Does Lipstick Darken Lips?

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Darkened lips are a concern, at least for many beauty lovers. And the fact that the lipstick adds charm and enhances your appearance may further confuse you when it comes to darkening lips. 

You may have heard that some lipstick brands may cause a toll on your sudden change in lip color. Does applying lipstick darken lips, directly? The reality is that wearing lipstick does not darken your lips. But other factors can lead to darkened lips.

So read on to find out more about why your lips can get darkened, and tips to prevent this. Let’s dive in.


Does Applying Lipstick Darken Lips?

No, applying lipstick does not darken your lips, even though it may feel like it. So skip the worry each time you apply your favorite lipstick.

The Primary Culprit: Aging

Aging is one of the major triggers of darkened lips.

As you progress in age, your lips start losing volume and pigmentation. But this is very natural and must not frighten you unless you notice some blue-ish color.

Like every other aspect of your physique, old age will affect your appearance. You can keep it at bay for a while, but it’s coming for all of us!

Aging is one of the major triggers of darkened lips.

Long-Wear Lipsticks

Lipstick should not also trigger the darkening of your natural lips despite the active components in your product.

But “long-wear” lipsticks lasting longer than 24 hours on your lips may take more time than that to fade completely. This may lead you to think that your lips are darking, but it shouldn’t be a permanent discoloration.

For this reason, it’s best to avoid any facial cosmetics that claim to last longer than 12 to 24 hours on your skin.


You may want to check your lipstick ingredients, as some may be harmful. For instance, ingredients such as dyes, Polyparaben, Petrolatum, MethylParaben, lead, or other preservatives should not be in your lipsticks.

It’s best to go for toxic-free or natural lipstick.


Try your best to avoid purchasing knock-off products. There’s no way to know what’s inside them. They’re unregulated and likely illegal — they’ve already scammed the packaging, so what’s to stop them from scamming the ingredients too?

Try your best to avoid purchasing knock-off products. There’s no way to know what’s inside them.

Note that your lips are delicate, and the use of toxic products may react and damage your skin and so you should be mindful when shopping. If you’re buying from Amazon, make sure that you purchase from the actual brand store.

Factors That Cause The Darkening Of Your Lips

Below are some of the main causes of darkening lips.


Most smokers already know the risks associated with smoking. Your lungs are not the only ones affected, but your chances of getting darkened lips are higher than non-smokers.

It’s best to avoid smoking for your overall health.

Lipstick Allergy

Lip products, balms, and glosses may damage more than good. Lipsticks may include substances you’re allergic to and trigger your lips’ hyperpigmentation.

Lack of Lip Care

Like your other skin ritual, your lips demand care. Ensure you moisturize to prevent dry lips and exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin.

Massage almond oil onto your lips every night to boost their appearance. Massage regularly to promote and regulate blood flow, leaving them delectable.

Dryness and Cracked Lips

Healthy lips need hydration, and you need to use a decent lip balm with substances such as cocoa butter, shea butter, etc. It also helps prevent sun damage which may dry and discolor your lips.

Toothpaste Effect

You don’t smoke, yet your lips are still darkening. Toothpaste ingredients may be the cause. You may react once the toothpaste comes in contact with your lips. Also, lip licking and biting may worsen your situation and lead to hyper-pigmented lips.

Lichen Planus Condition

Some skin disorders such as lichen planus cause inflammation, redness, and irritation. If you notice purple lips or small lumps, you should see a doctor for guidance and medication. An allergic reaction to a prescription might also result in dark lips.

If your lips appear darker pigmented than normal, discontinue use and talk to your doctor.

Low-Quality Products

Don’t just be price-oriented when shopping for lipsticks, as low-quality ones may dry and damage your lips. Some other lipstick finishes, such as matte, may drain the natural oil surrounding your mouth and further dry your lips.

Tips To Lighten Your Dark Lips

If your lips are already darkened, don’t fret. You can use the below tips to lighten them up and achieve their natural glow.

1. Stay Hydrated

There’s something magical about water intake.

Make an effort and follow the recommended eight glasses of water and even more each day to keep your body hydrated. Environmental pollution during the winter season and dehydration may darken and dry your lips.

2. Eat Lots of Fruit and Veg

Veggies and fresh fruits have high water content, which can help moisturize your skin tone and lips. Ensure you add fruits as part of your diet each day, and it will also improve your overall health and natural beauty.

3. Use Moisturizers and Balms

Ensure you apply moisturizers to prevent dried lips. Almond oils are effective and will do a perfect job. Carry your lip balm each time you step out to prevent the extreme temperature from drying up your lips.

What Are Some Of The Safest Lipsticks?

High-quality lipsticks are costly, but it’s best to go for these since your well-being matters. Natural and vegan lipsticks are safe and a great choice for all skin types.

They do not have toxins, chemicals, or even harmful preservatives that can damage your skin.

Natural Lipsticks

these models are non-toxic and safe for you. A good example is bareMinerals lipstick , a vegan model available in a range of colors. They contain a silky smooth texture and its grease and transfer-resistant.

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Plant-Based Lipstick

A good example is

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 Are Lipsticks Bad For Your Lips?

Ingredients are the main determinants, and you should avoid any chemicals and toxins at all costs. If you want to stay free from lip irritation and darkening lips, it’s best to wear the right lipstick types, such as vegan and natural choices.

If you want to stay free from lip irritation and darkening lips, it’s best to wear the right lipstick types, such as vegan and natural choices.


Applying lipstick should not dark your lips, even though sometimes it feels like lipstick can. Aging, extreme temperatures, smoking, and the other factors mentioned above can trigger lip darkening.

And if you want to have a natural lip glow, you may opt to invest in natural and vegan lipsticks that are toxins and chemical-free.

Moreover, staying hydrated, moisturizing, exfoliation, and adding fruits to your diet will greatly impact healthy lips.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).