Dip Nails Too Thick? What’s Wrong?

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Being able to successfully do your SNS-style nails at home can bring such a satisfying feeling. Having it done in salons is great but when the budget is a little bit tight, you don’t have to sacrifice your nails for that. 

You can now do powder dip nails at home because there are lots of kits available in the market. The key here is to do it correctly. 

As you start doing it on your own, you may make a few mistakes along the way. If you find your dip nails too thick, what should you do?

One of the main solutions is to use a nail file so it isn’t too thick. However, that may not work in all scenarios. Read further below to understand why.


Why Are My Dip Nails Too Thick?

There are many reasons why many people select dip nails. It is simple enough to do at home (though they can be a pain to remove) and with practice, you can perfect your technique. 

However, in case you find your dip nails too thick for your liking, you might want to try to do things a little differently to obtain better results.

Before we tell you all about that, let us first discuss the reasons why your dip nails might be too thick. 

1. Too many layers

How many layers have you done on your nails? If you’ve just applied a single layer, you may find that the color or opacity may not be what you’re looking for. 

So what do you do? You add more layers right? Well, that might work. But there is a limit to the layers you can add to build-up to the color that you want. 

If you add too many layers your dip nails will be too thick. It is true that dip nails are durable, but you don’t have to build a very thick layer for durability. A few layers will do. 

If you add too many layers your dip nails will be too thick. It is true that dip nails are durable, but you don’t have to build a very thick layer for durability. A few layers will do. 

2. Very Thick Layers Due To Application Technique

Doing dip nails at home is very possible! But like applying regular lacquer, it will take some getting used to. Practicing will help you achieve powder dip nails that are just the right thickness.

One problem many beginners do here is to apply a thick layer of the base coat. That will just make your dip nails thick and clumpy. 

Instead, it is best to make sure that you create the thinnest but even layer of base coat and top coat. That means trying to remove excess product from your brush before spreading it out on your nail. 

Instead, it is best to make sure that you create the thinnest but even layer of base coat and top coat. 

3. Thick Consistency Of Liquid

Another reason why your dip nails are too thick is because of the consistency of the liquid itself. In dip nails kits, you will be using liquid solutions in brush bottles and dipping powder. 

Always make sure that you check the consistency of your liquids before applying them. Try to remember the consistency of the liquids when you first opened them.

Were they easier to apply before?

Whether it is the base coat, top coat, activator, or any other liquid that’s included in the set, it shouldn’t be stringy and thick. 

You should still be able to spread them easily over your nail. That will prevent clumps from forming and your layers from becoming too thick.

What Should You Do To Fix Or Avoid Too-Thick Nails?

Now that you know what causes thick nails, you can try to avoid or remedy them using these tips: 

1. Buff or file off the excess

If you’ve done too many layers, you can still correct your thick nails by filing off the excess layers. In that way, you’ll get to thin out the layers before you place the top coat and seal your manicure. 

2. Use Thin Layers

As we’ve said, the thinner your layers are, the better your dip nails would be. You don’t have to create thick layers of your base coat or top coat. Thin layers will still produce great-looking nails that are still very durable. 

You can mix your dip powders to get interesting colors before you apply. You don’t have to constantly be doing multiple layers.

3. Clean Brushes With The Brush Saver

Most kits will come with a brush saver bottle. If it is not included in the kit , consider getting it because it can really save your brushes. 

The problem is when your brushes get exposed to the other liquids or the powder. It could start a reaction that slowly hardens your solutions. 

That’s the reason why you might observe that the liquid products seem to be thickening or stringy in consistency. Those are more difficult to spread thinly and can cause you to have thick layers. 

The brush saver  helps clean the brushes so they won’t contaminate the entire bottle and cause the solutions to thicken. You can also change your brushes if they are already beyond saving.

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4. Repurchase Liquid Solutions

Sometimes, you can still work with the liquid solutions  and create a thin layer even if they have thickened up a little bit. However, if they are getting thick and stringy, it’s time to replace them. 

As you use the products, they could get contaminated and change consistency. Your powders can still be used, but sometimes, you just have to purchase more of the liquids after several uses. 

It’s a good thing that they come in small bottles so that you don’t waste a lot of products before needing to repurchase them once again. 

5. Get Other Powders

Trying to build up the color by adding more layers will just create dip nails that are too thick. Sometimes, you may not be able to build up on the darkness or vibrancy of the color you want. You may simply need to purchase other dip powders  in the color or shade that you like. 

That way, even if you only apply thin layers, you’d still be able to get the shade that you desire. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).