Purple Shampoo on Strawberry Blonde Hair: What Will It Do?

Young woman with strawberry blonde hair on light background
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If your strawberry tint is too strong in your naturally fair hair, purple shampoo and conditioner could be your answer! What is the effect of purple shampoo on strawberry blonde hair?

  • Due to its opposite nature in the color spectrum, violet helps cancel out warm orange tones. 
  • As soon as you have achieved your desired color, slow down using your toning shampoo. 
  • It helps keep dyed hair moist and boosts the color treatment. 

The brassiness in darker strawberry blonde hair will probably need to be removed with a toner. Due to the nature of strawberry blonde, correcting it can be risky. 

We’ll break down the details below!


Color Depositing Shampoo 101

Matrix Total Results Before and After: Strawberry Blonde

Purple shampoo is a color-depositing shampoo designed to remove unwanted color tones from your hair. It’s usually used after bleaching to fix funky colors that remain (this happens a lot when you’re going from dark hair to bleached blonde).

But it can be used on natural blonde hair, as well!

Bleached blonde hair can oxidize, resulting in yellowish tones. You can tone down brassy overtones with a purple shampoo and achieve a cooler, ashier blonde. Purple shampoo does not dye your hair, it simply deposits color on the shaft in a way that balances everything out.

You can tone down brassy overtones with a purple shampoo and achieve a cooler, ashier blonde.

Let’s look at the color wheel to see how it all works.

Neutralizing Strawbery Tones

A toning shampoo cancels out the color opposite it on the color wheel. If you want to get rid of the strawberry red tones in your hair, you would use a green toning shampoo .

Matrix Dark Envy Color-Depositing Green Shampoo | For Neutralizing Red Undertones in Dark Brown or Black Hair | Cool, Glossy Finish | Salon Shampoo | Packaging May Vary | 10.1 Fl. Oz. | Vegan
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Neutralizing Excess Yellow Tones

If you want to lean into the strawberry tones and enhance them by getting rid of the brass, you would use a purple shampoo. As you can see above, yellow is opposite purple on the color wheel. So if you want to remove yellow tones, you would shampoo with purple shampoo.

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Putting It Together

Color-depositing shampoos are really great easy-to-use color correctors for hair. You just have to know how to use them! As long as you understand the color wheel, and can identify the colors you want to remove, you can remove them with color-depositing shampoo.

As long as you understand the color wheel, and can identify the colors you want to remove, you can remove them with color-depositing shampoo.

You can even mix shampoos like blue and purple if you’re trying to get rid of a yellowish-orange. Just be aware that if you go too far with purple, you can end up with some purple staining on your hair. You may also find that you’ve over-toned your hair, and it has a greyish cast.

Stop shampooing for a bit, and that will go away.

How to Use Purple Shampoo on Strawberry Blonde Hair

Now that you know what purple shampoo can do for your red hair, you may wonder how you can use it. You can tone your red mane by following the steps below.

1. Shampoo Application

When it comes to red hair, purple shampoo isn’t necessary regularly. However, if your hair is becoming brassy, consider switching to purple shampoo.

In addition to cleansing your scalp when you shampoo, purple shampoos should be applied from the scalp to the ends. This will allow the purple pigments to be absorbed into your whole hair.

2. The Wait Time

The purple shampoo also requires a longer wait time than regular shampoo. It will take a few minutes for the color to take effect after massaging the shampoo into your hair (follow your instructions!).

3. Conditioner Application

The next step is to apply your conditioner. Your strands will benefit from this product just like any conditioner.

Before rinsing your purple conditioner, make sure you let it sit on your hair for a couple of minutes. Then, use your purple conditioner according to the directions, and leave it on your hair for about five minutes.

4. You Can Repeat if Needed

How often you should use purple shampoo depends on how brassy your hair is. Depending on the product you use, the frequency will also vary. You may need to use the purple shampoo once a week.

Other methods can be incorporated into your routine more often. Ensure these are specific to your hair type.

Utilize any post-treatment items included with your toner, although many are not required since this is just a color wash.

How Often Should Purple Shampoo Be Used?

Wash your hair once or twice a week with purple toning shampoo and purple toning conditioner, you should not use it every day. Generally, two to three minutes is the recommended time to leave the conditioner on. 

However, it would be best if you don’t go overboard. If your hair shows an unwanted lilac hue, you should stop using purple-toned products too often or keep them on your hair for a shorter time.

Always read the instructions for the shampoo you’re using, and work on your routine. You will find your routine and what works best for you.

Always read the instructions for the shampoo you’re using, and work on your routine.

Products to Try

Loreal Vibrancy Purple Shampoo 

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo for Color Treated Hair, neutralizes Yellow & Orange Tones, Highlighted Brunette, Blonde & Grey Hair, 6.7 Fl. Oz
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Loreal Vibrancy is perfect for your color-treated locks. It is a color-correcting wash that has purple pigments that help to neutralize brassy tones. It also helps keep dyed color fresh in between dyeing and will also nourish your hair.

L'oreal EverPure Brass Toning shampoo 

L’Oreal Paris Sulfate Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo for Blonde, Bleached, Silver, or Brown Highlighted Hair, EverPure, 6.8 Fl Oz (Packaging May Vary)
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L’oreal EverPure Brass Toning shampoo is a great option for those who want a sulfate-free option. It contains purple dye and hibiscus that helps neutralize the yellow tones in your hair. It is a hydrating shampoo that is perfect for dry hair, with added benefits for the hair and scalp.

Strawberry bleached hair can have a ropey feel to it due to the bleach aftereffects. Also, these types of shampoos can help with the texture.


Purple shampoo is perfect for those with strawberry blonde locks who want to get rid of the brassy tones. It not only evens out yellow tones but can also be nourishing for your hair.

After treatments, purple shampoo can be good for your hair and give it a nice feel. Nobody wants strawberry blonde hair that is brassy and feels stringy!

So consider using a purple shampoo and see what it can do for your hair.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).