Can You Tone Hair Twice in One Day?

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Hair toning benefits many people who wish to correct or enhance their hair’s color. What is more, is that the process can be carried out both at home or in the salon. But, can you tone hair twice in one day?

  • Typically you tone hair every 6-8 weeks
  • Hair toning is often the best friend to all colorists, but it’s not good for home use
  • Use toning shampoo instead, which can be used 1-2x per week

Do you want to correct the hair tone or personalize its color? You shouldn’t hit it with toner too often. You probably shouldn’t hit it with toner at all.

Instead, you should use toning shampoo, which can be applied much more frequently. We’ll discuss that below.


How Often Should One Tone the Hair? Can You Tone Hair Twice in One Day?

Hair coloring will get you on the target… toning will get you a bullseye.

Dyes and bleaches work like wrecking balls on your hair, removing certain colors, and adding others. This will get you most of the way, but sometimes unwanted colors are left behind, and really stand out.

This is super common among those who want to go from black or dark brown to blonde hair. They often land on orange, and need to fix the color.

Hair toning is excellent when it comes to hair color personalization, tweaking, or the addition of a more appealing shade.

Usually, dye jobs desperately require a toner, though it is important to avoid overdoing it. Whether the intention is to enhance the hair color or deal with undesirable brassy tones, this article features important information on how frequently to tone the hair.

The hair toning procedure is a chemical process that impacts the hair, and therefore toning needs to be carried out for at least four weeks for full recovery of the strands. For brittle and dry hair, it is recommendable to give the hair at least seven weeks before toning again.

It is a bad idea to tone the hair more than once a week to remedy an undesirable color outcome.


Hair Toner and Toning Shampoo

If you’re trying to tone your hair at home, you should not be using a toner.

You should be using color-depositing shampoo instead. These products are similar to toners, but they work like shampoo. They do not impart color, they only cover up unwanted colors. You have to keep reapplying them like shampoo, and they are much easier to use for home hair care.

This purple shampoo is a classic example of a toning shampoo. It would be used to cancel out unwanted brassy, yellow tones (more on that later).

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If you’re trying to tone your hair at home, you should not be using a toner.

You can use a toning shampoo once every 3-4 days, but you still shouldn’t use it twice in a day. Still, the frequency is much higher than with traditional toners.

We’ll discuss toning shampoo more below.

What Is the Essence of Toning in the Process of Hair Coloring?

Toners are essential ‘topcoats’ for the hair and the ultimate color results from toning. Regardless of a person’s hair color, the process balances the tones while tweaking them, making the resulting shade more desirable.

For example, it could cause warm colors to be more coppery and cooler colors to be ashier. 

However, with time, hair color changes. Those who initially have a platinum blonde with a cooler shade appearance could have a yellow appearance a couple of weeks later.

Similarly, warmer highlights tend to turn too ashy, which is frustrating for brunettes and redheads. 

For people who desire to maintain a healthy color appearance, toning shampoos effectively control brassiness. It also ensures that the hair remains shiny in-between salon appointments. Furthermore, it could make the current hair color more vibrant. 

How Long Should One Wait Before Toning the Hair Again?

For those wondering whether it is fine to tone the hair more than once on the same day, the answer is NO! 

They should not even do it twice in the same week, let alone the same day. There is a need to appreciate that the hair is already damaged from bleaching effects; therefore, adding another chemical mixture only worsens the situation. 

The hair is already damaged from bleaching effects; therefore, adding another chemical mixture only worsens the situation.

If you have already used a toner and they do not get the precise shade you want, you should wait for about a month before the next toning procedure.

Vulnerable and unhealthy hair requires more recovery time, so it is best to give it about two months. 

Risks of Excessive Hair Toning

Typically, toning is not known to cause damage to the hair. However, you need to be careful with the spacing between the toning procedures. The issue is with over-toning, which significantly deteriorates the hair.

It is important that people focus on keeping themselves from toning too much since several risks could result from such a practice.


To begin with, there is the most common risk associated with toning the hair too regularly is hair damage.

Once you indulge in frequent hair toning, you’ll end up with a dull, frizzy mess. Additionally, it gets a rougher feel and, in some cases, becomes stringy.

To remedy this, you will need a deep conditioning treatment, stop styling your hair so much, and limit the use of heat tools.

Dry Hair

Another risk of excessive toning is dry hair.

Dryness is also among the common signs of damaged hair. Maintain the hydration, people!

Once your hair is recovered, it can then begin toning again. 

Hair Fall

Then there is the most severe outcome of toning the hair too regularly – the issue of ‘hair fall.’

To avoid this, follow the instructions on your package, and don’t try to tone hair that’s not in a healthy state. Just search bleach fails on youtube to see what happens to people who throw caution to the wind and nuke their hair with chemical coloring agents.

How Long Do The Effects Of Hair Toner Last?

The duration of the hair toner lasts depends on a few factors. The less you wash your hair, the longer the toner will last.

Professionals like dermatologists recommend the use of ‘sulfate-free shampoo’ more so those made for colored hair.

Toner effectiveness and endurance also affect how long it lasts on the hair. 

The duration the toner lasts is also affected by:

  • Hair type
  • How frequently you use heat to style the hair
  • Your choice of products with different chemicals
  • UV exposure from the sun

Generally, a hair toner’s effects last between two and five weeks. You will need to regularly reapply your toner to keep the desired color and prevent hair’s natural color from fading.

But again, if you’re doing this at home, you should not be using toner. You should be using toning shampoo instead. It’s easier to use, and won’t do so much damage to your hair.

Brassy Hair: How Often Should One Tone?

When a person’s hair color changes into yellow, golden shades, that means that brassy tones are cropping up. Depending on how they care for the hair color, this can last one to two months. Though toning is the ideal remedy to neutralize brassiness, you should not.

Avoid toning it in less than a month for brassy hair if it appears damaged and weak. For those who switch up the hair color, consider demi-permanent colors or glosses lasting approximately six weeks.

Blue or Purple Toning Shampoos

Such a person can also add blue or purple toning conditioners or shampoos into their at-home hair care routine. Such products serve as toners, eliminating brassiness and refreshing the hair color, but should also not be used daily – a maximum of twice weekly. 

Prerequisites for At-home Hair Toning

1. All-in-One Toners Are Usually Not Effective to Some People

Many drugstore toners are designed for blonde hair. For people with lighter hair, these can be effective. If the hair is darker, it becomes necessary to consult a colorist for advice on the ideal toning product.

People end up damaging their overall hair color if they go out of their hair color family.

In addition, the toners are less powerful and pigmented than salon products, making them insufficient for people who need considerable color correction. This is why we encourage people to use toning shampoo instead.

2. Toners Are for Both Shine and Color

Toners are often available as a gel or gross-like formula and enhance the hair’s shine. Furthermore, an acid-based toner does not impact the hair color, though it gives a glossy effect. Image toners as the lip gloss of color-treated hair. 

3. A Toner Is Unable To Lighten Hair Color

Tonners cannot serve as bleach, which removes pigmentation from hair before depositing the dye. Therefore, glosses and toners cannot help when the hair is already fading.

Tweaking the tone into warmer or cooler shades is different from hair coloring. For toner efficiency, the hair must be colored or lightened first.

4. Many Drugstore Toning Products Are Often Overly Drying

When you get toned at salon, the toner is usually tailored for your needs. But a drugstore formula won’t be, and you’ll often end up with brittle and dry hair, especially if you use the wrong hair products.  

5. A Toning Shampoo Is Different From a Toner but Serves the Same Purpose

If you want at-home brass neutralization, you should stick to a color-depositing shampoo instead. These are much harder to screw up, and you’ll be safer with these.

Color-Depositing Shampoo Toners

If you want to tone your hair at home, use a toning shampoo instead. You’ll need a few pieces of information, though.

Toning shampoos are sold by color: purple shampoo, red shampoo, green shampoo, blue shampoo, etc.

You need to pick the right color shampoo based on the color you want to get rid of. Once you have that color, you use the opposite color toning shampoo.

Use the color wheel below to find the color you want to get rid of. For example, if you want to remove orange tones from your hair, you would purchase a blue shampoo.

If you want to neutralize red tones, get a green shampoo.

You can use toning shampoo once or twice per week, so you can make much more frequent adjustments to your hair tone.


You should not tone your hair twice in one day, it is too much for your hair and will damage it.

You shouldn’t be using toners at all unless you know what you’re doing. Instead, stick to toning shampoos, which can be used 1-2 times per week.


Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).