Nail Tips vs Nail Forms: Which Is Right For You?

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When you want to elongate your nails, do you use nail tips or nail forms? Either can be used to help you lengthen your nails. But which one should you choose? What’s the difference, anyway?

In this nail tips vs nail forms article, we’ll explain the difference between these two items, and discuss when you want to use nail tips and when you want to use nail forms.

Nail Tips vs Nail Forms: What’s The Difference?

As we’ve mentioned, both the nail tips and nail forms can be used to elongate your nails. Before you start to decide which one to use, let’s first know what exactly they are. 

Nail Tips

Acrylic Nail Tips

Nail tips or acrylic nail tips is usually something that you more commonly think of when we talk about fake nails. That’s because it is made of plastic or acrylic and is meant to be glued on your natural nails in order to elongate them. 

There are some that are meant to cover only the tip of the nails, while others can cover the entire nail plate.

Once they are already glued, you can now apply acrylic gel over them. 

Nail Forms

Nail Forms

Nail forms, on the other hand, are used together with either gel or acrylic nail systems. Unlike the nail tips, the nail forms aren’t meant to stay. They are just there and act as a support for the acrylic or gel that you will be making use to extend your nails. 

Nail forms are stickers that are disposed of after use. The disposable ones are preferred rather than the re-usable ones, especially in salons for sanitary purposes. 

How To Use Nail Tips

False nail tips

Apart from knowing what they are, a factor that could affect your decision in choosing one from the other is how easy it is to use. Here are how to use nail tips. 

1. Select The Right Size

The first thing you should do is select the correct size of the nail tip. You have to make sure that it properly fits the natural nail.

If it doesn’t, the nail tip could break off, fall off, or damage your nails. And it could be uncomfortable to use a nail tip that is not correctly sized.

2. Filing And Shaping

Sometimes, the nail tips may not properly fit your nail exactly. That’s because different people have different nail shapes and sizes. 

To make sure that the nail tips are comfortable and well fitted on the nail. It is usually filed and shaped properly before it is glued.

The nail tips are filed down to thin it down so that it becomes more flexible. That significantly lessens the pressure it places on your nail plate.  

3. Add The Acrylic Or Gel On Top Of It

A final layer of acrylic or gel will be painted on top of the acrylic nail tip. This will continue to your natural nail if the acrylic nail tip doesn’t cover it all. This helps make sure that there is a smooth surface created. 

When it is properly done, you won’t see any glue or pockets around or under the nail.

How Long Do Acrylic Nail Tips Last?

If done properly, the acrylic tips will usually last for about two weeks. That will depend on how well you take care of your nails after the manicure.

You can even make your nails last for months if you properly take care of them. 

Another factor that determines if your acrylic nail tips last is exposure to harsh chemicals. If you use acetone on your nails you could be drying out the natural oils and causing breakage

The way you use your hands can affect how long your acrylic nail tips last. If your work exposes your nails to pressure or any trauma, you’ll decrease the lifespan of your acrylic nail tips. 

How To Use Nail Forms

nail forms

If you decide to try and use nail forms, here is how to use them. 

Place The Nail Form

There are several different nail for  available from various manufacturers. However, they essentially are used by wrapping around the finger while it is slipped under the natural nail. 

The fit should be snug but not too tight. Correctly placing the nail form is the trickiest step in using it. There shouldn’t be gaps under the edge.

Most of the time, it takes practice to do it properly. 

One good thing about the nail forms is the one size fits all. You just have to adjust the tips to perfectly fit your nails.

Additionally, you don’t have to file nail forms, unlike the nail tips. 

Blend The Seam

Although you don’t need to buff or file it, you still need to blend the seam of the nail form before doing the last step. This filing is fairly easy to do. 

Apply Acrylic Nails

After it is blended, you can now apply acrylic over it. The acrylic helps create a longer nail so your natural nail is extended. 

One of the main reasons why people love nail forms is because they don’t place any pressure on the nail plate. The acrylic used after the nail form is placed molds into the shape of the nail. This follows the natural contour of the natural nail and simply extends it. 

One of the main reasons why people love nail forms is because they don’t place any pressure on the nail plate.

Which Is Better, Nail Tips or Nail Forms?

Some people prefer to use nail tips because they think the tips are stronger. There is a structure underneath the acrylic that is why they believe it will last longer.

However, the sturdy structure could place pressure on the nail plate especially if it wasn’t thinned down properly for flexibility.

On the other hand, there are others who believe that nail forms are a better choice. That’s because they do not create pressure on the natural nails.

The acrylic that goes over the natural nail will follow the natural shape of the nail and just extend it. That could be a lot more comfortable. 

You’ll have to choose which is best for you. You can always try both and then see which one works best!

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