The following is our guide to using volumizing hair mousse. Try out our tips on how to get the best out of your hair care product.


What is Hair Volume Mousse?

Sexy Hair Volumizing Mousse

Often called a styling foam, hair volume mousse creates volume, defines waves, and helps control frizz.

It’s a good combo!

Moreover, it enhances the beauty and shine of your hair, no matter what your hair type or length is. This product’s creamy or foam spray form is most commonly found in aerosol cans like this one from Sexy Hair.

SexyHair Big Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse, 10 Oz | Volume with High Hold | Up to 72 Hour Humidity Resistance
  • Targeted Application for Lift at the...
  • Provides All-Over Body & Fullness up to...
  • Provides Thermal Protection up to 450˚F
  • Long-Lasting Hold up to 48 Hours
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Historically, hair volume mousses made hair stiff and sticky.

There is now a lighter hold with new formulas, resulting in softer and more defined hair. To get the best results from hair volume mousse, apply it after you have wet your hair and dried it with your blow dryer. Doing so will give your hair a stronger hold and more volume.

How to Use Volumizing Mousse

Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse Before and After

1. Wash Your Hair

To get the best results, cleanse your hair before applying hair volumizing mousse.

To achieve the best results, it would help if you used smaller amounts of shampoo and conditioner. Typically, these products make hair look fuller and shiner. If you use a conditioner, you shouldn’t apply it straight to your scalp. Apply it to your hair strands.

Otherwise, you will end up with greasy hair.

Osensia shampoo and conditioner  is a good choice for those looking to boost their hair volume and texture. It has biotin in it, which is advertised as capable of improving hair growth. But that is probably a stretch.

2. Dry Your Hair With a Towel

Make sure your hair is thoroughly rinsed and free of shampoo residue. It’s a good idea to properly towel-dry your hair as a first step.

Wrapping your hair in a microfibre towel helps to soak up water and dries your hair faster.

3. Use a Hair Dryer

To prevent the hair from getting damaged, apply a heat protector to your hair first. Your hair dryer should also be set to medium heat at most, when you have damp but not entirely wet hair.  A diffuser attachment on a hair dryer works perfectly on curly hair. If you don’t have one, see this article

4. Apply Your Mousse

Hair volume mousse can be applied in small amounts at a time. However, it would help if you avoided putting too much in your hair, as this may make your hair heavier.

Spraying a hair volume mousse underneath your hair can also give it more volume.

Tips for Using Volume Mousse

  • Once in a while, try parting your hair in the opposite direction. You can instantly add bounce to your hair using this technique.
  • To get more volume from hair mousse, apply it to your hair from underneath instead of over it.
  • Work from the nape of the neck downward and apply in sections.
  • For extra lift, spray your mousse at the roots of your hair before blow-drying.
  • The total amount of product you need to dispense is about the size of a golf ball, assuming your hair is not too long.
  • Using your hands, apply the product lightly to the crown of your head. Next, work it into the roots of your scalp by massaging it.
  •  Paddle brush out the areas that you add mousse to. You can even apply the mousse directly to the brush.
  • Ensure the mousse is the correct one for your hair type and is good quality.

Blow Dry Your Hair When the Mousse Is Applied

1. Using Your Round Brush

Round Brush

A round brush is the best way to add volume to long hair. To use it, bring together your hair, starting at the top and clipping it together. As you blow your hair with the round brush, gently pull your hair upward.

Starting at your roots will help you add volume. 

Remove the brush after a few seconds when your hair has cooled. Take care not to disturb its shape. The top layer of your hair can be shaped in the same way. Even if you don’t wish to blow-dry, hand styling is an easy route to keep your hair looking good.

A round brush is the best way to add volume to long hair.

2. Using a Comb

You can use a comb to achieve the desired result for touch-ups after blow-drying. This will prevent your hairstyle from being easily ruined.

Can Straight-Haired People Use Volumizing Mousse?

There are many mousses for straight hair, including ones specifically designed to elevate straight hair.

The versatility of mousses makes them suitable for a variety of styling needs. However, the curl pattern needs to be brought out, and the waves defined when it comes to curly hair.

The versatility of mousses makes them suitable for a variety of styling needs. 

  • Mousse is the best way to add volume and movement when it comes to straight, flat hair.
  • Lifting the roots near the scalp and adding mousse can transform limp, pin-straight hair into thick, full-bodied hair.
  • When you use mousse, your hair will have more movement, feel, and definition than you’re accustomed to, so take advantage of it.
  • Aside from adding volume to straight hair, mousse can also give straight hair extra hold.
  • Consider a curling mousse for straight hair to give it some dynamics.
  • If you want your hairstyle to last more than a few hours, mousse is always a good choice. The product is similar to a modern hairspray, except it is not stiff or overly shiny.


In terms of hair products, mousse is an extremely versatile that you should never shy away from, particularly if you want to create volume and shape, keeping your hair styled for a long time. 

But maybe you don’t need to use it every day. Take a break, and avoid mousse products with alcohol, as they can dry your hair.

Numerous hair types can benefit from mousse, an all-in-one styling product. The volume mousse you buy should be suited to your hair type to get the most out of it. Happy volumizing!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).