Does Eye Cream Come Before Serum?

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With so many products to add to your skincare regimen, it can be difficult to keep track of the order in which they should be applied!

We all know to start with a cleanser and end with a moisturizer. But where does everything else fall between?

Eye cream is one of those products that doesn’t seem to have a specific place in a basic routine.

Should you apply it first, last, or somewhere between all the other products? Does eye cream come before serum or after moisturizer?

If you’re unsure about the benefits of eye cream or when to apply it, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out where you should place eye cream in your skincare routine.


Does Eye Cream Come Before Serum?

Let’s start with where eye cream falls in your skincare routine. Does it come after moisturizer? Should you put it on first? Does eye cream come before serum?

Eye cream should generally be applied after cleansing and toning but before moisturizers.

If you use a serum, you’ll want to apply the eye cream after the serum before your moisturizer.

When it comes to skincare application start with the lightweight products. Then work your way to the heavier products.

This means that thinner products, like toners or serums, come first. Heavier creams like eye creams or moisturizers should follow.

That being said, the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive.

Some experts say to apply eye cream first. Then apply after cleansing and before the rest of your routine. This can act as a shield from any harsh chemicals present in your other products.

Eye cream should generally be applied after cleansing and toning but before moisturizers.

You’re golden as long as the eye cream finds its way into your routine and sits unobstructed on the skin.

The Importance of Eye Cream

Eye cream is your best defense against wrinkles. It is also useful for sagging skin, and dark circles, and the earlier you start using it, the better.

First, eye cream is a defense against signs of aging. The earlier you start, the more likely you will enjoy youthful skin as you age.

The skin beneath your eyes can’t produce enough moisture. With less hydration, you end up with wrinkles. Over time, your skin will lose its elasticity and begin to sag.

Eye cream is designed to be delicate with the thin skin around your eyes. It’s a light and gentle cream that protects the skin from stressors. It should not make wrinkles worse.

Your moisturizer can combat dry skin in that area. But, its composition isn’t ideal for your undereye. It’s best to stick to eye cream for these areas.

How Often Should You Apply Eye Cream?

Like with any skincare product, consistency is key.

Eye cream should generally be applied both day and night, especially if you have dry skin. If you’re on the oily side, then once a day is fine.

Eye cream isn’t just meant as an anti-aging product. It also protects your delicate skin from environmental stressors and everyday movement.

The skin around your eyes is up to 20 times thinner than the rest of your skin and needs added protection. Applying eye cream twice a day is your best defense.

Read the directions on your product’s container, and avoid using expired product. This is to determine the company’s recommended consistency.

Ingredients To Look For In An Eye Cream

These days, eye cream tends to have a combination of wonderful ingredients. Different ingredients target different concerns.

An eye cream can help brighten and energize the undereye. It reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles, and protects the skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

But what are the ingredients that help address those concerns?


Caffeine is the right ingredient to look for that targets puffiness. It also energizes your undereye.

Caffeine constricts blood vessels. It will help calm inflamed skin by reducing the blood flow to that area.

Vitamin C & Retinol

Vitamin C and retinol are antioxidants. They are clinically shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

These two ingredients aid in collagen production. They are important ingredients if anti-aging is your main concern.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is excellent for people with dry skin. It is best for those looking to get some extra hydration. It helps your skin keep moisture.

Hyaluronic acid is great to help alleviate dry skin. It gives your undereye a plump appearance. It will also help with future wrinkles. The more moisturized your under eyes are, the fewer wrinkles you’ll develop over time.

How To Apply Eye Cream

Eye cream is designed to be gentle with the eye area and should not irritate your eyes if it gets in them. But, that doesn’t mean you should be putting your product directly under your eyes.

To apply eye cream, take a small amount of product on your ring finger as it applies the lightest pressure.

Apply the product from the outer corner toward the inner corner. Then follow with the orbital bone.

Avoid putting eye cream directly into the hollows under your eyes. As the muscles there move, your eye cream will move up with it.

No need to risk irritating your eyes by applying it up to the lash line!

You can also bring the product up along your brow bone, but avoid rubbing it along the eyelid.

Written by Kayla Young

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