15 Androgynous Hairstyles – Style Inspiration!

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An androgynous hairstyle is a gender-neutral cut, having both masculine and feminine qualities that embrace the fluid gender dynamics and styles of the modern era.

An androgynous cut will help align your exterior look with your interior intentions. An androgynous cut also allows you to choose the balance between masculinity and femininity to suit your mood or look for the day, or for your life.

If you are thinking about trying an androgynous cut, you need to take into account your hair type and facial features to pick a style that complements you the most.

From pixies and undercuts to buzz cuts and shags, we’ve put together a list of the hottest androgynous hairstyles for 2023. There’s a little something for everyone.


#1. The Quiff

The quiff is a super popular androgynous hairstyle because just about anyone can wear it. Better for thicker hair, it’s styled up and back with lots of volume.

Whether you just keep the sides short, or go in for a buzz undercut for an edgier look, this style will elongate the face shape.

Credit: Instagram / hair_by_marlo

#2. The Shag

The shag has been making rounds this year (along with its hip cousin, the wolf cut). Blended layers and long choppy bangs with tons of textured volume on top make this a style that screams rock & roll and isn’t relegated to any gender.

If you’re looking to let out your inner wild child, the shag delivers. Stevie Nicks and Axel Rose would agree.

Credit: Instagram / hairbrained_official

 #3. The Afro

Embracing your natural hair texture is what the Afro is all about. The high-density volume naturally lifts hair away from the face, making you the highlight and emphasizing your features.

Credit: Instagram / tayloranise

#4. The Tapered Afro

Grace Jones’ look is synonymous with androgyny. The angled lines of this inspired tapered afro put a structured spin on its more untamed cousin.

Credit: Instagram / slienky

#5. The Pompadour

If you want to wear your hair short but still have some freedom in how you style it, this cut is the way to go. You can experiment with different hair colors or ombre effects. This is a perfect cut for thicker hair.

Credit: Instagram / morasalon

#6. The Short Pixie

Pioneered by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, the pixie cut is kind of like the rice of haircuts. There’s really not much to it, but its versatility allows it to take on whatever vibe you’re putting out.

This is a style you need to own to make it work because it’s not the hair that’s making the look – it’s YOU! The short pixie just complements whatever it is you project.

Credit: Instagram / christinaperez93

#7. The Bowl

Even a mention of the bowl haircut may have a lot of people revisiting early childhood trauma, but this more contemporary version is a bit more refined.

The clean, blunt edges are unexpected, giving this haircut a striking look. One of the benefits of the bowl is its ease of styling. The bowl is more suited to those with thinner hair as thicker hair may tend to ‘mushroom’.

Credit: Instagram / claudiabenazzoli

#8. The Layered Bob

Surf’s up! Soft, tousled waves give this style an effortless, casual look that anyone can wear.

Credit: Instagram / timduenashair

 #9. The Buzz Cut

There’s no hiding behind your hair with a buzz cut. This super short style makes a bold statement while letting your natural beauty shine.

Minimal to no effort as far as styling is concerned, make this a no-fuss do – just wake up and go!

For those with thicker hair, a buzz cut can look amazing with a bold color.

Credit: Instagram pixiecutmadness

#10. The Undercut

Want a head-turning androgynous style? Opt for this shaved undercut. This is basically a pixie with undercut shaved sides. This is a particularly good style for those with thin hair. The layers and texture will give thin strands more definition, depth and volume.

Credit: Instagram / lynngourley

#11. The Asymmetrical Cut with Choppy Layers

A choppy layered, asymmetrical cut that sweeps the jawline will help to soften the angular features of a square face. This messy, just-got-out-of-bed look suits the younger wearers and personifies teen angst.

Ah, to be young and be able to get away with everything!

Although we love this style, you may not necessarily want to show up at a board meeting looking like you forgot your skateboard.

Credit: Instagram / hella.ka

#12. The Retro Side Swept Long Bangs

Here’s a flashback to the 80s when the side-swept long bangs of this short cut was sported by both guys and gals alike, from punk to preppy.

It’s a versatile style that works equally well with a pair of Doc Martens or a Polo shirt.

Credit: Instagram / rybokonirina

#13. The Super Buzz Cut

Shaved almost down to the skin, leaving just a bit of peach fuzz around the sides and back, this is definitely not a style for the timid.

Like the buzz cut we featured above, there’s no hiding behind your hair! With just a little left on top, this utilitarian cut takes no prisoners and definitely makes a statement.

And if you are going to go bold, why not go the whole nine yards and add some color to make your eyes pop!

Credit: Instagram / katierosehair

#14. The Spiked with Peekaboo Highlights

Perfect for those with thin hair, the sides of this style are kept perfectly smooth and sleek, while the top is styled forward and up in order to form a peak.

The addition of side curls and peekaboo highlights in the center balance out this more masculine cut with a feminine touch.

Credit: Instagram / sorayahstyles

#15. The Textured Pixie

If you are looking for a more texture cut, try a longer length at the crown with a layered fringe.

To texturize, warm up a light-hold wax between the hands and gently shake out the hair through the fingers to sculpt in whichever way your mood takes you.

Credit: Instagram / heathersymmes

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).