PMD Personal Microderm Pro Review

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Microdermabrasion is a powerful, effective procedure commonly performed in many spas and beauty clinics. It produces great results. However, not all have the budget nor the time to go for multiple sessions. For this reason, many have turned to at-home microdermabrasion treatments. One popular choice is the PMD Personal Microderm Pro At-Home gives people another option to getting microdermabrasion treatments.

PMD Personal Microderm Pro At-Home

With this handy device, microdermabrasion can be done at home at any time. Many people have tried and loved this at-home Microdermabrasion wand for a variety of reasons. we’ll cover those reasons, and look at whether the PMD is worth buying in this PMD Personal Microderm Pro Review.


PMD Personal Microderm Pro Review

PMD Personal Microderm Pro

To see why many people loved this product so much, we reviewed various aspects about the product including its appearance, the skin benefits it brings, the easy accessibility of the treatment, it’s aluminum oxide disc, calibrated vacuum suction, two-speed option, versatile use, easy assembly and cleanup, fair pricing, and the accessories or products you can use it with.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Patented Spinning Disc Technology
  • Vacuum suction
  • Two-speed settings
  • For face and body
  • Available in various colors

Dimensions and Specs

  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.6 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight : 14 oz

The Details

In this section you’ll be supplying the majority of the information in the review, hitting all the important aspects of the product.

But to get oriented, let’s first go over the basics of Microdermabrasion. Here’s a short video that explains the process.

Depending on the nature of the product, you might want to look at:

A Wand In Different Colors

One of the first things you’ll notice about the PMD Personal Microderm Pro At-Home is its attractive appearance. It is something you won’t be ashamed of using in front of your friends. It looks like a thick wand that you hold against your skin when in use.

This is mostly white in color with color accents on the handle and the caps and switch. There are many different accents colors available so you can enjoy using it in your favorite colors. There is even one that is full black in color for those who prefer a sleek and minimalist style.

Achieve Multiple Skin Benefits At Home

Microdermabrasion is a treatment procedure that brings multiple skin benefits. It is minimally invasive and will help remove the outer dead skin cells so it can be rejuvenated. That will result in an improvement in skin tone and texture. It will also help improve the appearance of other skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, age spots, sun damage, and many others.

Microdermabrasion can help improve the skin overall and it can also help in getting rid of blackheads. However, the results are not instant. As you get multiple treatments, you can see the gradual removal of the blackheads.

At first, the dead skin cells will be removed and so will the top parts of the blackheads Regular sessions can prevent further formation of the blackheads but can’t exactly remove them. A proper way to remove blackheads is to combine procedures like microdermabrasion and deep pore cleansing. A blackhead vac can be a big help.

After the treatment, some people might observe redness or tenderness of the skin, which is a common side effect. This side effect is not only for at-home microdermabrasion wands but also for other microdermabrasion tools.

PMD Personal Microderm Pro Before and After

Keep in mind that this treatment can be powerful, and painful for some. A few reviewers felt that their skin was burned or hurt because of the product, but this side effect is common for all microdermabrasion devices.

The pain level does diminish with more use.

Using moisturizers after the treatment helps minimize the dryness of the skin. Plus, applying skincare products after the procedure would also result in better absorption of skincare products.

Easily Accessible Treatment

The microdermabrasion treatment procedure is usually done in various spas and clinics but with this tool (and others like the NuBrilliance Reviewed here) it can be done at home. It’s super convenient to do, and there’s no need for scheduling appointments.

You also don’t have to be limited by their office hours as you can do the procedure anytime at home.

Here’s a short video that explains how to use the PMD Microderm:

That said, there are still mixed opinions about the effectiveness of the PMD. Some reviewers found that it didn’t have a great impact on their skin, though the vast majority of users report great results.

Some say that the effectiveness of the product isn’t instant for some and will be observed after a few sessions.

Patience is required.

Aluminum Oxide Crystal Disc

PMD Aluminum Oxide Crystal Disc

This microdermabrasion wand works through the patented spinning disc. The disc is embedded with aluminum oxide crystals that will exfoliate the skin effectively. When the dead and dull skin cells are removed through the process, it stimulates new growth of cells that look more youthful and radiant.

Aluminum oxide crystals are chosen for safety reasons and for their effectiveness as an exfoliating agent. This crystal is one of the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth. It is also available in various grit sizes, which is why different intensities of microdermabrasion are also available through this tool.

It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which helps prevent adverse effects when used on the skin. It also prevents the spread of bacteria that can cause further irritations or can worsen acne problems.

The intensity of the discs is color-coded. The color codes identify the intensity, ranging from ultra-sensitive to high intensity. The level of intensity from lowest to highest are in the following order: white, gray, blue, green, orange, red, black and yellow.

Many people love the variety of discs available because they can select which is suitable for the skin. Those with sensitive skin recommended the tips for sensitive skin because it didn’t irritate their skin. It is painless and may cause redness but the redness disappears after a few hours.

Calibrated Vacuum Suction

PMD Tips and Power

The calibrated vacuum suction is another technology that makes this microdermabrasion wand successful. The suction helps remove whatever dead skin cells are dislodged through the exfoliation process.

Furthermore, it helps increase the circulation on the skin. This improves the natural healing process of the skin so it can produce more collagen. The boost in the production of collagen will leave the skin more elastic, firm, radiant and fresh.

Two-Speed Option

The intensity of the microdermabrasion session is not only affected by the replaceable discs that you select. This device also allows you to adjust the speed. The high speed is meant for a more intense treatment. The slower speed can be used when doing slower passes over the skin that’s more challenging to reach like to in the nose area.

Suitable For Face And Body

PMD Effects

Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, large pore size are all problems in the face that can be improved with the use of a microdermabrasion wand. However, manufacturers have not forgotten the body is also covered by skin.

Most people just don’t want their faces to look good, but their bodies too.

This microdermabrasion wand can be used on the face and body by simply changing the caps. Although the two caps are very useful and are well suited to cover smaller or larger areas, some customers still wished that there was an even smaller cap.

That smaller cap can be very useful in tight corners and hard to reach areas, like the areas on the side of the nose.

Some also say that the cap and discs are too small when used over the body. They wished for larger discs and caps that can cover a larger area at a time.

Plug-in unit

For uninterrupted sessions, manufacturers chose to power the PMD with a plug, as opposed to a rechargeable battery. This prevents you from having to charge the unit regularly or to change batteries.

It also means you can use the unit any time you want and you just have to plug it in. No more waiting for it to charge or no more half-done sessions just because your unit runs out of batteries.

That said, it also means you need to plug it in, and that means you’ll be tethered to a power cord when you are using the PMD.

Even still, it is comfortable to use. The cord is long enough for you to easily move the wand across the face and all throughout the body.

The cap with a smaller opening is recommended for the face and other delicate areas. The one with the larger opening is recommended for the body.

Easy Assembly And Use

PMD Easy to Use

The PMD Personal Microderm Pro is very easy to use and assemble. For first time users, it is recommended to use the white disc and practice on the arm or leg first before moving onto the face.

Some customers say that there is a learning curve to it and you really shouldn’t skip practicing on your arm first before moving on to your face.

Make sure the area you are going to use it is already cleaned and dry. After selecting the most appropriate colored disc, you can select to use a face cap or a body cap. Make sure that the cap is tightly placed and the o-ring is in the right position to make the vacuum work. Some people report no vacuum but proper assembly fixes that problem.

Plug the device and select the speed you want to use. Glide the wand over the skin smoothly by keeping pulling the skin tight with your other hand. Once the treatment is done, use a toner and moisturizer over the area.

Some buyers also recommend protecting your skin from the sun for at least 48 hours after the procedure. Microdermabrasion with this wand is recommended to be done on a weekly schedule.

Easy To Clean

In the clinic setting, practitioners clean and disinfect their machines every after use. you should, too! The PMD Microderm is very easy to clean because you can easily disassemble it and clean the parts.

The aluminum oxide crystal discs or tips are also replaceable for hygienic purposes and to make sure they are still capable of efficiently exfoliating the skin.

Fairly Priced

Microdermabrasion procedures can be very expensive when performed in clinics. It can cost up to hundreds of dollars for just a single procedure. The PMD Personal Microderm Pro may not be the exact same machine clinic use, but this at-home device still performs the procedure well.

Some people will still feel that it is expensive, though it is cheaper than some competitors like the Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion Machine Reviewed here. Although it is not cheap, many still find that the value is worth the price. Even if you add the replaceable discs that you have to change every 3-4 treatments, this is still an affordable option.

Some people say that the results aren’t the same with the ones done by professionals but continued use has led some customers to achieve their goal.

Accessories And Related Products

Here are a few accessories and related items to keep in mind.

PMD Microderm Replacement discs

Replacement discs are available for additional purchase and should be used for up to 3-4 treatment sessions for high-quality results. There are different sets available for various use and preference. The blue set is best for sensitive skin then there’s also a body kit, which is a combination of yellow and black discs.

PMD Personal Microderm Replacement Discs - Includes 6 Discs and 1 Filter - For Use With Classic, Plus, Pro, Man, and Elite
PMD Personal Microderm Replacement Discs - Includes 6 Discs and 1 Filter - For Use With Classic, Plus, Pro, Man, and Elite
Product Type:Luxury Beauty; Item Package Dimension:2.25 " L X2.25 " W X1.5 " H; Item Package Weight:0.25 Lbs
$20.00 Amazon Prime

PMD Collagen Infusing Mask

This mask is specially formulated to be used in tandem with the microdermabrasion wand. After the session, use it to soothe the skin. The anti-aging ingredients will be better absorbed by the skin after the microdermabrasion treatment.

PMD Daily Cell Regeneration System

This is a complete skincare set that you can use with the microdermabrasion wand. Use the cleanser before the session, then use the toner and moisturizer to soothe the skin afterward.

PMD Daily Cell Regeneration System, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)
PMD Daily Cell Regeneration System, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)
The PMD calming neuro neutralizing toner balances ph levels
$79.00 Amazon Prime

The Bottom Line

From our discussion above, we can confidently say that the PMD Microderm Pro At-Home is a great buy. It provides greater access to microdermabrasion procedures that were once only done in clinics and spas. True, it may not yield results as instant as those from the clinic. But with continued use, better skin can be yours!

We also admired how well-thought-out and made the device is. There are a couple of noteworthy suggestions from other customers, like bigger discs for faster body sessions and smaller accessories for tighter spots. These might give an even better experience or result. Regardless, the PMD Microderm is a fantastic choice for at-home skin care treatments!

PMD Personal Microderm Pro - At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine with Kit for Face & Body - Exfoliating Crystals and Vacuum Suction for Fresh and Radiant Skin - High & Low Speed Options
  • The system includes written instructions and...
  • 1 personal microdermabrasion pro tool and electric...
  • Exfoliating discs - 1 white (extra gentle), 2 blue...
  • 2 caps (1 large for body exfoliation and 1 small...

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).