Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Benefits: The Power of Deep Facial Cleaning

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By now, you’ve probably seen a couple of those Tik Tok videos featuring a vibrating metal spatula that seems to magically remove hundreds of tiny clogged pores and dead skin from the patient’s face. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch all of the gunk and pores disappear. 

Like most people, though, you probably have your fair share of questions. How do ultrasonic scrubbers work? What are the benefits of ultrasonic skin scrubbers? Are skin spatulas safe for your skin

In today’s post, we’re going to explain exactly how these high-tech skin scrubbers work and how they’re different from other popular exfoliation scrubbers. Then, we’ll outline some ultrasonic skin scrubber benefits and answer some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic.

It’s time to upgrade your beauty care routine! 


Ultrasonic Scrubbers Vs Traditional Skin Scrubbers

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

We’ll be the first to admit that half of the beauty products on the market these days are gimmicks. It seems like every year, some “revolutionary new product” hits the market. Many of these are just the same old technology with a slight tweak or a different marketing campaign. 

Naturally, one of the first questions that shoppers ask is, “What’s the difference between ultrasonic skin spatulas and traditional handheld skin scrubbers?” 

Traditional handheld skin scrubbers are great for everyday skin cleansing. The vibrating and spinning heads are great for lathering your face wash, deep-cleaning your pores, and leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. However, they aren’t quite as good for deep exfoliation. 

This is where ultrasonic skin scrubbers (or “spatulas”) really shine! The thin spatula vibrates at ultrasonic speeds and pushes all of the dirt, gunk, and dead skin to the surface.

As the spatula scrapes across the skin’s surface, it also picks up the dirt so you can easily discard it. 

That being said, ultrasonic spatulas aren’t so good when it comes to everyday cleansing. They’re more of a specialty tool designed for weekly exfoliation sessions instead of daily washing. While both are great tools, they’re designed for totally different purposes. 

How Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers Work

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber How it Works

Okay, so how do ultrasonic skin scrubbers really work? 

The secret to how these spatulas are able to do such a great job at deep-cleaning pores and exfoliating layers of dead skin lies in their use of high-frequency, vibrating sound waves. 

As you press the vibrating spatula’s head into your skin, the sound waves and vibrations shoot through the upper layer of your skin. Your skin responds by opening its pores. Then, the vibrations combined with the pushing motion of the spatula vibrate the pores and dead skin to the surface, where they can be quickly and cleanly wiped away. 

It may sound super scientific, but in all actuality, skin spatulas are fairly simple machines. As the old adage goes, though, sometimes simplicity gets the job done the best! 

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Benefits

Now that you know how they work and what sets skin spatulas apart from other exfoliating and cleaning tools, it’s time to talk about ultrasonic skin scrubber benefits. Admittedly, ultrasonic skin scrubbers can be a bit expensive, with some models costing a pretty penny!

So, what makes them so special? 

No Chemicals Necessary

If you take a look at most exfoliation tools on the market, you’ll realize that they often need to be used in correlation with other chemical exfoliants. For instance, most exfoliating skin scrubbers need to be used with some type of face wash. Exfoliating peels also require acidic peeling agents. 

However, ultrasonic skin spatulas don’t require you to use any harsh chemicals on your face. You may want to slightly dampen your face with a little bit of water, but that should be all you need to do before using your tool. 

As you can imagine, this is not only healthier and less harsh on your skin, but it can also save you a lot of money. If you plan on traveling, you don’t need to pack a bunch of exfoliating liquids and creams. You just need your trusty skin spatula and its charging cable! 

Removes Deep-Set Debris

Unlike other exfoliation methods, which focus on exfoliating the surface layer of the skin, ultrasonic skin scrubbers target some of the deeper debris stored within the pores.

The device’s high-frequency vibration can “push out” stubborn debris that normal exfoliation methods wouldn’t be able to get to. 

Exfoliates Dead Skin

In addition to simply removing gunk and debris from the pores, skin spatulas also exfoliate the upper layers of dead skin. This can reveal the beautiful, soft, fresh skin underneath and can give your face that shining glow that only comes after a deep-cleansing exfoliation session. 

Collects The Debris 

Last but not least, the skin spatula can collect the debris as you go along. As it pushes the gunk and skin upwards, it lands directly on the spatula’s surface. Once it builds up, just wipe it away with a cloth or rinse it under water to get rid of it forever! 

How To Use an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Deep Benefits

As we’ve mentioned, ultrasonic skin scrubbers are a great tool to use if you want to deep clean the skin by unclogging the pores of the skin. They work well on their own and you don’t really need additional products to use them. The only thing you need is water. 

But how exactly do you use these metal ultrasonic skin scrubbers? Here’s a detailed step on how to use them. 

Step 1: Wet the skin

As we’ve said, there is no need for special skincare products to use ultrasonic skin scrubbers. However, it does require you to wet your skin first. These will only work if your skin is wet. 

Before you use the scrubber, make sure that you remove your makeup and cleanse your face first. 

Step 2: Use the scrubber gently on the skin

Once the product is on, gently push the scrubber against your skin. Remember that you don’t need to put too much pressure on it that it becomes uncomfortable. 

Make sure that you use an upward and outward motion when scrubbing the face. This helps prevent the skin from sagging. 

While working on your forehead, you can start from the area in the middle of your eyebrows and go upward and outward. It is best to move upwards so that the debris that is removed won’t pool around the creases like those found on your nostrils. 

Step 3: Slow down on target areas

Some areas of your face might need more cleaning than the rest. For example, you want to concentrate on areas of your nose that have blackheads. 

You don’t have to increase the pressure while running over those areas. Instead, you should just slow down. Slowing down will help give those areas a deeper cleaning. 

Step 4: Do your usual skincare routine

Using the ultrasonic skin scrubber gives your skin a deeper cleaning but that doesn’t mean that you should skip your regular skincare routine. After deep cleaning, you can still use your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and other products on your skin. 

Can You Use an Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Every Day?

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Blue Light

Using the ultrasonic skin scrubber helps exfoliate the skin, but you should not use it daily. The skin will benefit from regular exfoliation, but don’t overdo it. Use an ultrasonic skin spatula a maximum of three times a week. 

Your skin can benefit well from using it at least once or twice a week. Observe your skin and you can adjust how often to use it. Just make sure you don’t use it more than 3 times a week. 

Does an Ultrasonic Scrubber Remove Blackheads?

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Yes, ultrasonic scrubbers can help you get rid of blackheads. But don’t expect that all of your blackheads would be removed in just a single use. You have to use it regularly to make remove the blackheads efficiently and prevent them from developing. 

The ultrasonic skin spatula is a deep cleaner and helps properly exfoliate the skin. Blackheads are a mixture of oil, dead skin cells, and other debris that can block the pore. They look black because it darkens as the buildup is oxidized. 

With regular deep cleaning and exfoliation, blackheads can be removed. That being said, we can say that an ultrasonic skin scrubber helps remove blackheads when used regularly. 

Ultrasonic scrubbers aren’t only used to help remove existing blackheads. They can also be used to help prevent blackheads from occurring in the first place. 

How Do I Clean My Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber?

An ultrasonic skin scrubber is very easy to clean. Just wipe it with an alcohol wipe or an antibacterial wipe. This removes the gunk and kills the bacteria that may be on the spatula after you use it. 

After cleaning, put it back in the storage case so that it’s ready and clean the next time you need to use it. 

If you don’t clean your scrubber, the buildup of dead skin cells can harbor bacteria. When you use it again on your face without cleaning it, you could introduce bacteria and cause various skin issues. 

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber F.A.Q.’s

Hopefully, by now, you have a good idea of how this cool new skin technology works and some of the key benefits of the tool. Now, let’s take a minute to examine a couple of the most common F.A.Q.’s.

Are Skin Spatulas Good For Skin? 

Yes! They’re great for your skin. While you shouldn’t use them every day, they’re great for a deep-cleansing exfoliation session once or twice a week. They may leave your skin a little red afterward, but this should subside within an hour or two. 

Will Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers Shrink My Pores? 

Enlarged pores are often caused by the debris and dead skin that are clogging them up. When you use an ultrasonic skin scrubber, you’ll push all of the debris out of your pores, which can reduce their size and give your skin a more even appearance. 

Final Thoughts

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers  have a number of notable benefits and advantages compared to other popular methods of exfoliating and cleansing your skin. They’re safe, don’t require additional cleaning agents or chemicals, and they’re incredibly easy to use. Plus, it’s super-satisfying to watch the small spatula push all of the gunk and debris out of your pores! 

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing one, we definitely recommend giving it a try. It may just become your favorite skin exfoliation tool! 

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