I Hate My Curly Hair! What Should I Do About It?

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If your hair is coarse and curly, among the most significant issues you have probably encountered is getting frizzy curls after you straighten your hair. This is probably the most frustrating thing, especially after finishing the hair care procedure! You certainly do not expect to see the hair begin curling upwards at such a time. 

You may feel I hate my curly hair!

Though you might be worried, this is nothing new. Other people also have issues with hair straighteners.

In this article, we highlight some of the steps you could take to make sure your hair stays straight. Follow along, and you will not have to worry about curls appearing during your night out!


Lock Moisture in Using a Conditioner

It is common for curly hair to be dryer than straight hair, and there is a good reason for this. The laws of physics do not allow natural oils to travel up curls as easily as they would with straight hair. This means that you will need to offer it some degree of help. 

The secret to avoiding frizz is moisturizing. Therefore, you should bear this in mind while straightening. In addition, as you shower, use a conditioner and shampoo that is made particularly for your curly hair type. 

Remember, frizz results from humidity. And for that reason, humidity is among the things you need to shield your hair from. However, if you want to lower your conditioning, try treating the hair using a deep conditioner. 

Remember, frizz results from humidity.

The conditioner will help to enhance the moisture-locking capability, taking it further than a regular conditioner would. Remember that as you use deep conditioners, you will need to apply the conditioner to the hair and allow it to sit there for approximately eight minutes. 

Deep Conditioning the Hair

If your hair has a thick texture or is really curly, the best thing might be deep conditioning it. Through deep conditioning, you help your hair lock in extra moisture than ordinary conditioning.

This can help prevent the hair from curling in humid conditions. 

  • For deep conditioning of your hair, apply a deep conditioner to the hair and allow it to remain there for five to ten minutes per your manufacturer’s directions. As you wait for this duration to elapse, you could be engaging in other activities in the shower, like washing or shaving your face. If washing only the hair, use a plastic cap to cover the hair and continue with your routine until the duration is over.
  • You could also warm the conditioner slightly before using it. This can help with better absorption of moisture by the hair. You can heat your conditioner by placing the bottle inside a warm water bowl and letting it stay for approximately ten minutes. 

Use a Towel To Dry Excess Water From Your Wet Hair

Avoid tangling the cuticle of your hair while towel-drying your hair. The cuticles have many ridges. As you rub the hair using a towel, it raises your hair cuticle edges, thereby frizzing the hair that sticks out in strange ways.

Instead, squeeze and press the hair in place of rubbing to allow the towel to absorb the water. See What Does Towel-Dried Hair Mean for an explainer.

  • Use microfiber towels or old t-shirts for excess water absorption.
  • You can use your hands to squeeze as much water as possible out first. 

Try a Serum

An anti-frizz serum can be an ideal product to lock moisture in when applying it to damp hair. Furthermore, the oil coats the hair, forming a protective shield between humid air and your hair. This will ultimately discourage flyaways. 

Keratin treatments can be helpful here, too!

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There is a wide variety of serum types available, though it is always recommendable to choose one containing Argan oil.

Note that your hair will better absorb natural oils than artificial ones. 

Maintain Your Hair Dry

To reduce frizz, it is highly advisable to let the hair air dry for some time following your shower. It would be best if you did not go straight for your blow dryer after showering.

Letting your hair dry naturally maintains it in place. On the other hand, the blow dryer will cause it to frizz out, particularly if you don’t use a diffuser

Additionally, remember that it could give your hair a puffy look that is not exactly what you desire. You should therefore allow it to naturally dry for some time before using your blow dryer. 

How To Prevent Your Hair Bottom From Curling

Though curly ends may introduce a fun aspect to your hairstyle, they could ruin an otherwise sleek look. For this reason, we have compiled some top tips to stop the bottom of the hair from curling. 

1. Use Straightening Treatments

Straightening treatments could be all you require to maintain your hair ends pin-straight. The treatments can offer short-term or long-term solutions according to your preferences. The available straightening treatments include:

2. Trim Your Hair

Damage influences the behavior of your hair ends. Trimming removes the damaged ends, helping the strands fall more positively. They also maintain the remaining part of the hair healthy, preventing the problem of later popping up. 

3. Style it Differently

There is a high probability of curly ends occurring and becoming more noticeable on straight, loose hair. Styles such as ponytails, twists, and braids hold the strands together as a denser group. This has the effect of reducing the probability of them getting curly. 

4. Keep the Hair off Your Shoulders

When your hair ends rub on your shoulders, the outcome can be the development of curls or waves. Pulling the hair up and further from the shoulders helps prevent the ends from curling. 

5. Use Humidity and Frizz Blocking Products

If the hair ends curl due to reversion, humidity and anti-frizz products can help block the moisture causing the texture change. A majority of frizz-blocking serums and sprays create a moisture-blocking effect using silicones. Therefore, ensure you use monthly clarifying treatments to tackle accumulation.

Conclusion: I Hate My Curly Hair No More!

Despite your hair type, humid conditions could lead to the hair frizzing and curling. Therefore, it is essential that you begin by ensuring the hair is well-moisturized, like by use of anti-frizz serum or deep conditioner.

You can then employ special drying techniques for your hair for complete drying and sealing the cuticle. Other alternatives ensure the hair remains frizz-free and straight if the methods fail. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).