Does Natural Crimson Red Hair Exist? How Can You Get Crimson Hair?

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Have you ever seen someone with beautiful crimson red hair? Most of the time that crimson red hair just like Ariel from the little mermaid is due to hair dye. 

But have you wondered “Does natural crimson red hair exist?” Well, the answer is no. Natural crimson red hair is quite rare. It is the rarest hair color there is. 

Additionally, most of those with red hair don’t have that crimson red shade. Their hair is lighter and could dull as they age.

Let’s talk more about the natural hair colors and how you can get crimson red hair if you really want to. 


Does Natural Crimson Red Hair Exist?

Red is the rarest natural hair color there is. Only about 1-2% of the world’s population has red hair. Usually, people who have red hair are in the western and northern Europe, from Scotland to Norway to the Netherlands (where they have a redhead festival). 

Additionally, there are also some in southern and eastern Europe. 

Most of those who have natural red hair have hair a shade of bright copper, burnt orange, auburn, and strawberry blonde. As you can see, the crimson red shade isn’t part of that list. 

Most of those who have natural red hair have hair a shade of bright copper, burnt orange, auburn, and strawberry blonde.

Although there are people who are considered to have naturally red hair, they may not appear as a vibrant red color that you would see if they dyed their hair. 

The naturally red hair people don’t get that vibrant red shade although their hair could be more vibrant when they are younger. Naturally crimson red hair doesn’t really exist but there are many different shades of hair that can be considered naturally red hair. 

The redhead gene is very rare- the rarest because it is a recessive gene. So in order for you to show up as having naturally red hair, you have to have both recessive genes. Many people are carriers but there aren’t a lot of natural redheads. 

Plus, the redness of the hair isn’t really that crimson. It’s auburn, copper or orange. 

How To Get Crimson Red Hair

Ever imagined yourself as princess Ariel? That crimson red hair is really a head-turner, isn’t it? Well, that is possible today as there are plenty of hair dyes that you could use to get that color. 

If you already have red hair and want to amp it up, see our article here.

Some people with lighter hair colors can simply directly dye their hair red. However, there are some with darkly colored hair who will need to bleach their hair so that the crimson red color really pops out. 

If not, the hair could just have a tinge of red in them but wouldn’t be as vibrant as you would wish it to be. 

To improve your chances of getting that crimson red color, it would also be best if you go to a professional and tell them exactly what you want.

They have access to various dye colors and could mix it up to get the one you like. 

Other Tips To Getting Crimson Red Hair

If you want to do your red hair on your own, you can also do that. There are different dye products in the market that can help you be a redhead if you want to. You can also do them on your own at home. 

Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the crimson red hair that you desire. 

1. Pick The Right Shade

There are many different shades of red out there and they could result in various shades depending on your current hair color.

It is important to consider not only the shade of the dye but the shade of your hair as well. And unless your hair is very light, you’ll probably want to start with bleaching before you go red.

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair

Once you get it to the red shade that you like, you should also avoid washing it too often. Washing it often makes the color fade faster. And you want to avoid that! 

3. Use Products For Color-Treated Hair

Apart from avoiding frequently washing your hair, you should also make sure that the products you use are compatible with color-treated hair. There are shampoo  that can be used so that the color doesn’t easily slip away. 

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4. Protect Hair From The Sun

Too much sunlight could also be bad for your newly dyed red hair. It is best to keep it protected from UV damage so it doesn’t fade. There are SPF products  for the hair too.

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