Face Mist Vs Toner: What’s Better For Your Face?

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When it comes to your skincare regimen, you should always try to educate yourself as much as possible about the products you’re putting on your skin. This will help you identify which products work best for you and which products could be causing problems. 

Two of the most popular facial products available today are face mists and toners. While they may look the same (and often come in the same type of container), they are actually quite different from one another. So, in today’s article, we’ll compare face mist vs toner. 

We’ll show you the difference between these two products, discuss which is better for your face, and answer a few of the most commonly asked quotations regarding the topic. It’s time to revolutionize your summer skincare! 


Face Mist Vs Toner: What’s The Difference? 

Face Mist

In the past, it was relatively easy to tell the difference between toners and face mists. One came in a type of liquid squirt bottle, while the other came in an easy-to-identify spray bottle.

Today, though, both products are available in a spray bottle, which can be somewhat confusing for shoppers. 

Packaging questions aside, though, what are some of the differences between face mist vs toners? Let’s take a look. 

Face Toner

How They Affect Your Pores

The first (and most important) difference between the two products is how they affect your pores. The primary goal of a toner is to clean and tighten the pores on your face. This gives your skin a smooth, tight appearance and makes for a smooth surface to apply makeup to. 

After exfoliating and washing your face, your pores may be a bit larger than usual. This is because most exfoliation products try to open your pores up to remove the gunk and dead skin from inside. 

The most common use of a toner is to close these pores back up. Not only does this give your face a glowing shine, but it also prevents those pores from getting re-clogged with dirt, makeup, or other skincare products in your regimen. 

Conversely, a face mist shouldn’t affect your pores at all. It won’t enlarge your pores, but it also won’t shrink them either. The main goal of a face mist is to hydrate your face and soften your skin. 

How They Affect Your Skin 

Toners are typically astringents, meaning that they remove oils from your face. They often contain small amounts of alcohol, which helps them accomplish this. Some astringents even have a drying effect on your skin. 

On the other hand, a face mist is designed to moisturize your skin. After spraying your face with the mist, your skin should feel soft and hydrated. They often contain natural oils mixed with water. 

What’s Better: Face Mist or Toner? 

Alright, so now that you know the difference between the two products, you may be wondering, “which one is better?”

As the two products are completely different from each other, we won’t say that one is “better” than the other. Instead, we actually recommend using both! 

Using a toner is an essential part of any skincare regimen. It helps to clean any residual oils, freshen the pores, and then tighten them up, giving your skin a smooth, clean feel

However, as we mentioned, toners can also dry your face out a bit.

Dry skin can be problematic as it can cause your skin to respond by over-producing oils. This, in turn, can lead to acne breakouts or overly oily skin

This is where your face mist comes in!

After using the toner on your face, we recommend misting your face with a hydrating face mist.

This will help to re-hydrate your skin with a bit of moisture, ensuring that your skin doesn’t become dry or irritated. 

Face Mist and Toner F.A.Q.’s 

Still have some questions? Well, in this section, we’ve taken the liberty of answering some of the most commonly asked questions about face mist and toners on the internet. Hopefully, this should clear up any uncertainty that you might have! 

Can I Use Face Mist At Night? 

Yes! You should be washing your face every night before you go to bed. After a full day of work or play, your skin is teeming with bacteria, residual oils, makeup, and other contaminants that can clog your pores and cause acne.

This means your nightly skincare routine is super important. 

After washing your face and using a toner to tighten your pores back up, your final step should be to lightly moisturize your face so it doesn’t dry out. Using a face mist at night before bed is an easy and refreshing way to accomplish this. 

How Often Should I Apply Face Mist? 

Face mist is typically light and airy. While it does contain a number of hydrating agents, it won’t make your face overly oily or sticky. This means that you don’t usually have to worry about your face mist causing skin problems from overuse. 

That being said, use your face mist as necessary throughout the day.

It’s a great day to cool down on a hot day, moisturize your skin if you’re out in the sun, or just take care of any dry skin patches that come up. 

How Often Should I Apply Toner? 

While face mist can be used multiple times throughout the day, we don’t recommend that you do the same with your toner. As we mentioned above, toners often have some drying agents in them. If you use them too often, they can contribute to dry skin or even cause topical inflammation.

Instead, save your toner and try to use it only after you wash your face once or twice a day. 


Both toner and face wash are important parts of a healthy skin care regimen. While toner dries excess oil and tightens your pores, your face mist ensures that your skin stays healthy and hydrated.

In fact, the best way to moisturize your face after toning is with a facial mist!

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