Pulsaderm Reviews. A Spotlight on Light Therapy

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Are you sick of investing your hard-earned money on skincare products and machines only to discover they give no effective results? Do you feel cheated when skincare brands overpromise in their marketing campaigns but in reality, their products fail to deliver visible results? Are you looking for something that will make your skin smooth and flawless once again?

The Pulsaderm Red Light Skin Machine is a skin tool that you can use at home on your own to get effective results. It uses red light therapy technology to give people the youthful radiant skin they’ve been wishing for. Having healthy clear skin has a huge impact on overall wellbeing. It’s time to bring that self-confidence back!

In this article, we’ll be doing Pulsaderm reviews and giving the Red Light Therapy by Pulsaderm a detailed look. We’ll go over all the major points you’ll need to know before purchasing this fascinating light therapy device.

Pulsaderm Reviews


Pulsaderm Reviews

The Pulsaderm Red LED Skin machine is a useful tool that uses light therapy for skin care treatment. It targets problems like early signs of aging including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. With consistent use of this device, your skin will start to appear more youthful and more radiant in a time frame of three to seven weeks.

The Pulsaderm aims to accelerate the repair process of damaged skin. It enhances cellular metabolism by delivering energy to your skin pores through light therapy. This supplied energy speeds up the renewal process of your skin and fixes structural problems.

Simply put, this machine uses light to boost gently damage the skin. This mild damage causes the skin to produce new collagen. This new collagen rejuvenates and restores the skin.

Thus, the Pulsaderm Red LED Skin machine is effective for improving the overall texture of your skin, and removing wrinkles.

Red Light Therapy

Pulsaderm Red Light Therapy

The Pulsaderm uses a technology that was originally developed by NASA. The red LED light therapy used by this skin machine is intended for activating and reenergizing skin cells. This machine emits rays of light from an array of 97 LEDs at a wavelength of 650nm. This wavelength is designed to minimize prominent skin problems.

As a result, this machine improves your skin’s condition by providing your skin cells with the necessary energy they need for resurfacing.

FDA Approval

Another impressive part about the Pulsaderm Red LED Skin machine is that it has been cleared by the FDA. This means it is considered generally safe to use the Pulsaderm Red LED Skin machine as it has been declared safe for use at home by authorities.

For this reason, you can use this skin machine freely at home without having to worry about any hidden harmful side effects.

Home Use

Pulsaderm Red Light Therapy

The Pulsaderm is easy to use at home. The only prep is to ensure that your skin is clean and that the battery is charged. Thoroughly cleanse your facial skin with a foaming cleanser to remove any makeup or dirt that may have accumulated on your skin, and fire up the lights!

Frequency of Use

This machine has to be ideally used three times a week for only 3 minutes per area. Place the Pulsaderm against the location you want to treat, and push the button. You hold the Pulsaderm in place for 3 minutes and it will shut off automatically.

At that point, it’s time to move onto the next area for a new treatment. Depending on how many places you want to treat, a full treatment could take around 30 minutes.

Battery Power

The Pulsaderm is powered by a rechargeable battery which typically lasts for several of the 3-minute treatment sessions before it needs to be recharged. It comes with a USB charger and a wall charger, so you have lots of plugin options.

It’s generally best to plan to charge the Pulsaderm back up after each use. You may get a second treatment day with one battery charge, but if you’re doing several areas per treatment, you’ll probably want to charge each use.

As we mention in further detail below, many users find that the battery is the biggest problem with this device. Over time, it tends to lose its ability to hold a charge. Keep an eye on your battery, especially as it nears the expiration of the 1-year warranty.

Non-Invasive Skin Treatment

Pulsaderm Red Light Therapy

The Pulsaderm Red LED Skin machine is a tool for non-invasive treatment. This skin machine causes skin renewal through 97 red LEDs that shine in the 650nm wavelength. It is similar to the Tria Beauty device we reviewed here, though it is much less painful to use.

Pulsaderm Safety

The Pulsaderm is quite safe to use, with one main caveat. That is that users should wear safety goggles.

Although the red light emitted by this skin device is not damaging to your eyes, it is recommended that you wear safety goggles to shield your eyes from the light. This is just done to be careful in order to avoid exposing your eyes to wavelengths of light they normally do not get exposed to.

The goggles are included in the package.

Who Should Buy This Red LED Light Therapy Machine?

Pulsaderm Red Light Therapy

Anyone who is looking to improve the condition of their skin through an at-home effective treatment should consider buying the Pulsaderm Red LED Skin Machine. If you’ve got wrinkles and age spots, the Pulsaderm works quite well. But with hyperpigmentation and other skin issues, the Pulsaderm may struggle to treat these circumstances.

If you like the idea of a non-invasive product that is simply using light to treat signs of aging, the Pulsaderm is for you. It’s easy to use, and you don’t really need to pay much attention to it. Just hold it in place for the three minutes per spot. When it completes its cycle, move onto the next area.

The treatment is far more convenient than going to a salon, and is surprisingly effective for most users.

No need to go through the hassle of booking appointments with a dermatologist or spending time commuting to far away salons for facials. It’s easy!

Concerns about the Pulsaderm

Most purchasers are pretty happy with their light therapy unit. Those that do have complaints primarily have issues with the battery and recharging system.

Battery Issues

The most commonly reported problem with the Pulsaderm Light Therapy device is that the batteries may fail to recharge after a short while. There are several reports from Amazon reviews that the device stops working after a few months, and will not charge. Alternately, the Pulsaderm will hold less and less of a charge each time you recharge it.

If this happens to you, contact Pulsaderm, or the location where you purchased the product, immediately. The unit is covered under a 1-year warranty, and 90-day return policy. Pulsaderm is generally pretty responsive to these issues, and will often send out a replacement free of charge.

Pay extra special attention to the status of the battery when you’re nearing the end of your 1-year warranty period.

Pulsaderm for Pain and Scarring

Some users try to use the Pulsaderm to treat pain and scarring of the skin. It is generally less effective at treating pain and scarring than it is at treating age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. There are some light therapy devices specifically made to target pain, but the Pulsaderm is not particularly successful at treating pain.

Pulsaderm doesn’t really advertise their product as being designed to target pain, so we’re not sure why some reviews complain about it not working for pain.


We hope reading this Pulsaderm review has provided you with the information you need. The Pulsaderm is quite effective at reducing lines and wrinkles. It works well as long as you pay attention to the current status of the battery and recharging system. Remember to use the Pulsaderm Red LED Skin machine consistently three times per week to obtain the best results.

Written by Kayla Young

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