Does Mascara Wand Shape Matter? Will Switching Wands Improve Your Lashes?

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You might think the shape of the want is not important, but it is! A few mascara wands have bristles, while others are flexible. You can even buy wands that only allow a certain amount of mascara on the wand.

If you have the desired look you are going for, you need the right-shaped mascara wand.

Does Mascara Wand Shape Matter? Yes, it does, and depending on your eye shape and lash condition, you may want to switch up your wand!

In this article, we’ll look at mascara wand shape, and how it impacts your lashes.


Mascara Wand Shapes

Here we talk about the different wand shapes and what results they offer:

1. Thin

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This is a good match if you want to add length to your lashes. Thin-spaced-out bristles will help to separate and define the lashes.

This type of wand is especially suitable for those with thick lashes.

2. Thick

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A thick mascara wand will give you plenty of volume. They tend to be made with synthetic fibers which plump up the lashes.

Sometimes this wand can take some getting used to if you have short lashes.

3. Comb

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The comb-shaped mascara wand is a well-known favorite. It is made with plastic fibers to spread the liquid out evenly. It is the best wand to fight off clumps. This is a wand that will bring out your eye’s natural qualities.

4. Curved

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Curved mascara wands are good for those lashes that don’t have any curves. If you have the lashes that grow outwards, this will add curl. To use it correctly, you should have the curve part facing downward.

5. Ball-Shaped

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This wand is perfect for those who have short lashes and small eyes. Unfortunately, these come with a detailed process to apply.

It will take longer to apply with this wand, but it will give you great results. The end of the wand has a ball of bristles with a rounded tip. A round end allows you to build up layers of volume without creating clumps.

Are Coverage and Volume More Important to You? Does Mascara Wand Shape Matter?

Try the corkscrew wand for those who like complete coverage and high impact volume. This brush is clever as it alternates from full and tapered.

As a result, it can weave through the lashes seamlessly while evenly adding the product.

As you move your wand back and forth across your lashes, look up. Make sure all parts of your lashes are coated with the mascara.

How to Get the Best-Looking Lashes

1. Wipe Your Brush First

Removing the excess mascara off your wand prevents clumps and allows for a smooth application. Washing your brush once a week in warm water can help to avoid sticky clumps. After washing your wand, ensure it is dry before popping it back into the tube — you don’t want to contaminate your mascara.

2. Allow Some Flex

Some great make-up artists share this tip quite often. Whenever you are using mascara wands, make sure they are slightly bent.

Don’t worry about snapping it.

Most wands are made to flex. It is easier to handle when gently bending because it reaches the inner and outer corners.

3. Use Primer at All Times

Use a lash primer to prepare the lashes for optimal results. It makes mascara last longer, prevents smudging, and lengthens the lashes.

Try to get a primer in the same brand as your mascara. Many types of make-up products don’t like to be mixed.

4. Take Your Time Doing Your Lashes

Apply mascara slowly and carefully. Even though it seems simple, it takes practice and patience to get it right. It is common to smudge mascara and get it on your face.

We are all guilty of that one!

Putting it on in a bright room can help prevent this. Want to know a simple trick to make your lashes look great? Lift them with a Q-tip after the mascara has dried. 

5. Old Mascara Shouldn’t Be Used 

If you use it frequently, the mascara you use should be replaced every three months. Otherwise, bacteria and germs are allowed to grow and multiply. You can refresh dried our mascara a bit, but if it’s dry, time to get rid of it!

This causes eye infections, styes, and more. Not to mention it will also wreck the consistency of the mascara.

How Should Mascara Be Applied?

Make sure you start with the right formula. Then choose the correct wand shape for your desired results. Coat your lashes with the remaining formula after wiping it off the wand. As you move your wand back and forth across your lashes, look up.

Make sure all parts of your lashes are coated with the mascara. You can add more curves to your eyes by flicking your wrist as you approach the end of them


If you want your lashes to look long and lush, you need the correct wand to nail the look. If you are unsure what style is best for your lashes, chat with a stylist.

Most make-up shops can match you with the right wand. You’re a few simple steps away from beautifully shaped lashes!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).