How to Clean the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

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With Revlon’s awesome hair dryer brush , you can smooth, volumize, and straighten your hair. It’s incredibly easy to use! The brush can do nearly everything.

But like everything else, it will get dirty, especially when used frequently.

In this article, we’re going to go over how to clean the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush.

Here are the basics:

  • You need to remove tangled hair from the brush
  • Liquid soap or detergent will clean the brush
  • Clean the bristles and dryer with a damp towel

If you’re looking for tips on how to keep your brush clean or want to know what to use to clean it, this is the article for you. You’ll find step-by-step instructions here on cleaning Revlon hair dryer brushes.


How to Clean the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

1. Prep Your Tools and Materials

Prepare the tools you need, such as scissors for cutting tangled hair, soap, body wash, or dishwashing liquid to remove grease. The dryer should be polished and dried with a towel free of lint. 

2. Get Rid of Tangled Hair

It’s often necessary to remove tangled hair from Revlon tufted bristles. Strands of hair easily become wrapped around the bristles. You cannot pull the hair out with your fingers, so get cutting. Small scissors can easily do the job since they cut the tangled strands, making removal much easier. 

As you untangle the hair, ensure you don’t cut any of the bristles. You can also use a sewing pick to cut hair from the bristles. 

3. Remove Dust From the Brush

After cutting and removing all the tangled hair, it’s time to tackle the dust. Revlon hair dryer barrels collect dust from grease residue on your hair and products. To clean, simply mix water with detergent or liquid soap. 

One squirt to one bowl of water is sufficient. Place the combination into a bottle to spray onto the device. Mix the ingredients and spray them on a dryer barrel.

Always ensure the tool is unplugged before using any water! And you don’t want to apply a ton of liquid or you may cause damage to the motor. 

Using a toss-away toothbrush, you can brush away grease and dust. Remove all the grime and grease from each column and row by scrubbing gently. Make sure the bristles are brushed from every angle. Doing this will remove dirt and oils from the bristles.

Clean and dry your hair dryer bristles with a towel

If you have build-up on your dryer brush, you can dilute white vinegar, spray it on, leave it for a few minutes, and then clean it off with a damp towel.

4. Remove the Bristles

You must remove the bristles in order to fully clean the Revlon hot air brush. It will require a small Phillips screwdriver to do this.

After removing the bristles, wash the brush with water and mild soap. Ensure it’s completely dry before using.

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Hair Dryer Brush

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Keep your hair and brush in great condition by cleaning it frequently. Reasons for this include:

1. It reduces bacteria accumulation

Dirty brushes can harbor bacteria, resulting in scalp infections.

2. Cleaning keeps your hair free of product build-up

Dull and greasy hair can be caused by product build-up. Your hair will look its best if you clean your brush regularly.

Dull and greasy hair can be caused by product build-up. Your hair will look its best if you clean your brush regularly.

3. Prolongs the lifespan of the dryer brush

Regularly cleaning your hair dryer brush brush will extend its lifespan.

How Often Should You Clean the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush?

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

You need to clean your Revlon hair dryer brush every few weeks of use. The majority of hairdressers recommend doing this to maintain hair quality and the brush’s appearance.

The majority of hairdressers recommend cleaning your Revlon hair dryer brush to maintain hair quality and appearance.

It’s the perfect beauty tool to use at home for quick blow-drys. This product can achieve a salon-like finish in just a few minutes.

As with any styling device, you should keep it clean to prevent the accumulation of hair-damaging products and dirt.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Sticky Residue From a Hair Dryer?

Many things can cause sticky residue, but dried hair with product on it is the most common cause. Hair that has not been properly conditioned and treated becomes thick and heavy, making it stick to surfaces. 

An excessive amount of heat may be produced by a hair dryer, resulting in the formation of sticky gunk.

When cleaning a hair dryer brush, be sure to completely dry the brush before cleaning. 

After that, apply heat to the bristles and hold for approximately 30 seconds. After cleaning the bristles, wipe them down with a cleaning solution on a clean cloth.

What You Should Know About Cleaning Revlon Hair Dryer Brushes

The following section will discuss tips for cleaning a Revlon hair dryer brush. Make sure you keep these tips in mind so that your strands stay strong and the Revlon hair dryer brush is in good working order.

Things to Do:

  • When cleaning a hair dryer brush, always unplug it first. You may damage the brush, or receive an electric shock may result if you fail to do so.
  • Clean the Revlon brush properly. The brush can be ruined by one mistake.
  • Dust can accumulate on a hair dryer brush if it’s not stored properly.
  • Sanitize the brush by wiping it with rubbing alcohol.
  • Do clean your hair dryer brush at least twice a month, depending on how often you use it.

Things to Avoid:

  • By pulling it hard, you will bend the bristles, or even break them. When you use a damaged brush, the hair won’t straighten well as it would if it was undamaged.
  • Avoid immersing the dryer brush in water. It can damage the motor, and shock can occur.
  • Don’t clean your dryer brush with harsh cleaning agents.


The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush is a great tool that quickly and conveniently dries and styles hair. But it can get coated in gunk and hair pretty quickly, so you want to regularly clean it. With our guide, you’ve got everything you need to know to clean the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush.

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