20 Long Pixie Cuts for Inspiration!

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Right now, short is the new long. And if you want to talk short, it doesn’t get much shorter than a pixie! But a pixie is a pretty extreme haircut and it might not be the best cut for everyone.

If you want to rock a pixie – you really have to own it to make it work because there’s no hair to hide behind! The idea of going so short can be a very daunting prospect, especially if you are used to having longer hair.

Enter the Long Pixie Cut!

Long Pixie Cuts!

It’s no wonder that long pixie cuts are all the rage at the moment. A long pixie is a short layered haircut that can range in length from just over the ear to brushing the shoulders.

Unlike the traditional pixie, a long pixie cut is not only a bit longer, but also tends to leave a bit more length at the top and front.

Despite it being a short cut, the long pixie’s longer layers allow you to style it in different ways to achieve different looks. And it’s a necessary way to grow out a short pixie!

So whether you want to go for a more casual look, an edgy vibe, or a sleek and sophisticated style, the long pixie cut’s got you covered.

Credit: Instagram / todchukstudio
Credit: Instagram / todchukstudio

A Note on Styling

Now if you are entertaining the idea of getting a long pixie, just know that it will require styling and regular maintenance to keep it looking good. A long pixie is one of those cuts that tends to lose its shape more quickly than other styles.

So be prepared to set aside time for styling and for regular salon visits every 4-6 weeks.

We’ve put together 20 long pixie cuts that will inspire you to book your next hair appointment.

#1. Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Short, layered styles like the long pixie are great for adding volume to finer hair. Long wispy curtain bangs are face slimming and soften the look.

Credit: Instagram / jeanclaudeelmoughayar

#2. Pixie With Long Asymmetrical Bangs

With short sides and back, this cut is perfect if you want the easy styling of a regular pixie but just a little more length in the front. Not everyone looks great in baby bangs!

Wispy asymmetrical bangs give you a little forehead coverage while creating an elegant and classy look.

Credit: Instagram / mitocadoryyo

#3. Long Pixie Shag

This long pixie incorporates the essential shag elements of lots of choppy layers and full bangs with volume concentrated at the crown, but in a much shorter length.

This is one of the few long pixie cuts that doesn’t require too much maintenance or reshaping, if you are trying to grow it out.

Credit: Instagram / bricia.g_artistry

#4. Long Pixie Short Shag

This long pixie combines a shorter length at the back with longer shag layers on top and at the front.

The choppy layers make for a casual, slightly edgy style, while the neatly tapered back still maintains a bit of sophistication.

Credit: Instagram / rachelwstylist

#4. Long Pixie Cut For Thick Straight Hair

A deep side part and long bangs that sweep across the front and over the top give this cut fullness, while the stacked back keeps the hair at the back of the neck short and the volume concentrated at the crown.

The pewter lowlights and platinum highlights are a stunning touch.

Credit: Instagram / henniegebhardt

#5. Long Pixie with Shaggy Bangs

If you have fine hair, but a lot of it, long, shaggy layered bangs will add volume to dense, fine hair. Cute, face-framing side wedges that just graze the top of the cheekbones to draw attention to the eyes.

Credit: Instagram / anaafavaron

#6. Pixie Mullet

This is another take on the long pixie, but instead of the front being longer, this version is more like a pixie mullet. It’s an edgy and stylish option if you think you can pull it off.

A short fringe is paired with lots of layers that graduate to about shoulder length in the back. Jaw grazing tendrils are styled in front of the ear.

This is a great style for those with thin hair.

Credit: Instagram /salsalhair

#7. Face Slimming Long Pixie Cut

This long pixie combines the finely chopped layers of a traditional pixie cut with sides that follow the jawline. The back is a little longer. The off-center parted “floating” bangs, with a little help from some texturizing paste, perfectly frame the face.

This cut balances and elongates heart-shaped faces that tend to be wider at the temples. This is also a great cut if you like to accessorize with earrings!

Credit: Instagram / alexei.fedorko

#8. Punked Out Pixie

Short sides and back paired with longer layers on top make for a surprisingly versatile hairstyle that can be punked out, as seen here with a daring color (and a whole lot of texturizing paste), styled casually or sleek and sophisticated when the need arises.

Credit: Instagram / alineh_a

#9. Long Pixie For Women over 50

As we age, hair tends to get not only finer, but thinner. Long, choppy layers give fine hair lots of texture and the appearance of more volume. Longer layers are also better at concealing the scalp if your hair is super thin.

Piecey, forward-styled layers and side-swept bangs add movement and dimension to fine hair. It’s a fantastic cut even if your hair is not thinning, but be prepared to invest in styling products to maintain this look.

Credit: Instagram / todchukstudio

#10. Super Cute Long Pixie

Straight hair looks great in this side-parted super cute style that can work with any hair thickness. If you have very fine hair, a texturizing spray applied at the roots can give you more volume.

Credit: Instagram / oana.rst

#11. Inverted Long Pixie With Undercut

This inverted long pixie with an undercut at the nape has side face-framing longer pieces styled in front of the ear.

It’s a great choice for those who love volume in the crown area and a bit of length around the face, but prefer getting their hair off the back of the neck.

The undercut removes the excess bulk of really thick hair.

Credit: Instagram / shmoakin_hair

#12. Long Curly Pixie Bob

If you have curly hair, try incorporating longer layers. They’ll add volume, movement, and texture to your cut. Curly hair can create a whole host of dynamic, beautifully textured long pixie styles that will have your curls perking up and being gorgeously defined.

Just remember: curls will bounce back a lot shorter when cut, so make sure you choose a stylist that has experience cutting curly hair so you don’t end up with a shorter cut than you planned.

Credit: Instagram / jacquelynmarieh

#13. Asymmetrical Long Pixie

This chic and sophisticated asymmetrical long pixie cut goes from short on one side down to the jaw line on the other.

The deep side part and side-swept bangs create a dramatic effect.

Credit: Instagram /frankiebridge

#14. Textured Long Pixie

A mixture of long and short, finely textured layers makes this a striking style. Just be warned, this cut is going to require styling and product.

That said, it’s totally worth the little extra effort to achieve this look.

Credit: Instagram / alexei.fedorko

#15. Side Parted Long Pixie

This long pixie works as well with thick hair as it does with fine textures. Just sweep bangs to the side and hold them in place with some finishing spray. Short, stacked layers at the back build volume at the crown.

Add even more volume to finer hair by blow-drying with a round barrel brush and using your favorite texturizing spray on the roots.

Credit: Instagram / shawnifronk

#16. Long Pixie With Loose Waves

Loose waves make this inverted long pixie bob even better. Shorter layers at the back become gradually longer toward the front.

A deep side part and shaved nape bring interesting elements to make this long pixie a serious style statement.

Credit: Instagram / anapembertonhair

#17. Long Sweeping Layered Pixie Cut

Long sweeping layers put a soft, contemporary spin on this longer version of the pixie cut.

Credit: Instagram / wyld_with_ashley

#18. Long Razored Pixie Cut

A striking color contrast between the black underlights and platinum color will turn heads. Choppy layers will make sure the underlights are not too hidden. Add some wispy bangs and you’ve got a long pixie style that’s ready to rock.

Credit: Instagram / manegirlkate 

#19.  Edgy Long Pixie Cut

Looking to put an edgy vibe to your style? Underlights in different colors under a messy, choppy long pixie cut lets everyone know you’re not one to go with the flow.

Credit: Instagram / soraverly

#20. Long Stacked Pixie

The long stacked pixie is all about volume. This particular cut has a full fringe, but works equally well with curtain bangs.

The chunky layers of this cut are perfect for showing off peekaboo highlights.

Credit: Instagram / headrushdesigns

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