17 Peekaboo Highlights Ideas: A Splash of Surprise in Every Strand

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Not so long ago, hair dye was used mainly to cover grey hair, or maybe to go bleach blond. The goal was to make it look as though it was your natural color.

We’ve entered a new era! Your hair color is as much a part of your self-expression as your clothes. Coloring your hair is a part of your personality.

Now, despite the idea of coloring your hair a wild, bold color or trying a color trend like mermaid’s hair may be exciting, it may not be practical for everyday wear. Especially if your everyday environment is more professional or conservative! Enter peekaboo highlights.


What Are Peekaboo Highlights?

Peekaboo highlights are pretty much exactly what they sound like – highlights that are hidden for the most part, but occasionally come out to say: “peekaboo!”. They’re a great way to add color, whether you want to go bold or subtle, while at the same time being able to decide how much of the color you want to have visible.

Peekaboo highlights are achieved by applying color to the lower layers of your hair and either leaving the top, visible layer of hair untouched, or adding a completely different color to the top layer from the highlights underneath.

While wearing the hair down and straight, the highlights cannot be seen if there is no movement. Curling the hair or pinning the hair up will show off your highlights.

What Are The Best Colors For Peekaboo Highlights?

There really are no rules when it comes to colors for peekaboo highlights. It’s probably why they are so popular! We’ve put together some peekaboo highlights we are obsessed with – from low-key to intrepid.

#1. Classic Peekaboo Highlights

The classic peekaboo is a solid color, underneath your top layer. Unless you’re waving your hair around or outside on a windy day, if your hair is worn straight, it’s your little secret until you want to let the cat out of the bag.

Like we said before, there are no rules when it comes to color, so you can opt for something bold, like cobalt blue to feed your inner wild child.

Credit: Instagram / astonishinghair

#2. Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

If you are not quite comfortable trying a color that does not occur naturally in hair, blonde is a great option. Blonde peekaboo highlights work with any hair color. If you are blonde, try an ash brown or auburn.

Credit: Instagram / behindtheshears

#3: Pastel Pink Peekaboo Highlights

Pink is a shapeshifter. There’s nothing that says feminine, romantic and sweet like pastel pink. At the same time, pink is the new punk! Pink can be whatever you want to make it. You just need to own it!

Credit: Instagram / hairbysroth

#4. Pink That’s Not Fooling Around With Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

If you are looking to leave no question as to what side of pink you embody, magenta with blonde or even light pink peekaboo highlights will leave nothing up for debate.

Wearing your hair wavy will make your peekaboo highlights much more noticeable.

Credit: Instagram / kayla_thehairwizard

#5. Blonde Hair With Lowlights and Purple & Pink Peekaboo Highlights

When going for a peekaboo style, don’t feel that you need to be limited to a single color or shade. You can get as creative as you want!

If you’re looking for a way to add flair to your fair hair, add a few lowlights throughout your layers and accent them with pink and purple.

Credit: Instagram / shaleeny_bean

#6. Lava Peekaboo Highlights

Love! Love! LOVE! This works best on medium to dark hair. The bright, neon orange literally makes your hair look like it’s infused with lava.

Credit: Instagram / hairabee

#7. Layered Peekaboo Highlights

Add some peekaboo highlights to the longest, bottom layer of your hair. It’s the perfect way to show off your fun, choppy cut.

Credit: Instagram / kscranton_colorist

#8. Monochromatic Peekaboo

Using two similar colors in different shades will achieve a more subtle effect.

Credit: Instagram / emmazoe_hair

#9. Chestnut with Indigo Peekaboo Highlights

As opposed to the peekaboo above with the same color, but different shade, this one is different colors, but the same shade, making the rich chestnut brown and indigo highlights a match made in heaven.

And despite Indigo being a hair color that tends to be thought of as a little bit “out there”, this color combination manages to make these highlights subtle.

Credit: Instagram / cabelos_coloridos  

#10. Ombre Peekaboo Highlights

You can choose whatever ombre colors you want, to create peekaboo highlights to add depth and dimension to your style.

Credit: Instagram / punkyhaircolor

#11: Black With Teal Peekaboo Highlights

The stark contrast of this super fun color against dark hair makes these teal peekaboo highlights the life of the party when you let them out to play.

Credit: Instagram / steph.p.hair

#12: Dark Hair With Fiery Peekaboo Highlights

Red-orange and copper peekaboo highlights set this bob on fire! These highlights will not go unnoticed.

But that shouldn’t be a problem because if they look this fantastic, you won’t want to keep them hidden!

Credit: Instagram / hairbyatlanta

#13. Mermaid Peekaboo Highlights

While full-on mermaid hair may be a little too over-the-top for everyday wear in most settings, these peekaboo highlights inspired by the colorful coral reefs let you maintain your professionalism while channeling your inner mermaid.

Credit: Instagram / jonathan_salon

#14. Peekaboo Highlights With Short Hair

Peekaboo highlights aren’t just for long hair! The bright colors of these peekaboo highlights will make others stand up and take notice, whether you’ve got a bob, a pixie hair cut, or any other short style.

One of the big benefits of having short hair is that you can get away with more visible, wildly colored highlights than you would be able to with long hair.

For darker hair, opt for richer, more saturated colors. Lighter hair will fare better with more muted pastels if you are going for higher visibility highlights.

Credit: Instagram / bobbedhaircuts

#15.Blonde Hair with Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights

There are few things in nature more magical than a rainbow. For blonde hair, a more subdued range of the rainbow colors not only tends to look better, but is easier to keep hidden when you’re not flaunting your natural wonder.

Credit: Instagram / lumoriihimaki

#16.Brown Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

Rainbow peekaboo highlights look even more spectacular on darker hair. For darker hair, using the most saturated and brightest of colors will give you a much more dramatic effect.

I mean, if you are going to go rainbow, you might as well go bold!

Although very few people would be able to pull off coloring their entire head of hair in rainbow without looking like they just graduated from Clown College, as peekaboo highlights, they are absolutely stunning.

Credit: Instagram / snegga_vinni

#17. Take No Prisoners Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights

Most people either would not choose to go this daring, nor would most people be able to get away with showing up at the office sporting these colors.

But if you are among the brave, your lifestyle allows it and you love it as much as we do, then go for it!

Credit: Instagram /beautybyrue

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).