Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

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Eyelash extensions are a go-to product for many who want the ultimate eye look. If you want your eyelashes to look natural, then opt for the natural ones. If you want them to be more dramatic, then go for the mega volume!

But after you’ve had them for a little while, you may find that the curl starts to straighten out.

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

You can’t curl the eyelash extensions directly. But you can amplify the curl by curling your natural lashes under the extensions. This can even things out. You would typically use a heated lash curler for this.

We’ll go over the details below.


Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

It’s no secret that eyelash extensions are in high demand — extensions are one of the most popular types of permanent makeup around.

But the question remains, can you curl your eyelash extensions? What do you do as they flatten out over time? You can try to curl the natural lashes, but you shouldn’t try to curl the extensions directly.

There are pros and cons of curling your lash extensions.

What Type of Extensions?

It is important to know what kind of lash extensions you have before you decide to curl them.

If they are natural mink lashes, then curling them will make them look even more natural. If they are synthetic, additional curling will make the extensions look fake.

Some assume that curling their eyelash extensions makes their lashes look longer and more dramatic. However, it can also make them look fake and overdone if they are too curly or too long.

Do Eyelash Extensions Lose Their Curl?

A recent study has found that the curl of the false lashes is lost after just a few weeks. particularly if they are made from human hair and not synthetic hair as we see in wigs, which makes them last longer.

Unfortunately, it means that you will have to go back to your stylist every month for them to refresh your lashes. The study was conducted on over 100 people with eyelash extensions and was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Eyelash extensions can be made from various materials, including natural fibers like mink and human hair, and synthetic fibers made from plastic. Depending on the type of fiber used, they can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks before they start to lose their curl.

Depending on the type of fiber used, they can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks before they start to lose their curl.

If you want to extend your lash extension wear time, you can try daily serum treatments to keep your lashes looking fresh and healthy.

Eyelash extensions are applied to the upper eyelid, where fibers are glued to natural each lash. They are then curled into place with a special tool called a curler. The tool gently curls the lashes into shape. But over time, the lash extensions can lose their curl if not maintained properly. 

Curl Your Eyelash Extensions

heated eyelash curler

If your curl is fading and looking a bit too straight, your best bet to bring back the curl is to use a heated eyelash curler on your natural lashes.

Once again, you should not use a heated curler (or any curler) on the extensions themselves. Only work with the natural underlying lashes, and only at the ends of the lashes, away from any glue.

Note that before you do this, contact your eyelash tech and go over the situation with them. They may suggest you come in for a refresh rather than use a heated curler.

Before you do this, contact your eyelash tech and go over the situation with them. They may suggest you come in for a refresh rather than use a heated curler.

Heated curlers are electrical tools used to curl your eyelashes with heat, unlike the pressure of a traditional curler.  

Can’t you use use a regular curler?

No, you can’t.

Eyelash curlers don’t damage your natural lashes, but they can damage extensions.

A traditional eyelash curler has silicone or rubber pads on it that can get stuck on the glue from your lash extensions. The squeeze method would be particularly damaging to lash extensions, and you would run a huge risk of twisting or pulling out a bunch of your extensions!

Using a Heated Lash Curler

using a heated eyelash curler

As we mentioned above, you want to use the heated lash curler only on the natural lashes under your extensions, and only at the ends of the lashes, not at the roots. The heated lash curler allows you to curl just the ends, unlike a traditional curler that clamps the roots and curls the ends.

Be sure you choose a curler like the ones shown above. The goal is to avoid compressing the lashes so you don’t impact the lash glue at the roots of the lashes.

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Why Do Eyelash Extensions Lose Their Curl?

There are several reasons lash extensions may lose their curl, depending on the material.

1. Water, Water, Everywhere!

Your lash tech told you to avoid water at all costs for the first couple of days after your extensions. They probably said to use shower goggles.

But even after that, water exposure can impact the curl of your lash extensions.

2. Poor Sleeping Position

You can’t take off your lash extensions to sleep, so it’s not uncommon to wake up with lashes bent in weird directions, and kinked lashes from the pillow.

Try to sleep on your back, or consider a mulberry silk pillowcase.

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3. Forgetting to Clean Lash Extensions

Your lash tech likely gave you a list of lash care and cleaning instructions. Did you follow them? If those are in a drawer somewhere, ignored, that could be part of the problem! You need to clean your lash extensions, particularly if you’re wearing makeup with the extensions.


You can’t curl your eyelash extensions, but you can curl your natural lashes so that they amplify the curl of your extensions and blend more nicely.

We recommend you talk to your lash tech first, and you should be using a heated lash curler to do this. Remember to only curl the ends of your natural lashes. Good luck!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).