15 Female Punk Hairstyles. Style and Attitude!

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Punk will never die. The fact that punk hairstyles are in again is a testament to that. The present-day punk is more about self-expression and the challenging of societal norms, rather than its outright defiance.

Punk hairstyles have the reputation of being a bit over the top. There’s a fine line separating style from a poor life choice. So we’ve put together this list of 15 fantastic updated female punk hairstyles. These let you express your individuality and range from the bold and brazen to the somewhat understated — all of which we’re obsessed with.


Female Punk Hairstyles

Contemporary punk hairstyles still live on the outer edges of the mainstream. But, unlike the punk movement of the 70s, it’s not so much about the obscene vulgarity that was meant to shock and offend the masses, but more about pushing personal boundaries.

This makes the more modern punk hairstyles not just restricted to those going through adolescent angst, but suitable for a much wider age range.

#1. Mohawk

The original punk-inspired Mohawk is a severe, stiffly spiked style that screams anti-establishment. Often sporting a bright color, the classic Mohawk is punk personified. This is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There’s no hiding behind your hair with a mohawk which is why they are most often best suited for those with an oval face shape. And hey, if you can rock a mohawk – you go girl!

Credit: Instagram / alexthesouleater

#2. Short Burgundy Shag

Everything about this short shag hairstyle is tousled and unkempt. A pop of intense, rich color lets everyone know you are not one to go with the flow. You can take your look a step further by adding a black choker, black eyeliner, and lots of safety pins.

Credit: Instagram / elevatehair

3. Jagged Little Crop

Personifying the messy chaos of the punk culture, this short razored, stacked bob is all about jagged edges, rather than clean lines.

Though many might think you’d need to gravitate towards bright colors for a punk hairstyle, bleached platinum strands make an equally intense impact.

Credit: Instagram / luigi_monte

4. Edgy Undercut

Let out your inner wild child with this side-parted bob and edgy undercut. The undercut goes to just above the temple. Depending on how much hair you have and how thick it is, will depend if the undercut goes partially or all the way around.

Make sure you speak to your stylist about what is best for your hair density. 

Credit: Instagram /  heatheraustrie

#5. Punked Out Purple

This side-parted, asymmetrical cut is a bold choice.  Long sweeping layers give it a feminine touch. But its tousled, choppy layers and purple color make this style more punk than demure.

Credit: Instagram / katierosehair

#6. Punk Mullet

Who’d have thought mullets would be in again? They’ve been popping up in all of the latest hairstyle trends, and the punk arena is no exception. Far from the trailer park mullet of the 70s & 80s, the short choppy layers and bold color give this mullet an updated, edgy, punk vibe.

Credit: Instagram /  katiepdxhair

#7. Green Pixie

Punk rock hairstyles are known for their bold colors as much as for their spiky accents. Here, a pixie’s gone punk with a vivid turquoise, which wouldn’t look nearly as edgy in brown or blonde.

Credit: Instagram / elevatehair

#8. Green Bowl Banged Bob

Blunt bangs are taken allll the way back with a side buzz cut. The color and buzz cut makes this otherwise run-of-the-mill bob something worthy of sitting up to take notice of.

Credit: Instagram / katierosehair

#9. Punk Pouf

What do you get when you combine a pompadour, a quiff, and a whole lot of texturizing spray? Well… this! Short sides and back paired with longer layers on top make for a surprisingly versatile hairstyle that can be punked out, as seen here with some daring colors, styled casually or even sleek and sophisticated when the need arises. 

Hair chalk is perfect for those one-off occasions where you want to go crazy with color. It only lasts until you wash it out and you can get bright, vivid colors on even dark hair without having to bleach it!

Credit: Instagram / alineh_a

#10. The Quiff With An Undercut

The quiff is a super popular androgynous hairstyle because just about anyone can wear it. Better for thicker hair, it’s styled up and back with lots of volume.

The undercut buzzed sides give the quiff a much edgier look, almost like a really thick mohawk.

Credit: Instagram /  hair_by_marlo

#11. Long Pixie in Neon Red

Another example of how bold color can put the punk into just about any hairstyle. Lots of fine choppy layers and micro bangs make this a perfect cut for finer hair. A little texturizing spray will give finer hair a bit of volume.

Credit: Instagram / thewidowspeakparlor

#12. Blue Pixie

Short hairstyles are great if you want to experiment with color. A short choppy layered haircut is a great way to do that. While having long bright blue hair that goes halfway down your back maybe a little bit over the top for everyday wear, you can actually get away with bright colors if you have short hair. It makes a statement without it being too overwhelming.

In this case, less is definitely more!

Credit: Instagram / emilyandersonstyling

#13. Pink Is The New Punk

Pink is a shapeshifter. There’s no other color that says feminine, romantic, and sweet like pink. At the same time, pink is definitely punk! If you are looking to leave no question as to what side of pink you embody, a disconnected choppy bob with a deep side part and a contrasting undercut will leave nothing up for debate.

Credit: Instagram /  educesalon

#14. Short Black With Long Blonde

This super edgy hairstyle pairs a black, short, layered pixie with contrasting, long, blonde tendrils for a look that’s anything but mainstream.

Credit: Instagram / elevatehair

#15. Graduated Buzzcut Mohawk

When it comes to choosing your punk hairstyle, incorporating different aspects of different cuts can produce amazing results.

There’s so much going on here, but it all works. First of all blue – love it! It has layers going from shorter in the back to longer in the front and styled forward. Styling the long layers softly, rather than stiff and spikey gives it a whole different look.

Add that to a graduated buzz cut sides and throw in a dramatic, shaved, curved line, and you’ve got a look that is all drama, edgy, and oh so punk, but soft at the same time.

Credit: Instagram / pink_nouveau  

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).