Eyebrow Pencil For Gray Hair – Which Is Best?

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Aging is a natural process. One of the many effects of aging is gray hair. You can absolutely color your gray hair to the hair color you are used to. But more and more often, people are choosing to embrace — no rock — their grey hair.

The eyebrow pencil you use will depend on the color of your hair. When your hair has changed to gray, you might notice that the eyebrow pencil you used to use doesn’t quite match. What is the most suitable eyebrow pencil for gray hair

Most people think that you’d have to use a gray eyebrow pencil for gray hair. You can definitely do so, but that isn’t true for all. 

You can still other colors depending on the actual color of your hair and the undertone of your skin.

Let’s help you find that perfect shade of eyebrow pencil. The one that will help provide the contrast to properly frame your face. 


Eyebrow Pencil For Gray Hair With Dark Undertones

Eyebrow Pencil

Different people have different shades of gray hair.

There’s salt and pepper, strands of grey, iron grey, platinum grey, etc. Many have mixed darker hair and gray hair. 

What color eyebrow pencil for salt and pepper hair?

If you’ve got a salt and pepper look, an eyebrow pencil  in shades of brown that matches your darker hair color can be used.

This treats the gray hairs more as a highlight. The darker brows help frame your face.

Even if you already have some gray hair in the eyebrows, you can still make use of the darker shade to give yourself a more dramatic look.

This would also involve choosing a darker shade and filling up your entire eyebrow. 

For a more natural makeup look, you can just use the eyebrow pencil in the thinner areas of your eyebrows. Remember that with aging, graying of hair is just one of the effects.

Your eyebrow hair can get thinner too, especially if you’re too aggressive with your eyebrow pencil use.

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Use a Gray Eyebrow Pencil For Completely Gray Hair

Gray Eyebrow Pencil

For those who have completely gray hair, you may want to jump to a gray eyebrow pencil . Different gray eyebrow pencils will vary in shade, but you should choose the one that is two shades darker than your hair. 

What color eyebrow pencil for grey hair?

Going for a darker shade than your gray hair helps frame your face. However, if you go for a shade that’s the same gray shade as your hair, you may look a little washed out. 

If you can’t find the exact shade that will work for your gray hair, you might need to combine two gray eyebrow pencils.

Choose a darker shade to be your base and a lighter shade that acts as an accent. 

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An Eyebrow Pencil For Gray Hair With Blonde Hair

Taupe Eyebrow Pencil

If you are a natural blonde and are growing gray, telling where the gray part is from the blonde part can be difficult. Gray hair simply blends quite well with blond hair. 

That’s a good thing!

However, you can still gauge if you still have lots of blonde hair.

What color eyebrow pencil for grey hair with blond accents?

If you do, the best eyebrow pencil shade to get is a blonde or taupe shade .

Just make sure it is also a few shades darker than your blonde hair. 

For those who have gray hair with mostly darker blonde hair, light brown eyebrow pencils work really well. Sometimes, even the medium brown eyebrow pencils work well too. It gives your eyebrow definition and great contrast.

Just remember when choosing an eyebrow pencil, don’t just focus on the darkest shade or lightest shade of hair you have.

You should be looking in the overall shade of your hair. 

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The Eyebrow Pencil For Dyed Gray Hair

Dying hair grey has become more and more popular lately. Like all dyes, this creates some challenges when pairing eyebrow color to hair color.

When selecting an eyebrow pencil that will match your dyed hair, you should choose one that is still a slightly darker shade than your dyed hair. That is, if you dye your hair with browns, blondes, auburn, or other natural shades. 

If you tend to be edgier and want to live in pastel colors, you can choose to dye your hair pink. You can certainly use eyeliners if you wish. However, most don’t do that.

They stick to more natural colors for their eyebrows to achieve contrast. 

You can do that by choosing a shade that will match your natural hair before your gray hair grew. Just remember to choose a few shades darker than your original hair color. Also, consider your skin undertone when selecting an eyebrow pencil. 

You can choose to go two shades darker than your gray hair. Just don’t dye your eyebrows,  especially if you do not have experience in doing it. It is dangerous and could get into your eyes and cause more problems.

Don’t Forget To Base It On Your Undertone Too

When selecting an eyebrow pencil, you should consider your skin’s undertone. Due to the gray hairs on your eyebrows, the natural contrast on your face can lessen. That means you could look washed out. 

In order to correct this, you could use darker colors to regain contrast. But don’t just go for any darker colors, you have to base it on your skin tone too!

Do you have a cool, warm or neutral skin undertone? It is best to check. There is a simple test to do this. It involves checking your wrist under the natural sunlight. 

  • Those with greenish veins have a warm undertone
  • Those that have bluish or purplish ones have a cool undertone
  • Those with mixed blues and greens have neutral undertones

You should pick eyebrow pencils that have a similar undertone with your skin as well as your hair. Sometimes you just can’t determine the undertone of the eyebrow pencil simply by looking at it.

It’s a good idea to swatch it on your hand. 

Those that have a cool undertone will look a little pinkish while those with warmer undertones will look more yellow.

Which Eyebrow Pencil Should I Use?

When choosing an eyebrow pencil, you should use our guide as to the color depending on your hair color. Plus, you should also be considering your skin tone. 

There are lots of eyebrow pencils available in the market. They come in different shades and colors too. Some are even waterproof 

However, different manufacturers could produce different shades even if they come in the same color. The best way to see their color and shade is to swatch it at the back of your hand, in that way, you can also determine the undertone. 

Two Shades Darker Or Two Shades Lighter? Which Is Which?

If you search online for ways to determine the right shade of eyebrow pencil, you’ll find some say “get one that’s two shades lighter” while some say the opposite. 

So, which is correct?

Well, usually you should get something two shades darker than to your hair. Make sure that this matches your hair’s undertone and your skin’s undertone as well. 

There isn’t a single color or shade of eyebrow pencil that works well for all those who have gray hair. The selection should still be based on the amount of gray hair you have. 

If your hair is mostly composed of darker hair than gray hair, you can base the color of your eyebrow pencil on the color of the darker hair.

Alternatively, if your hair is mostly gray, then you are free to base the color on your darker hair or the gray hair you have. 

Whether you base your eyebrow pencil selection on the grays of your hair or your darker hair color, the shade should be two levels darker. It should also match the hair’s undertone and skin’s undertone for best results. 

The contrast you create with the eyebrow pencil you use can make you look more attractive. With grayish eyebrows, the contrast is decreased.

Sometimes, when your eyebrows become too light, they can be difficult to see and could seem to disappear.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing the eyebrow pencil for gray hair, there are a few things you need to consider. The good news is having grey hair, especially partially grey hair, gives you lots of flexibility in how you want to present yourself.

First of all, you need to base the color and shade on either your gray hair or your darker hair. Secondly, you should also base your selection on your skin’s undertone. 

Whether you base your choice on your darker hair color or your gray hair color, it is recommended to choose an eyebrow pencil that is two shades darker.

No matter what you choose, the main purpose of an eyebrow pencil is to help create contrast on the face. This contrast might have been lost or lessened due to aging. 

Choosing the right eyebrow pencil can make you look more youthful and attractive, and prevent you from looking washed out. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).