Is My Hair Too Short For Braids?

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Braids will never be out of style. Braiding has been done in various cultures since 3500 BC — that’s a pretty good track record. There are endless styles and methods of braiding. It’s also loved by both men and women alike. 

Braiding is quite easy if you are working with some length. However, the shorter it gets, the more challenging it is to braid! But don’t fret, there are some people who manage to braid even those with short hair. 

If you have short hair, you might be asking, “Is my hair too short for braids?” Can you braid a pixie cut or other short hairstyle?

Well, that depends on the type of braid and technique used to create them. With the right technique, even short hair that’s about 2 inches could be braided. Let’s talk more about that below.


Is My Hair Too Short For Braids? How Long Should It Be?

To achieve that braided hairstyle, there is a basic requirement: you need to have some length of hair. Typically, your hair should be at least 2 inches long so that it would be enough to wrap around the finger. 

At 2 inches, someone braiding your hair should be able to hold it If your hair is this short, you need to find someone experienced to braid your hair. With shorter lengths, some experienced braiders can create tight cornrows, two-strand twists, or microbraids. 

Longer hair is way easier to work with. If your hair is about 3-4 inches, it is a whole lot easier to braid. That length is much easier to grip and weave than a 2-inch length hair lock. 

Ideally, it is best to grow your hair to at least 5 inches long. With that length, there will be many more options and types of braids that can be done to your hair.

This is because your hair is way easier to hold and weave. Fishtail braids and french braids can be done with at least this hair length. 

Braiding short hair is still possible. But you have to remember that the braid selections are limited. If your hair is very short, someone who has smaller fingers and is experienced could braid for you. 

You’d only be able to have cornrows, french braids, and two-strand twist braids when your hair is very short. These styles are simple enough to do. 

With the two-strand twist, you won’t need lots of sections, you actually only need two. The other simple braids like cornrows and french braids will require 3 sections woven together repetitively. 

Braiding Short Hair

Whether you’re a man or a woman, short braids can look great. The braids can give your hair decorative detail. Whether you are a man or a woman, the right braids will level up your look! 

Even if your hair is shorter than 5 inches, you can still enjoy braids. There are different types of braids that are quite popular for people with short hair. 

Although you can braid your own hair if you want, it would be easier if you are to go to an experienced braider friend or stylist when your hair is really short. 

The biggest challenge in braiding short hair is gripping the hair and not accidentally letting it go. When that happens, you’d have to restart your work once again. 

You can try to braid your hair even if it is short. One of the best types of braids you can do is vertical braids for your entire head. Before you take on the challenge of braiding your entire head, you could start with two sections first. Here’s a guide on how to do that

Preparing For Braids

Before you even start to section your hair, you should first prepare the things you need. Get yourself some elastic bands, hair gel, rat-tail combs, and small hair clips. 

Make sure that you have all the things ready near you so you can get them once you need them. Getting them immediately can help prevent your arms and hands from getting sore because you have to hold your hair while trying to find what you need. 

Part Or Section Your Hair 

After all, items are prepared, you should also comb your hair so that it would be easier to section and part. If you need to clean your hair, you can use dry shampoo too.

A rat-tail comb is a great way to part and section the hair. The tip can help you create a straight line from the front towards the back. After parting your hair, you should use alligator clips or small clips to keep the sections. 

Keep creating as many sections as you want and use your clips to hold them. These sections are the ones you are going to braid depending on what kind of braid you want to do. 

Types Of Braids For Short Hair

Once you’ve prepped your hair, you should now decide on what kind of braid to use on your hair. Here are a few types of braids and instructions on how to do them on your short hair. 

The Two-Strand Twist

The two-strand twist is a great braid for short hair. It doesn’t involve complicated steps and is very easy to do. Both men and women can certainly have this kind of braid. 

  1. Get your section and remove the alligator clip to free the hair. 
  2. Comb through the hair to make sure that there aren’t any tangles. Then separate it into two equal sections. For short hair, you may start at the topmost part with very short pieces. 
  3. Twist the two sections and get more hair into each of the sections as you twist it. It would be best to get equal amounts of hair at a time for the left and right sides. This makes the braids look more even. 
  4. When doing the twist, you cross the left over the right. This step is repeated until you reach the end. 
  5. Use a small elastic to secure the braid. You may also apply a little gel on the hair as you make the twist to secure it. 
  6. Repeat this step with the rest of the hair sections. 

French Braids Or Cornrows

Another great braid for those with shorter hair is the cornrows or french braids. Usually, those who have 4-5 inches of hair will look great with this. As compared to the two-strand twist, this is a little bit more complicated to do but is relatively easy to learn. 

  1. Take your first section and comb through it to remove the tangles. Make sure you only take one section at a time and keep the other sections clipped to the other side so you don’t accidentally get them. 
  2. With the section you are working on, separate it into 3 smaller sections. If your hair is very short, consider making thinner sections so you can easily handle them. 
  3. Use your fingers, the thumb, index fingers, and middle finger should be used to separate the three sections. Move the left-most piece under the middle one and hold it tightly. 
  4. After that, take the right one and put it under the middle. A gentle tug will help tighten up the braid that is formed. 
  5. Before you repeat the step, you should use your finger to add a little more hair to the left section. This bigger left section will then be moved under the middle section. Similarly, you should also add more hair to the right section before moving it underneath the middle section. Repeat this until you reach the end. 
  6. Once you reach the end, use an elastic band to secure your braid at the bottom. Make sure not to let go of the braid until you are sure that it is already secured. 
  7. Repeat the steps for the rest of each of the sections of the hair. 

Things To Know Before Braiding Short Hair

Before you decide to braid your short hair, here are some useful things that you should know. First of all, due to the length of the hair, it’s probably not going to be super neat. It is expected to see some of the tips sticking out at different angles. 

Although you can still achieve braids with short hair, they won’t likely be as polished as you might get if you were working with longer hair. If you really want a neat braid, grow your hair a bit before braiding it. 

Some people might think that braiding the short hair wet is great because it would be easier. However, that isn’t a great idea. Braiding the hair wet can actually damage it. 

Braiding the hair wet can actually damage it. 

When the hair is wet, it can be stretchier. That could also make it more prone to damage. 

Before you braid your hair, you should also consider the shape of your face. Although braids may look great whatever your face shape is, they are more flattering for those with square, diamond, or oval-shaped faces.

Nonetheless, you could still go for braids, especially if you really like how they look. It is a matter of confidence! Braids look great so just wear them whenever you want to. 

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