Long Hair With Side Bangs: 30 Inspiring ‘Dos!

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Side bangs and side parts had fallen out of favor for a while. In the meantime, middle parts and center-parted curtain bangs rocked everyone’s newsfeeds as the way to wear your hair, especially if it’s long. 

This is all fine and well if you have a round face and don’t have an over prominent brow you want to minimize. Or maybe you just don’t look great with a center part – because let’s face it, not everyone does.

The good news is that side bangs are back, baby! We’re not even sure why they left in the first place!

Side bangs suit just about everyone. They are face-slimming and have a sexy, sultry vibe you just can’t get with middle-parted bangs.

We’ve put together 30 of our favorite long hair with side bangs hairstyles you are going to love that will have you trading in your middle part for side bangs at your next salon visit.


Long Hair With Side Bangs

Side bangs suit just about everyone. They are face-slimming and have a sexy, sultry vibe you just can’t get with middle-parted bangs.

We’ve put together 30 of our favorite long hair with side bangs you are going to love that will have you trading in your middle part for side bangs at your next salon visit.

1. Long Side Swept Bangs And Long Layers

This is a classic look and a big part of the reason we all loved side bangs before someone decided that a middle part was the “in” thing.

Trends will inevitably change, but this is a look that will never go out of style.

Side-parted long bangs add more volume, while long layers create movement and fullness in straight hair.

Credit: Instagram / vlasova_elena_guru

2. Short Side Bangs With Straight Hair 

Prefer the sleeker look of a straight, blunt cut? A lob with short side bangs accentuates cheekbones while giving you more forehead coverage than center-parted bangs.

Side bangs also tend to look and feel lighter than blunt bangs or fringe.

Credit: Instagram / bagriyaleksandr

3. Sweeping Side Bangs And Layers

The sweeping layers and side bangs of this cut add loads of volume and movement. If your hair is layered, your bangs should follow suit.

Your bangs should vary as much in length to your layers as the layers do to each other.

Perfect for rounder face shapes, long sweeping layers and side-parted bangs create longer lines and the illusion of a slimmer face shape.

Perfect for rounder face shapes, long sweeping layers and side-parted bangs create longer lines and the illusion of a slimmer face shape.

Credit: Instagram / victorval

4. Sexy Red Side Bangs With Long, Thick Hair

There’s no way center-parted bangs could achieve this level of sexy! If you are looking for a style that will turn heads, a deep, intense red with sultry, long, layered side bangs is the way to go. 

Credit: Instagram / ashleenormanhair

5. Curtain Bangs With Staggered Side Part 

Incorporating a staggered side part is a great way to amp up the volume when it comes to bangs. Rather than just the front of the hair being pushed to the side, a staggered part goes further back.

Hair at the top of the head is also being swept over to create more fullness, which is fantastic if you don’t have really thick hair.

Curtain bangs allow your bangs to seamlessly blend into the rest of the hair, creating a beautiful face-framing feature.

Credit: Instagram / victorval

6. Staggered Side Part with Faux Bangs

This is another great example of how a staggered side part can create more volume in finer hair textures. This cut features longer layers at the front.

The deep, staggered side part flips those shorter layers over to create an illusion of bangs without actually cutting bangs into your hair if you want to leave yourself open to the option of styling it differently.

Credit: Instagram / singi.vo

7.  Sweeping Faux Side Bangs With An Up Do

Not ready to commit to bangs, but don’t want to go forehead-bare when you put up your hair? You can create faux side bangs by leaving a section of hair out of your updo.

Just sweep it across your forehead and use a few strategically placed bobby pins to secure the ends.

Credit: Instagram / sainasarafian

8. Side Part with Layered Coily Hair

Beautifully defined layered coils give depth, definition, and volume by getting rid of excess bulk, so those perfectly-formed coils bounce back to make an effortless, lighter-than-air look that flawlessly frames the face.

The side part gives the cut a bit of interest and asymmetry so it doesn’t look too round.

Credit: Instagram / curlyhairdaze

9. Pretty in Pink

Side bangs cut to blend seamlessly into layers make for a flowing, feminine shape by keeping the shortest lengths around the jawline, rather than the brow.

The dusty rose color makes this style even more feminine. Wow.

Credit: Instagram / guy_tang

10. Side Bang Glam

If your hair is this luscious and thick, you can style it with a side part and a few choice hair products to create a side bang effect without actually cutting bangs.

It is going to require some styling time and probably some rollers, but the extra time spent is worth the effort to look like this!

Credit: Instagram / hairbyruslan

11. Shag With Long Side Bangs 

The shag cut is all the rage at the moment. And while traditionally paired with full or center-parted bangs, adding side-parted bangs updates a current trend even more. 

Credit: Instagram / joeltorresstyle

12. Messy Side Bangs 

With the shag, wolf cut, and mullet all having their spot in the limelight as of late, this is one of those hairstyles that combines all of these current trends into one cut! And it’s taken a step further to include side bangs.

Credit: Instagram / joeltorresstyle

13. Short Curtain Bangs With Long Wavy Hair

Got good cheekbones? Own them!

Taking the edge off a blunt fringe, and the blah out of center-parted curtain bangs, short side curtain bangs soften features while highlighting cheekbones.

Credit: Instagram / iuliantimisica

14. Short Side Bangs 

Having long bangs will require extra styling time. The shorter they are, the more time you’ll save! These shorter side-swept bangs give you forehead coverage, but don’t get all in your face.

Credit: Instagram / be_ngoan84

15. Long Choppy Cut With Long Side Bangs

Texture is fine hair’s best friend. Choppy layers will give you more volume.

Long side bangs give you a little edge and mystery, so you’re not laying all your cards on the table.

Credit: Instagram / victorval

16. Long Wavy Hair With Wavy Side Bangs

Credit: Instagram / ashleenormanhair

17. Vintage Glam

Long hair with barrel curls and dramatic bangs that swoop to the side give this cut a vintage feel that screams old Hollywood.

Credit: Instagram / hairbyruslan

18. Long Brushed Over Side Bangs For Fine Hair

Long side bangs can add more volume to fine hair if styled right.

To get a lift at the roots of your bangs, dry them towards the opposite side to where you wear them, then brush them over. 

Credit: Instagram / rachelwstylist

19. Side Parted Curtain Bangs For Long Curly Hair

A center part for curly curtain bangs tends to make for a more lightweight look. But side-parted curtain bangs add volume while adding an allure of mystique.

If you are planning to go for the side part, you need to leave a fair bit of length to ensure your bangs blend in with the rest of the hair.

Credit: Instagram / sukhmanikhokhar

20. Long Hair With Side Bangs & Holographic Highlights

What better way to show off your new side bangs with amazing highlights? Unlike one-color highlights, holographic highlights are multidimensional and add a serious ‘wow’ factor to your tresses.

Credit: Instagram / guy_tang

21. Side Curtain Bangs For Long Straight Hair

Curtain bangs don’t even have to look like bangs at all. 

If you are not big on the whole idea of bangs, but prefer a side part (and being able to see out of both eyes!), well cut curtain bangs can seamlessly blend the bangs into the hair without even looking like bangs. 

Credit: Instagram / hair_salon_by_hadis

22. Wispy Bangs

Cutting in a few long wispy side bangs is great for having just a little something there to break up a prominent forehead.

Credit: Instagram / vstudiobyvolkan

23. Butterfly Side Bangs

Swooshing, flippy “butterfly bangs” give off a Charlie’s Angels kind of retro vibe. 

Credit: Instagram / bellanothingelse

24. Wide Curtain Bangs 

If you have medium to thick hair, don’t be afraid to cut your curtain bangs a little wider. You’ll get the same graduated bangs with the added bonus of your hair not always being in your face.

Credit: Instagram /  nunziosavianosalon

25. Side Bangs With A Shag

Okay so this is just a regular shag with choppy bangs, but for a different look, use some styling product and direct them to one side and you’ve got side bangs!

Credit: Instagram / hirohair

26. Lob With Side Swept Bangs 

Sweeping side bangs add flair to this lob that will look good on just about any face shape. Using volumizing mousse and blow drying bangs in an upward direction will give your bangs maximum lift.

Credit: Instagram / alisonallvess

27. Lob With Side Swept Bangs 

Have blunt bangs and contemplating side bangs?  Just sweep them over to one side and use a little setting spray, and voila!

Credit: Instagram / colourandlashprof

28.Choppy Side Bangs 

A heavily layered cut on thick hair calls for equally layered and choppy bangs that will not work as well with finer hair textures. Use a bit of texturizing product at the root to give it a little lift. 

Credit: Instagram / victorkeyrouz

29. Razored edge 

These side swept bangs blend well into the razored front edge of this hair style, drawing the eye down, making it not only face-framing, but face-slimming.

Credit: Instagram / hairbyac_alcorn

30. Angled Side Bangs

If you are currently sporting middle parted curtain bangs, you can try sweeping them over and across for a more dramatic effect. 

It’s going to require a little styling product and finishing spray to keep them there, but it’s a great way to see if you want side bangs before you commit to the chop.

Credit: Instagram / romeufelipe

Written by Kayla Young

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