Shag Haircuts with Bangs: 20 Cuts for Inspiration!

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First appearing in the 70s, the shag haircut was created by hairstylist Paul McGregor for Jane Fonda in the movie Klute. It became a wildly popular hairstyle at the time for both men and women.

The Shag is back! And though it still has its signature features, it has evolved to a much more loose interpretation of the original (thankfully!).

It’s easy to understand the appeal of the shag resurgence. There is a shag style out there for almost every hair type and texture and can be adapted to any length. Its slightly unkempt and effortlessly cool vibe appeals to a wide range of people, not to mention its low-maintenance and pretty easy styling.

In this article, we’ll look at 20 Shag Haircuts with Bangs to give you loads of cool inspiration.


Shag Haircuts with Bangs

A shag haircut is characterized by lots of layers and texture, with more volume around the crown and thinning out around the edges and throughout the ends. Traditionally a shag haircut also includes center-parted bangs. But the modern-day shag has evolved to include different bang and style adaptations.

Regardless of the adaptations, a good shag cut should carve weight in the right places, giving fine hair more volume, making thick hair more manageable, and curly hair softer.

The more contemporary shag varies in the amount of layers and finishes for the edges. Every hair thickness and length has its ideal shag.

The modern shag no longer screams 80s hair band, but runs the gamut from tomboyish to sultry and 70s retro beach babe to rocker chick and a whole lot more in between, hence its current popularity – there really is a shag out there for everyone.

#1. Wavy Shag with Bangs

Ideal for thinner hair, this multi-layered shag with the added waves from a large barrel curling iron, paired with a brow-length fringe is a sassy and fun style.

The addition of soft highlights adds even more dimension, giving thin hair volume.

Credit: Instagram / marinadoes_hair

#2. Long layered Shag with Curtain Bangs

The long face-framing curtain bangs highlight cheekbones, paired with the long layered shag give this cut a sultry look. This cut is perfect for those with thicker hair looking to lighten the load a bit.

The long layers focus the weight and bulk of the hair at the crown and around the lower portion of the face to beautifully accentuate bone structure.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair 

#3. The Mullet Shag

Who’d have thought mullets would be in again. Surprise! Far from the trailer park mullet of the 70s & 80s, the short choppy layers and bold color give this mullet an edgy, modern vibe.

Credit: Instagram / katiepdxhair

#4. Shag with Blunt Bangs

A medium-length shag with blunt bangs is optimal for thin hair if you want to wear your hair tousled and care-free.

The blunt, unlayered bangs ensure you’re not losing volume up top, while the longer, wispy layers give an almost ethereal look.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair 

#5. The Pixie Mullet Shag

This is a great example of a more modern, adapted version of the classic shag. It incorporates aspects of different cuts like the pixie cut, while maintaining the classic shag characteristics of layers, more volume at the crown and ends thinning out.

Credit: Instagram / briannehumphreyshair

#6. Sculpted Shag for Thick Hair

Who’d have thought having thick hair could be a problem?! Sometimes long, thick hair can look lifeless and weighed down. A shag cut like this one that tapers the layers down to thinner ends will get rid of excess weight, allowing more volume in all the right places.

Coupled with just-below-brow-length bangs, it perfectly frames the face. Though this style would look good on pretty much anyone with thick hair, it’s an especially good cut if you have a prominent brow that you want to minimize.

This cut also is great for oblong, or oval slim face shapes as the volume tapering down and full bangs will shorten longer faces, giving them a bit more fullness.

Credit: Instagram / deeprootsatx

#7. Short Shag for Thin Hair

Shag cuts aren’t reserved for only those with long hair. They can look great on short hair, too! A shorter shag is better for thinner hair, as the different lengths add more volume. Due to its casual look, a short shag requires very little styling.

Credit: Instagram / classiclois_hairstylist

#8. Shag with Blunt Bangs and Color

A shag cut with soft waves and an added peekaboo color is a great way to liven up your look. And while a splash of bright non-traditional color will have you turning heads, the blunt bangs will make sure that all the attention is focused on your eyes.

Credit: Instagram / davidwbullen

#9. Black Shoulder-Length Shag with Bangs

With a shoulder-length shag and layered bangs, paired with black hair, you can’t help making a Joan Jett comparison.

You can rock this super easy-to-wear a Wolf-style shag by just adding a little gel, scrunching, and allowing it to air dry.

Credit: Instagram / _hairbymaddi

#10. Shag For Women Over 40

This is a bit more of a refined version of the shag. Longer layers and a smoother overall look makes this cut perfect for the more mature, professional woman.

And while the college students can get away with that “just got out of bed” look, there comes a point in your life where that’s not the image you want to be giving off.

This is a great cut that you don’t have to be over 40 to wear. This cut is for anyone who is looking to strike the perfect balance by having just enough rebel to channel your inner wild child, while still maintaining a more put-together look.

Credit: Instagram / susanfordhair

#11. 80s Inspired Shag

This retro-inspired shag takes full advantage of long hair with choppy layers of different lengths to capitalize on thick hair and create the volume and fullness that made the 80s the decade of big hair.

Credit: Instagram / ernestomeneses

#12. Red Razored Shag

A shag haircut is a great alternative from the traditional bob, when you want to have a little fun and give your look a bit of an edge.

Credit: Instagram / deeprootsatx

#13. Straight Shag with Graduated Bangs

The razor-cut technique is the best way to emphasize the shaggy straight layers and wispy edges that graze the shoulders.

The face is perfectly framed by long bangs that gradually blend into the sides.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

#14. Straight & Wavy Shag

For thin hair, you’ll want to add a little extra volume. This is easily achieved by wrapping the midsections of hair with a 1 ½ barrel curling iron, leaving the top and ends uncurled. Finish with a styling spritz and you’re ready to go.

Credit: Instagram / nadia.cutshair

#15. Stacked Shaggy Bob with Blunt Bangs

A shaggy stacked bob is ideal for round face shapes. The sharp angles of this cut elongate the face. Give your shaggy bob even more oomph by adding an ombre effect.

Credit: Instagram / judeviola

#16.  Short Layered Choppy Shag

This ultra-casual short layered choppy shag is both boyish and bold. But the sweeping fringe and ends soften it up to give it a feminine touch.

Credit: Instagram / lcs.hairdesign

#17. Bold Colored Flippy Shag

A shag hairstyle is a perfect cut to experiment with color. There are not a lot of haircuts that can pull off color this bold, but it’s almost as if the edgy shag is daring you to accentuate it with color.

This outward flippy style makes it look like the curtains are being pulled back for the ultimate unveiling, perfectly framing the face.

Credit: Instagram / tyler_the_hairstylist

#18. Thick Red Shag with Feathered Curtain Bangs

Whether you were born with it, or you’ve embraced red hair as your own, it’s a beautiful color option for those with thick hair and a fair complexion.

Natural reds and strawberry blonde and auburn colors make shaggy haircuts with feathered curtain bangs soft, but sexy.

Credit: Instagram / davidwbullen

#19. Thick & Curly Shag

When it comes to styling, thick and layered curly hair can be extremely trying. But if your hair happens to have both, getting a medium-length shag with bangs is one of the most hassle-free styles.

Credit: Instagram / joannatruminohair

#20. Thick Blonde Shag

Adding long shaggy curtain bangs to complement long, short, and mid-length layers in thick, slightly wavy blonde hair gives this fluffy style a truly raw and untamed look. Heavily layered cuts, like the shag, and long curtain bangs go together like rock and roll.

Credit: Instagram / rachelwstylist

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).