How to Use the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush On Short Hair

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The Revlon hair dryer brush is a revolutionary styling brush that is easy to use on all hair types. This hair dryer has trended on all social media platforms because of its unique abilities, gaining the attention of many hairstylists worldwide. It’s like a hair dryer and hair brush in one!

There is a bit of a learning curve to using it, especially with short hair.

In this article, we’re going to go over how to use the Revlon hair dryer brush on short hair.

It is time to finally meet the Revlon hair brush, the number one option for most professional hairstylists. If you do not know how to work this fantastic product, worry not! This article highlights: 

  • What is the Revlon Hair dryer brush? 
  • How to use the Revlon hair dryer brush on short hair? 
  • Is it ideal for other hair types? 

Let’s jump right into it and unknot this question.


Is It a Hair Dryer or a Brush?

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

The Revlon hairbrush is a great innovation that removes the cumbersome blow dryer as you dry, style, and brush your hair simultaneously. It is among the best hair dryer brushes thanks to its innovative design that smoothens and adds hair volume. The result of using this excellent product is a frizz-free finish. 

It combines a round brush and blow-dryer with two speed and heat settings. You can use the hair dryer at 120V, and it is not recommended to use a power adapter or voltage converter. In addition, there’s no need to worry about the safety of the Revlon hair dryer since it meets the U.S. Safety requirements. 

Its oval and rounded design ensures it reaches the root and lifts the hair to create volume. Furthermore, it includes ionic technology that protects and dries the hair faster. The Revlon hair brush is a hub of practical features, such as the airflow vents, that make at-home styling effortless.

This product delivers exceptional hair blowouts as it effectively lifts hair volume at the roots and generates beautiful waves at the strands. However, this is the case if you know how to use the hair dryer effectively. 

How to Use the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush On Short Hair

The Revlon hair brush is easy to use and perfect for short hair. If you wish to generate the right volume from the roots and get the waves you crave, it is essential to learn the correct application method. 

If you wish to generate the right volume from the roots and get the waves you crave, it is essential to learn the correct application method. 

Here’s a video showing the Revlon brush on short hair.

Let;s go over the steps to follow for the perfect styling results: 

1. Cleaning Your Short Hair 

The first step is to clean your hair as normal. This allows the hairstyle to stay put all day. Apart from that, this process protects your hair and scalp from the effects of excessive heat.

Then, follow your daily hair care routine, including washing and massaging the hair from the roots using quality shampoo.

Also, don’t forget to use hair conditioners and masks for a healthier composition.  

2. Preparing Your Hair 

After washing and removing all the chemicals, towel-dry your hair. This is essential as wet hair tends to overstretch, causing the strands to break. Also, the cuticles and fiber get strained, and the friction from the brush bristles snaps them off.  

Use your towel to remove excess water until the hair is about 75% dry. You can also opt for air-drying or sleeping with the shower cape, then wake up to begin the styling. 

It is also best to remove any hair tangles before using the Revlon hair dryer brush. Ensure that you handle your short hair with care since it is prone to damage when wet.

The best option is the wide-tooth comb that gently separates your short hair strands. 

3. Choosing The Correct Dryer Settings 

It’s time to get your Revlon hair dryer and set the ideal settings based on your hair type. Since we are working on short hair, it is best to use the high setting 2 for coarse hair, and the low setting for softer strands. 

4. Sectioning, Drying, And Styling 

Partition your short hair into manageable sections, and clip the upper layers so that you leave the bottom layer exposed. Next, use your Revlon hair brush to brush through the bottom layer. Curl it inwards and over the hair strands to create an outward wave. 

To add volume to the hair roots, use the low heat and speed setting. When you’re on this setting, you’ll have to hold the Revlon brush longer or brush from underneath.

Pro Tip: you can use dry shampoo to lift and add volume at the roots effectively.

Pro Tip: you can use dry shampoo to lift and add volume at the roots effectively.

If you want to add a glossy effect to your short hair, set the Revlon hair dryer brush to a higher heat setting and slowly brush the hair strand ends or hold it for a few seconds. 

5. Repeat 

Repeat the ‘sectioning, drying, and styling‘ process to the other hair partitions. Remember, always use a lower heat setting when brushing at the roots. You can turn up the heat it as you brush towards the ends. 

6. Cleaning 

After using the Revlon brush to add volume to your short hair and a glossy shine effect, remove all hair strands and let it cool. Use a small brush or a toothbrush to remove each strand effectively. Also, ensure that the brush bristles are free as you store them in a cool and dry place.

Every couple of weeks, you should fully clean the brush.

Avoid wrapping the cord around the brush, as most people do with most appliances. 

Is It Ideal for Other Hair Types? 

One of the fantastic properties of the Revlon hair brush is its flexibility which makes it ideal for other hair types too. It is the perfect tool to add volume to long, medium, and curly hair.

However, it is a bit tricky to use the brush on curly hair compared to straight hair.

These processes require extra precaution since the curly hair might get puffed up or frizzy


The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush is a great new tool to style your hair, and it can work great even for those with short hair. Our guide above should give you everything you need to know to get started.

If you are new to hair styling procedures, it’s a great idea to ask your hairstylist for some tips before you start using the Revlon hair dryer brush. This will help you avoid damaging your short tresses with the wrong heat settings.

However, if you are already used to styling your hair, using the brush should prove easy and straightforward. 

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