How Often Should You Use a Face Brush?

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Whether you are a skincare junkie, or you are just starting to build your skincare routine, the addition of a facial brush is always a great idea! We see tons of these battery-powered facial brushes out there, and it’s the most effective way to get a deep cleanse every time.  

If you want to enhance your skincare routine, a facial brush is an amazing tool. Now many often wonder, how often should you use a face brush

You should use it once, or maybe even twice, per day!

In this article, we’ll look at cleansing your face with a face brush.


How Often Should You Use a Face Brush?

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You should cleanse your face once, if not twice a day: morning and night.

Of course, cleaning our skin before bed is a must. This is when we remove our makeup and the daily dirt and grime off of our skin. 

Every 24 hours, our skin cells go through a regeneration process. The skin cell regeneration process happens overnight, this is why a good cleanse and gentle exfoliation of the skin can be added in the morning also.

When we talk about cleansing the skin, some people might feel that using a makeup wipe, micellar water, or towelette in the morning and night can really do the trick, but this is not the case.

Using a makeup wipe can be effective in removing that first layer of tough makeup or dirt, but you’ll still need to cleanse after using a wipe. 

Think of your skin as the surface of an orange peel. The orange peel is very porous, and wiping the surface of the peel will remove the makeup or dirt, but a lot of residue still remains deep in our pores.

This is where a facial brush really comes in.

To answer the question of how often can we use our electric facial brush the answer is, once if not twice a day! You can use a manual brush, but a sonic facial brush is only a little more expensive and is much more powerful.

Foreo Luna 3 Facial Brush

The wonderful thing about the electric facial brush is its many bristles and adjustable speeds. 

These soft rubber bristles will allow the brush to gently but effectively clean the skin, including the tough makeup or dirt that remains in our pores. Using this facial brush is strongly beneficial for the way the tool provides vibration and stimulation onto the skin’s surface. 

Do you put cleanser on the face brush?

That’s the easiest way to do ti. When using a Sonic Facial Brush, we recommend starting by wetting the face and applying a small amount of your cleanser directly to the brush.

Turn on the Sonic Facial Brush to the desired speed, and apply the brush to your skin in circular motions.

There are different strengths of bristles around the Sonic Facial Brush. 

The shorter and stiff bristles can be used in tough areas like the t-zone, and the softer bristles can be used in more sensitive areas of the face like the forehead. Use the brush in circular motions for about 15 seconds in each area of the face. 

How often should you use a face brush? Try to limit it to about once or twice a day.

How To Use a Face Brush to Improve Your Skin

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If after using your facial brush twice a day you feel that your skin is getting red or inflamed, you can absolutely get the same results by using your facial brush once a day. If you choose to only use it once a day, we recommend using it at night time.

This is the most important time to remove the makeup and daily grime that builds upon our skin.

When dirt or bacteria gets trapped in the skin and it’s not cleansed away, this is how a breakout can form. A small particle of makeup or dirt that remains in our pores will be the cause of that breakout.

Using your Sonic Facial Brush twice a day will help keep your clear skin clear and free of potential breakouts. 

Is a face brush good for acne?

Using your facial brush will also help treat any existing breakouts or acne that you may have. Acne on the skin is created by sebum which is bacteria that grows into what we know as a pimple or acne. 

Cleaning our skin daily will help reduce sebum production. As we know, after a deep cleanse of the skin using our facial brush, it’s important to restore moisture with a serum or moisturizer. 

After cleansing, we have stripped the skin of its natural oils and moisture. It is essential to finish your skincare routine by building the moisture back into your skin, this may be with your everyday moisturizer or hydrating serum.

The daily use of the Sonic Facial Brush will not only deeply cleanse the skin but will also provide mild exfoliation. This is the key to healthy glowing skin.

Another reason that we recommend using your face facial brush twice a day is due to the stimulation and vibration provided to your skin. 

Stimulating, or waking up our skin with the vibrating cleansing brush will help with collagen production. Collagen is naturally found in our skin, this is the material that keeps our skin firm and plump.

We can produce more collagen in our own skin simply by stimulation using a facial brush! 

Face Brushing Tips

Something not to forget if you’re using your cleansing brush twice a day is to always clean your brush after using it. One simple way to do this after every use is to rinse your facial brush with hot water and gentle soap and allow the brush to air dry. 

Although it may be tempting, don’t share your facial brush with your partner or roommate. The reason behind this is because of the natural bacteria found in our skin, it is best to keep your own facial brush for each individual to prevent passing bacteria or sebum.

After using the Sonic Facial Brush for only a few days you will begin to see the textural improvements in your skin. 

You’ll also see that your makeup applies more smoothly and flawlessly, and at night time you will notice a glow and a clean finish to your pores resulting in fewer breakouts. We strongly recommend enhancing your regular skincare routine with the Sonic Facial Brush, you’ll thank us later!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).