33 Spring Hair Ideas That Will Have You Blossoming with Confidence

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As the frosty whispers of winter fade and the first blooms of spring begin to unfold, it’s not just our wardrobes that are due for a seasonal refresh—it’s time to rejuvenate our locks too! Spring is the perfect canvas for experimentation, blossoming with new trends and timeless revivals alike.

This season, it’s all about hairstyles that embody ease, creativity, and a touch of whimsy. From the effortlessly chic to the boldly adventurous, our roundup of spring hairstyle ideas promises inspiration for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to embrace the natural texture of your hair, experiment with playful colors, or try out some new updos, we’ve got you covered.

Shake off the winter blues and let your hair down—or tie it up, or color it pink; the choice is yours!

Here is our curated selection of spring hair trends that are as refreshing as the season itself.


33 Spring Hairstyle Ideas

Here are 33 great new looks.

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1. Pastel Perfection: Whimsical Waves

Spring whispers into your style with the softest touch of pastel. These whimsical waves cascade down in a delicate symphony of lavender, mint, and blush, offering a fairy-tale vibe that’s both dreamy and grounded.

It’s the perfect merger of playful colors and serious style, ready to sway gently in the warm spring breeze.

2. Silver Sophistication: The Cool-Toned Cascade

Enter the room with a statement that’s as cool as the spring night air with these silver waves. The monochromatic magic of this hairstyle speaks volumes of a confident, serene presence, embodying the sleekness of modern style with the timeless appeal of a cascading curl.

3. Fiery Flow: The Auburn Wave

Ignite the spring season with a color that sizzles. This auburn hairstyle is like the ember of a warm fire, with waves that flow like liquid flame. It’s the perfect choice for those who carry the warmth of the sun in their spirit and want their outer look to match their inner glow.

4. Rosé All Day: Blush Tones in Bloom

Toast to the spring season with hair that’s as intoxicating as your favorite wine. This hairstyle swirls with shades of rosé, from the palest pink to a deep blush, mimicking the delicate petals of a blooming flower. A sip of style that’s perfect for any springtime soirée.

5. Crimson Tide: Deep Red Delight

Dive into depth with waves of deep red that rival the richest of sunsets. The intensity of this color is both a bold statement and a warm embrace, making it the perfect hairstyle to transition from the brisk spring afternoon to the vibrant nightlife.

It’s for those who wish to carry the drama and beauty of twilight with them wherever they go.

6. Ocean’s Whisper: Aquatic Waves

Dive into the deep end with these mesmerizing waves that mimic the ocean’s very own. With vibrant hues of teal and cobalt blue, this hairstyle brings the serenity and beauty of the sea to life. It’s a bold splash of color that’s sure to make waves this spring season.

7. Mysterious Tousle: The Shaggy Bob

Embrace the intrigue of spring’s gentle yet unpredictable winds with a shaggy bob that’s all about movement. This tousled look is as carefree as a spontaneous road trip, with just the right amount of edginess to keep things interesting.

It’s the kind of style that whispers secrets of adventure and whispers of new beginnings.

8. Golden Hour Glow: Beachy Blonde Waves

Bask in the glow of the spring sun with these golden blonde waves that shine like the last hour of a sunset. Effortless and free-flowing, they capture the carefree essence of days spent by the shore, with each curl reflecting the light of longer days to come.

9. The Modern Muse: Textured Lob with Bangs

This textured lob paired with wispy bangs is a nod to the past with a decidedly modern twist. It’s for the springtime muse who walks the line between classic elegance and contemporary chic. It’s soft yet striking, offering a timeless look that’s always in bloom.

10. Sleek and Chic: The Black Bob with Hints of Blue

Turn heads with a sleek bob that’s as sharp as a raven’s wing. This jet black hairstyle with subtle peekaboo-blue is the epitome of sophistication, providing a stark contrast to the vibrant hues of spring.

This cut is a statement piece, perfect for those who believe in the power of simplicity and the allure of the night.

11. Braided Bliss: The Cascading Fishtail

This exquisite fishtail braid is a woven wonder, flowing effortlessly down like a golden river. The variegated tones of blonde add dimension and depth, making each twist and turn of the braid a testament to the complexity and beauty of spring’s own designs.

12. Subtle Waves: The Soft Blonde Balayage

Gentle waves paired with a soft blonde balayage offer a serene and understated elegance. This hairstyle is like a peaceful spring morning, full of promise and light, ideal for those who prefer their statement to whisper rather than shout.

13. Silver Lining: The Edgy Ash Blond Bob

Find your edge this spring with a bob that’s as cool as a passing cloud with its silver hue. This style is for those who own their unique vibe and aren’t afraid to show it, pairing perfectly with bold lipstick and a confident stare.

14. Blonde Ambition: The Sleek Inverted Bob

Sharp, sleek, and perfectly polished, this inverted bob is the embodiment of ambition turned style. With its platinum blonde sheen, it’s a cut above the rest and ready to conquer any springtime venture with a flair of sophistication.

15. Bohemian Rhapsody: The Playful Pony

Spring’s playful spirit is captured in this bohemian-inspired ponytail, adorned with colorful ribbons that dance with every step. It’s a carefree look that sings with the ease of a meadow in bloom, perfect for days filled with sunshine and laughter.

16. Midnight Allure: The Sleek Straight Cut

Immerse in the mystery of midnight with this sleek straight cut that shines like the night sky. The dark, luscious locks fall flawlessly, framing the face and emphasizing a look that’s both enigmatic and bold. It’s the epitome of sophistication, ready for any nocturnal adventure.

17. Punk Purple: The Edgy Undercut

Dare to be different with a purple punk pixie that screams attitude. The sharp contrast of dark roots against vibrant violet gives this edgy undercut a rebellious vibe. It’s a fearless look for those who own the streets with their unique style this spring.

18. Soft Serenade: The Gentle Ombre Lob

This soft ombre lob sings a serene serenade to simplicity. The gentle transition from deep roots to sun-kissed ends embodies a low-maintenance yet stylish look that’s perfect for a relaxed spring day out.

19. Platinum Precision: The Chic Blunt Bob

Precision cut and colored in a striking platinum hue, this blunt bob is for those who embody confidence and crispness. It’s a clean, high-impact style that cuts through the spring air with its sharp elegance.

20. Chocolate Elegance: The Subtle Straight Lob

With its rich chocolate tone and subtle straight cut, this lob is a slice of elegance. It’s a look that speaks of understated class and an appreciation for the finer things in life, perfect for a springtime of sophistication and grace.

21. Balayage Brilliance: The Dynamic Duo-Tone

The artful balayage brings a dynamic contrast to these lush locks, showcasing the rich depth of brunette blending into a lively, sun-kissed caramel. It’s a hairstyle that plays with light and shadow, perfect for a spring that’s full of bright new beginnings.

22. Flame-Red Finesse: The Rose Gold Soft Curl

Like the vibrant petals of a springtime poppy, these rose gold curls bloom with vitality. The soft, voluminous waves catch the light, creating an aura of warmth and vivacity. It’s a bold statement that’s as spirited as the season itself.

23. Ruby Rave: The Punk Rock Pixie

This pixie cut, with its ruby-red spikes, is a fierce nod to the rebel within. It’s an electric style that defies expectations, combining sharp angles with a burst of color. A perfect blend of punk rock edge and springtime flair.

24. Lilac Dream: The Enchanted Waves

Step into a springtime fairy tale with these enchanting lilac waves, crowned with a garland of flowers. The pastel purple hues and soft, dreamy curls invoke a whimsical fantasy, ideal for days filled with magic and wonder.

25. Sunset Charm: The Wavy Lob

Drenched in the soft glow, this wavy lob radiates with the charm of a serene sunset. The gentle gradation of color accentuates each wave, offering a hairstyle that’s both captivating and calming, echoing the tranquil beauty of a spring evening sky.

26. Crown of Intricacy: The Blonde Basket Weave Updo

A true masterpiece of hairstyling, this blonde updo is intricately woven into a basket weave pattern, creating a crown fit for a modern-day queen. It’s a sophisticated ensemble of plaits and twists that exudes elegance for any high-end spring event.

27. Teal Temptation: The Bold Bob

Make a statement this spring with a bob that’s as deep and mysterious as the ocean. The rich teal hue is both daring and delightful, setting a trend for those who aren’t afraid to express their vibrant side.

28. Boho Vibes: The Eclectic Braided Mix

This hairstyle is a bohemian rhapsody, blending braids, twists, and free-flowing locks adorned with beads and threads. It’s a playful and eclectic mix that sings songs of freedom and individuality, perfect for festival season or a spring fling.

29. Burgundy Beauty: The Wavy Seduction

Embrace the allure of these burgundy waves, a hue reminiscent of a fine wine, rich and full of depth. The soft cascading curls are the very essence of a subtle seduction, a nod to the romantic side of spring.

30. Winter’s Whisper: The Ice Queen Lob

Transition from the cold whispers of winter into the bloom of spring with this ice-blonde lob. Its cool tones and wavy texture are like the last snowflake melting in the warm spring sun—a cool, crisp style that’s ready to blossom.

31. Sun-Kissed Waves: The Effortless Ombre

Bask in the glory of these sun-kissed waves, where the seamless ombre transition from rich brunette to golden highlights mirrors the perfect sunset. Ideal for a springtime brunch or a leisurely stroll through the city, this look is all about effortless chic.

32. Enigmatic Emerald: The Sleek Bob

Dive into the depths of this enigmatic emerald bob—a sleek and chic cut that’s a breath of fresh air for those looking to make a bold, yet polished statement. It’s the quintessential mix of edgy and classy for the urban trendsetter.

33. Balayage Brilliance: The Glowing Contrast

Embrace the art of contrast with this balayage brilliance that brings a glowing luminosity to layered locks. The natural root fade into bright blonde ends creates a stunning visual that’s both sophisticated and playful—a springtime favorite for the fashion-forward.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).