Ombre Lip Blushing: What’s the Story?

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Improving the way your lips look permanently is a dream for most of us. Thankfully today, various procedures could help with that. The most well-known one is lip fillers, but lip blushing has become very popular recently.

Although the lips won’t stay colored forever, the results you get from the procedure can last for years, much longer than your lipstick! 

Semi-permanent makeup like lip blushing is currently super trending. This procedure targets the lips and makes them look better by improving the lip color and making the lips look fuller (without injecting fillers in). 

There are various styles you can get when it comes to lip blushing. One of the many favorites is the ombre lip blushing style. 

Ombre in the makeup world usually stands for a transition from light to dark. Ombre lip blushing applies that color gradient to your lips.

But how is it done, and is it worth getting?


Ombre Lip Blushing

When it comes to makeup, creating ombre lips is something that’s already been done by famous beauty gurus. It’s a great way to enhance the appearance of the lips. However, most of the time, they use makeup to do that. 

Creating ombre lips can be time-consuming. But with lip blushing, you can get to enjoy your ombre lips longer. It won’t be washed out and will make your lips look great all day and all night. 

Ombre lips can be achieved by having the lightest color at the center of the lips and the darkest one along the edges. In between the lightest and the darkest colors is the area of gradual change in the color of the lips. 

Many will use lip liners and lipstick to create the ombre effect, but it’s a tedious, painstaking task to get it to look right using makeup.

With ombre lips, the lips will look fuller even if you don’t use any fillers. Permanent makeup artists are now offering this style of lip blushing because they know how tedious it is to create ombre lips with regular makeup. 

How Is Ombre Lip Blushing Done?

With ombre lip blushing, tiny punctures are created on the lips. The tiny punctures or cuts are then filled with pigments. 

To create the ombre lips with lip blushing, the lip blushing artist will create the punctures on the edge of the lips. These punctures are closer to each other and there are more of them towards the edges. 

With the punctures closer together and more in number, it creates a more opaque shade. That’s what makes the edges look a bit darker than the rest of the lips. 

The fewer punctures made, the lighter the resulting color. There are fewer pigments on the specific areas with fewer punctures. 

Lip blushing artists can create various ombre styles just by controlling how opaque the area is. Not only will they be able to create ombre-style lips, but they could also help improve or change the shape of the lips. 

With ombre lip blushing, only a single color is used. The opacity of the color in the different areas of the lips is what creates the ombre look. 

With ombre lip blushing, only a single color is used. The opacity of the color in the different areas of the lips is what creates the ombre look. 

The edges are usually highly saturated to mimic a darker color that defines the lps. The area will not be done in just a single pass. They could use multiple passes to help build up the color. 

As they move towards the center, they will use fewer passes to create a lighter color towards the middle of the lips. Sometimes, the middle part of the lips doesn’t really need to be colored at all. 

Selecting The Color For Ombre Lip Blushing

Close-up of the permanent makeup procedure. Lip makeup in the cosmetologist’s salon.

There are many different colors and shades to choose from when it comes to ombre lip blushing. Although you can select whatever color you’d like, it would still be best to go with something compatible with the natural color of your lips. 

Remember that with ombre lip blushing, the natural color of the lips will still peek through, especially in areas where only a few passes with a lip shading tool are made.

Ombre Lip Blushing vs Shaded Lip Liner

As we’ve mentioned, there are many different styles when it comes to lip blushing. One of the most compared is the ombre lip blush and shaded lip liner style. This is because of their similarity. 

Some people consider the two styles as the same one. Both of them will create a defined and solid outline on the edges of the lips. The lips are then shaded inwards until the center is reached. 

Different lip-blushing artists have their way of creating these styles. One difference between the two is the amount of shading. For the ombre lip, the shaded area covers the entire lips. However, for the shaded lip liner, it is only done on ⅓ of the lips. 

Nevertheless, both procedures still create lips that look full. Either is a great way to add more volume to the lips even without the use of fillers. However, many still consider ombre lips to be a bit more dramatic when it comes to the results. 

Correcting Ombre Lips

Sometimes, we make impulsive decisions that we eventually regret, or which don’t work out. Ombre lips look great but if you change your mind about having them, there are a few things you can do. 

The first is to just be patient and wait for the results to fade. Even if ombre lip blushing is a semi-permanent procedure, the results eventually fade over time. Keep in mind that the lip blushing heal process takes weeks, and you won’t see your final color for a couple of months.

If you don’t like the ombre effect, you can have your lip blushing artist fill the entire lips to the same level. With this, you’ll get the full color.

Many like the full lip blushing style because it is easier for them to wear. 

Ombre lips look great, but may be too dramatic for some people all the time. 

In case you want to have your ombre lip blushing corrected by getting another procedure done, make sure that the lips are fully healed first to prevent permanent scarring and swelling on the lips. 

If your lip blushing artist does a good job fixing ombre lips, it’s a good idea to give them a show of your appreciation!


Ombre lip blushing can look amazing, and if you like the effect, it’s way easier to have it applied semi-permanently than trying to constantly produce the effect with makeup.

And if you end up not loving the ombre look, you can always go back to your artist and have it evened out. Just remember if you redo the blushing, the healing process will restart.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).