How Much Does a Perm Cost? What Factors Impact the Price?

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Is your hair naturally straight? Are you tired of always having to curl your hair in the morning just to style it? A more permanent option is to get a perm! 

If you’ve decided to get a perm, you might be wondering how much does a perm cost? What factors change the price?

On average a perm could cost from about $40 to up to $400. That is a large range! That’s because there are many different factors that can affect the price of a perm. 

Unlike the perms of yesteryear, nowadays modern perms are quite varied. There are different methods of perming the hair, there are different styles available, and the length of your hair plays an important part in the pricing. 

We’ll go over it all below.


How Much Does A Perm Cost? Hair Length and Perm Cost

If you inquire in a salon about how much their perming procedure cost, they will primarily base their answer on the length of your hair. That’s because many smaller salons only have a single technique for perming the hair. 

Typically short hair perming is less expensive than longer hair perming because there is less product required to be used on the hair. Shorter hair will take less time to place on the perm rods. 

Typically short hair perming is less expensive than longer hair perming.

On the other hand, long hair tends to need more product, and significantly more time is needed to prep the hair for the perm.

Although shorter hair means that it is less expensive, there is a limit to how short your hair is. If you’re rocking a pixie cut, your hair stylist may refuse to try to perm such short hair.

Perming involves wrapping the hair around the rods, and if your hair can’t do that because it is too short, then you need to grow your hair more before you can have it permed. 

Perm Cost Due To Perm Styles

Perm styles can affect the price of the perm service. Due to the wide variety of techniques and styles available today, the price is widely varied. If there is a specific style of perm that you want, it is best to look for a salon that can do that so you won’t be disappointed with the results.

If there is a specific style of perm that you want, it is best to look for a salon that can do that so you won’t be disappointed with the results.

The different perm styles go with different names but they may mean the same thing. It would be best to ask your stylist more about their perming methods and the results to expect before you agree on the perm.

Here are a few of the different perm styles available today:

1. Straight Perm

When we talk about perms, we most likely will think of luscious curls or waves but there is a straight perm that will straighten the hair instead of producing curls on it. Some stylists may call it a reverse perm. 

With this type of perm, a perming solution will be applied to the hair to break the bonds. Then instead of using curling rods, an iron will be used to straighten the hair before applying the neutralizer that will help hold the shape of the hair. 

This procedure ranges in price as well and could go for about $40 to $400 depending on your hair length and the location and reputation of the salon. 

2. Beach Wave Perm

Have you ever wanted to have beach waves? Sure, you can try with a flat iron. But a perm is also a great solution. This is now possible today and will look great, especially with people who have long hair. 

This is a low-maintenance perm as you don’t have to be perfect with it. Most just wash and apply a little bit of styler to the hair and just let it air dry to style every day. This could cost up to $200.

3. Root Perms

One of the most affordable perms available today is called root perm. This will use perm the hair at the roots only. This is meant to help add volume to the roots. 

It can be done on both short hair and long hair. However, it needs to be maintained because as the hair grows, it can pull the roots due to the weight, and will gradually straighten it. 

4. Spiral Perm 

Do you dream of having bouncy and tight curls? This may be the one that you are looking for! It can be done in various hair lengths.

Typically, this uses a cold perm solution to achieve the look. 

5. Digital Perm

Digital perms are typically priced higher because of the technology used in them. These are the latest trends when it comes to perm technology. They are considered a hot type of perm. 

A solution will be applied to the hair then the hair will be wrapped around the rods. The rods will then heat up and are digitally controlled to maintain the right temperature. 

The reason why they are so expensive is that the rods used for this procedure are very expensive. That’s because their temperature has to be exact so that they produce the proper curls. 

6. Spot Perm 

The spot perm can vary in price because you won’t have your entire hair curled. Instead, you can just choose to have a section of your hair permed. This is great for those who already have curled hair but just need some flatter areas curled or volumized. 

This will be great for anyone looking to add more texture to their hair. This type of perm can be done with a cold perm solution or a hot perm solution. 

Other Factors That Affects The Price

Aside from those mentioned above, there are still other factors that can affect the price of your perm. They are as follows:

  • Location – Typically, those who live in rural areas may find perms to be less expensive than those in urbanized areas or big cities.
  • The Stylist – Due to the experience of the stylist who is going to do the perm, they could charge differently as well. Those who have already made a name for themselves can charge more than others. 
  • The Salon – High-end salons price their services higher than the others even if they are in the same location. 
  • Hair Condition – Depending on your hair’s condition, the stylist may need to do other procedures to prep your hair for the perming procedure. 

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Written by Kayla Young

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