No Pinky Toenail: What’s The Deal?

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Things in life don’t necessarily go as planned! Which is the case for those with no pinky toenail. Yeah, it’s unusual, but it’s not that uncommon. 

  • This condition can make us feel embarrassed.
  • Some simply wear socks all the time to cover it up. 
  • There are several proven ways that will help you get over this and boost your confidence. 

The no pinky toenail situation is an area that isn’t discussed in-depth, and this review focuses on the following key areas: 

  • Why some people have no pinky toenail 
  • Facts about missing toenails
  • How to deal with a missing pinky nail 


Why There’s No Pinky Toenail

If you have no toenail on your pinky toe, or any other toe, you may feel awkward. It can be stressful to many, especially those born with the condition or unaware of what caused it.

The first step towards accepting and seeking such situations is to know what brought about the disorder.

Several other factors that cause a pinky toenail to fall off include: 

1. Injuries 

It is possible for specific sporting activities and accidents to cause one’s toenails to fall off. Take, for instance, something heavy dropping on the pink toe. The immediate effect is a black or purple clot under the toenail, a condition where blood collects under the injured surface. 

Blood then tends to build up under the nail separating the nail from its bed, and after several weeks, the toe falls off. However, this condition is not severe since there are higher chances of growing another toenail. 

2. Fungus 

This is one of the common causes of the no pinky toenail condition where the fungi grow between the nail and the bed, making it fall off. Some noticeable signs of the fungal effect are unusual toenail shape, foul smell, thicker nails, white or yellowish discoloration on the nail, and dry nails.

Some noticeable signs of the fungal effect are unusual toenail shape, foul smell, thicker nails, white or yellowish discoloration on the nail, and dry nails. 

The situation can become severe if one suffers from an athlete’s foot. Some factors that accelerate the occurrence of such fungal infections are nails aging then cracking, and diabetes that causes poor air circulation to the foot. 

These infections are primarily mild and many try to deal with them using home remedies like apple cider vinegar. However, the more severe cases need a doctor’s intervention. 

3. Psoriasis 

This immune condition causes a buildup of skin cells and often appears on the skin. This condition can affect the toenails as well, though. Most of the time, this is not a big deal. However, excessive buildup of cells on the nail bed causes the pinky toenails to fall off.

Those with Psoriasis report the following signs; thickening, yellow or brown color, unusual toe shape, pitting, and chalky buildup on the region.

If you notice these signs, it is best to soak the feet in warm water to keep them moisturized. All the mentioned conditions are mild, and the pinky toenail will grow back after some time. 

Facts About No Pinky Toenail 

Many myths are circulating about this condition. This section focuses on facts regarding the no pinky toenail and how the situation affects one’s health and lifestyle.

It is essential to understand that this condition does not undermine your health. 

1. Requires Proper Care 

The typical sign of a pinky toenail coming out is its unusual shape. Depending on what caused the condition, it is your responsibility to maintain proper care, such as trimming the edges. You may run into an issue where your toenail doesn’t grow straight as it comes in.

These measures prevent further damage, such as getting entangled in fabric which can cause pain. Ensure that you use safe skin creams that won’t affect the delicate nail bed. 

2. Treat Discolored Toenail 

The immediate effect of a high-impact injury on the pinky is a discolored toenail. However, this could also be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Therefore, it is advisable to seek immediate attention once you notice the pale color to prevent the situation from progressing to an infection. 

3. Increased Risk Of Diseases 

Do not underestimate the effect of a no-pinky toenail if left unattended. First, the exposed sensitive nail bed is at risk of getting infected if exposed to dirt or debris. When it gets in contact with harmful substances, it mutates and becomes an infection.

Such infections need medical attention and are life-threatening if not treated on time. 

How To Deal With a Missing Pinky Toenail 

Once you’ve noticed your pinky toenail has fallen off, there are specific guidelines to follow to manage the situation before seeking medical attention. These tips include: 

  • If you notice part of the nail coming off, avoid removing the rest of it. Instead, you can use a nail file to smooth the sharp edges and let the remaining part come off on its own. 
  • Use your nail clippers to trim the section that has come off carefully. This is important as it prevents the detached toenail from hooking on the sock fabric, causing discomfort. 
  • After removing these sections and filing the remaining bit, use an antibiotic ointment to clean the area, then cover the area with a bandage. 
  • Next is to visit the nearest medical center to allow the medics to handle the situation accordingly. 

After careful examination and treatments, keep the toe free from dirt and infection until the nail fully grows.

Depending on what caused the situation, it takes about four to 18 months for the nail to regrow fully. , be patient during this period, and keep the sensitive region away from dirt. 

You Can Hide The Issue with a Press-On Toenail

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Those open-toe shoes you’ve been lusting after are back on the menu.

You just need to make sure that the toe will be able to accept the nail glue from the press-on nail.

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If you find that you have no pinky toenail, it most cases it will grow back over time. If you have sustained a toe injury or have significant nail fungus, you should certainly visit a doctor.

If you’re simply waiting for the nail to come in, you can cover it up with socks (but be gentle with it) or cover it with a press-on nail if necessary.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).