Will Purple Shampoo Stain My Shower?

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Color toning shampoos have become a smashing success in the marketplace. People love the ability to tone their hair, to fine-tune the shades and tones. But it’s not the most intuitive product ever invented, that’s for sure!

But after trying it and ending up with purple shampoo marks everywhere, people often ask: Will purple shampoo stain my shower?”

Usually, purple shampoo doesn’t stain your shower because it isn’t like dye or paint that easily stains whatever it touches.


There is still a chance that it could stain the shower. In this article, we’ll discuss that, and go over how to get purple shampoo stains out of shower enclosures.

What Does Purple Shampoo Do?

Purple Shampoo bold

Purple shampoo is a hair product that is specifically designed to cancel out the yellow or brassy tones on hair. You don’t want that yellow or orange hue from showing if you want to maintain your hair color.

Toning shampoos remove the opposite color on the color wheel.

For example, a green shampoo will remove red tones. Purple shampoo will remove yellow tones.

When it comes to achieving and maintaining the perfect shade of gray or blonde, purple shampoo is one of the best tools at your disposal.

Not only does it keep your hair from looking brassy, but it can also help to prolong the life of your color.

When you’re ready to use purple shampoo, wet your hair and then apply the shampoo to your hair. Massage it in with your fingers and then let it sit for 3-5 minutes, depending on the brassiness of the hair.

Rinse it out with cold water and you can follow up with a deep conditioner to help lock in your hair color.

Will Purple Shampoo Stain My Shower?

Loreal Purple Shampoo

Are you afraid of using that purple shampoo on your hair because of your pristine white or marble shower? As mentioned, purple shampoo won’t usually stain your shower if you use it properly.

Like other shampoos, you apply it to your hair then rinse it out. In case the purple shampoo gets in the shower, you can immediately rinse it off with water so that it doesn’t stain your bathroom.

Some people prefer to wipe it off the surface so that it doesn’t spread throughout. With that done immediately, it wouldn’t have enough time for the shampoo to stain the shower.

However, if you allow a decent amount of purple shampoo to soak on a spot in your shower for a very long time, staining could still be possible.

When that happens, you can rinse or flush the shampoo with water. As a precaution and just to really make sure that the spot doesn’t turn purple, you can use white vinegar over the spot.

The acidity of the white vinegar will easily break down the dye molecules so that they won’t cause permanent stains. After wiping the shower with white vinegar, ensure that all traces of it are washed away and let it dry properly before using it again.

How To Prevent Purple Shampoo From Staining The Shower

Purple Shampoo Before and After

Although purple shampoo doesn’t easily stain the shower, it is still a possibility. It’s best to practice a little prevention rather than find out later that your shampoo did stain your shower

To prevent purple shampoo from staining, you should ready your paper towels. Use them to wipe off any shampoo that splatters in the shower.

You should prepare the bathroom too. Shower curtains or plastics are usually pretty stain-resistant. You can use them to protect areas of your shower that are delicate and could easily be stained.

Finally, you have to be careful with the splatters. Take your time while shampooing your hair so you don’t splatter more than you need to.

Purple Shampoo Staining My Hair

It would be a different story if your hair actually turned purple because of that shampoo.

Typically, the coloring lipstick-like effect only occurs when you don’t rinse it off completely or when you leave it on for hours.

When this happens, all you have to do is wash your hair again with regular shampoo and conditioner to remove all the traces.

You should never use purple shampoo more than twice a week since it is formulated with dyes that could not only potentially fade your gray hair but could leave your tresses stained with a purple tinge as well.

Purple shampoo is not a replacement for your regular shampoo.

Does Purple Shampoo Stain Towels?

If you are also asking yourself this, don’t worry: it won’t stain towels (unless you directly apply the purple shampoo on the towels).

The shampoo will only stain the area where it is applied if it gets left there for a long period of time.

It’s not like other hair dyes that can seep through the strands of your hair, getting into cracks in your gloves, etc.

So don’t be afraid of using a towel on your hair after rinsing out purple shampoo — especially if you completely rinsed it out. You may not even see traces of purple shade on your hair after rinsing out the shampoo.

You’d just have the brassiness canceled out.

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