Does Kerasal Work to Cure Toenail Fungus?

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Fungus on the toenails is quite common but did you know that you could also develop fungus on your fingernails? Nevertheless, whenever you think you have nails that have a fungal infection, you should seek immediate treatment. 

When it comes to nail fungus, Kerasal is one of the popular products that people turn to. Many have turned to Kerasal in the hopes of improving how their nails look. But does Kerasal work

The short answer is yes, Kerasal works as it claims. However, just like what it promises, it cannot cure the nail itself especially if the infection is already severe. It will simply help with the appearance and thickening of the nail. 

It, however, can help with the prescription treatments by helping the nail soften. The prescription treatments are strong enough to kill the fungi from its roots. 

Let’s tell you more about what Kerasal is, what it claims to do, how it works, and other relevant information about using it. 


What Is Kerasal? And What Are Its Claims?

Kerasal on Toenails

Kerasal is a nail treatment product that is produced by Moberg Pharma. It is an over-the-counter product package in a tube.

In this type of packaging, it would be easier to apply the product because you just have to remove the cap and wipe it over the nail. 

The main purpose of the Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal  is to bring back the natural appearance of your nails before the fungal infection changed them.

Fungal infection causes the appearance of the nail to change in such a way that the color turns yellowish or brownish. Apart from that, the nail becomes thicker and there can be a change in the texture, density, and smoothness. 

You may be tempted to just paint your toenails and forget about it. But that’s not a good idea.

Kerasal promises to see results in as little as 14 days. However, you may already see improvements in as little as 2 days. 

Does Kerasal Kill Nail Fungus?

No, kerasal does not kill nail fungus. It simply makes your nails look better.

Do note that Kerasal places a disclaimer on their website stating that their product doesn’t cure or prevent fungal infections. It’s not medically shown to work, unlike prescription products.

However, there are many people who buy it for their fungal infection.

Does Kerasal Work?


As for what it claims about changing the appearance of the infected nails, it does work. However some people use this as the sole treatment for their nail fungal infection.

It is important to note the disclaimer we discussed above. Although most people assume that it can be used to treat nail fungal infection and it targets those with nail fungal infection, it is not a total treatment. Kerasal does not cure nail fungus.

It could help the other treatment methods like applying prescription products. By thinning out the nail, it could better absorb the product you have to put in it. 

Simply put, Kerasal does work. But it only works to improve the appearance of the nails and not as a nail fungal infection treatment.

How Does Kerasal Work?

In order to see how it works, let’s take a closer look at the notable ingredients and what it does to the nail. 

  • Lactic Acid – This is the star ingredient for this formula. It can help soften the thick nails to improve the texture. Thick nails can be painful and this product can help relieve that pain while improving its appearance. Thicker nails could be more prone to splitting and breaking, this helps prevent that. 
  • Propylene Glycol – Nails with fungal infection tend to change in texture and be flaky. This is the ingredient that could help reduce flakiness.
  • Urea – This ingredient helps thin out the nail by removing the dead tissues. It could also further help in the healing process. 
  • Glycerine – This is a hydrating ingredient that helps the nails to be less brittle. In that way, the strength of the nail is improved. 
  • Sodium Hydroxide – This is simply a pH stabilizer. It is important to retain the pH of the formula so that it maintains its effectiveness as well. 

As you can see from the ingredients, there are no specific ingredients that are meant to fight off the fungus. There are no antifungal agents that could even slightly help.

There is another version of this product that contains tea tree oil . However, even with this version, Kerasal still doesn’t claim it as a fungal treatment product. It’s less powerful than competitors like Emuaid.

It is just used to help improve the appearance of discolored and damaged nails.

How To Use Kerasal

Kerasal is very easy to use. Just like the other products you use for the nails that are infected with fungus, you have to first clean and trim them. Whenever you are handling an infected nail, make sure to take the necessary precautions. 

All the debris should be disposed of right away to prevent it from contaminating and infecting the other nail. It is a great idea to take a bath after trimming your nails to make sure that the fungus doesn’t infect other parts of your body.

After the nail has been cleaned, all you have to do is to apply the Kerasal on it. 

Depending on what you are going to use, you may just apply the product directly from the tube. Alternatively, you can use the included brush to get some product and apply it on the nail bed, under the nail, and on its sides. 

It is advised to use the product twice a day for the first week then once a week for the second week onwards. 

How Long Does Kerasal Take To Work?


If you apply it as recommended, you should see improvement in the look of your nails within two days. After a month or two, you should see a significant improvement, getting closer to the look of your natural nail.

However, as we mentioned: Kerasal does not cure nail fungus, and you still may need to do more to deal with your infection.

Should I Use Kerasal For Nail Fungal Infection?

Kerasal is an effective product for fungal nail infections. However, you have to take note that it doesn’t cure the fungal infection but only improves the appearance of your nails. You should at least review the warnings and side effects before you.

If your nail is already discolored and thick, Kerasal could help correct that. It can also remove white spots that your nail could have. 

Some people feel relief after using it because it softens the nail. Fungal infection can be painful because the nail could be too thick and hard that it hits the surrounding tissue and skin. 

If you want to improve the appearance of your nails, then you should go and use them. However, make sure that you also have a treatment plan in place for the fungal infection. 

You wouldn’t want your fungal infection to worsen by just trying to let it go away on its own.

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