21 Purple French Tip Nail Designs

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Purple is one of those colors that is so varied that there is a tone and shade that will look great on everyone, regardless of your skin color or undertones. That’s probably one of the reasons that purple manicures are trending right now.

We’ve scoured the World Wide Web to collect our Top 21 purple French tip nail designs that are trending right now.

From short to long, in all different shapes, from deepest purples to the prettiest pastels!

If you are looking for a little inspiration for your next mani, you are going to love the variety of nail art techniques and designs we’ve put together for you.


Are French Nails In Style?

A French manicure will never be out of style. But right now, French tips are everywhere.

And not only are we seeing them in the classic nude with white tip combo, we are seeing them re-imagined and updated in so many different ways. And one of the colors that’s trending right now for French tips is purple!

Keep reading to see 21 of our favorite versions of purple French tip nails that you will definitely want to try!

What Color Purple French Tips Should I get?

The style of French tips is really a matter of personal preference. All of the 21 designs we have for inspiration can be done in whatever color purple you want. But the color that looks best on you is going to be a purple that matches your skin undertones.

Skin undertones are divided into three groups. – warm, cool, and neutral. If you are not sure what category you fall into, check out our complete guide to skin undertones to find yours.

Purple is one of those colors on the cusp of the color wheel where it gets divided between warm and cool colors.

Purple can be both a warm and a cool color, but it will depend on whether it has more red or blue mixed into it. Any purple with more red than blue is warm. Any purple that has more blue than red is cool.

Purple can be both a warm and a cool color, but it will depend on whether it has more red or blue mixed into it. Any purple with more red than blue is warm. Any purple that has more blue than red is cool.

When choosing a purple color for your nails, choose a warm purple if you have warm skin undertones. Go for a cool purple if you have cool skin undertones. If you are among the lucky bunch with neutral undertones, every color of purple will look great on you.

21 Purple French Tip Nail Designs

First up we have the French manicure, with a purple twist. It’s just as elegant and understated as the classic white-tipped version, but the pop of color makes it just a little bit more fun.

Credit: Instagram / studiobnailsandbeauty
Credit: Instagram / nonadoesnails

Purple French Tips aren’t reserved only for the shorter, ‘squoval’ shaped nails, you can add purple French tips to any shape of nail, including stilettos.

Credit: Instagram / gloss_la

Add a little bling to your purple French tips with some gold foil and gold detailing.

Credit: Instagram / setsbykayla

We’re seeing French tips with abstract nail art everywhere. Random swirls are one of the most popular designs because of their organic feel that highlights the curvature of the tips.

Credit: Instagram / designnails.harrogate
Credit: Instagram / nailsbybriseyra

Rather go for a little nail art that’s not so abstract? Everything from butterflies to rainbows and, of course, flowers are coming up on purple French tips.

Credit: Instagram / carmel_nailchemistry

Another trend that has been going around is getting little pearls applied to the nail. This is a great example (below) of how this should be done.

Getting (especially) white pearls applied to your nails in a random spot looks like a blister. It’s absolutely one of the worst trends going around.

BUT, if you get your little pearl or bead set in the middle of a flower, like in the photo below, it’s not just a random bubble on your nail that looks like it needs medical attention.

Credit: Instagram / nailartbyruby
Credit: Instagram / emilypower.beauty

Getting purple French tips with one glitter tip on each hand is a great way to keep things interesting. It adds a little sparkle and pizazz without being too in your face.

Credit: Instagram / setsbykayla

V-cut French Tips are also one of the more contemporary takes on the classic French tip design. It’s especially cool if it’s done in two different colors.

Credit: Instagram / ohmylorb

Yet another take of the French tip doing a double band of color at the tips instead of just one.

Credit: Instagram / nailsbyashleigh.nz

You can choose to go with two colors right next to each other, like in the photo above, or apply two bands of the same color with a bit of space in between.

Credit: Instagram / themariposawayshop

Not sure what style you like best? Why not try a combination of double-banded purple French tips with a glitter nail and nail art!

Credit: Instagram / la_vie_est_nails

If Salvador Dali had been a manicurist, he might have painted nails to look something like this. We are loving the surrealist vibe.

Credit: Instagram / tiffanyabbigailebeauty

Another trend with purple French tips is textured tips. That’s to say it’s not a solid flat color, but uses different nail art techniques to get some really cool tips.

Credit: Instagram / houseofclawss

The use of glitter and nail art makes these tips a definite show-stopper.

Credit: Instagram / 2mules4jeff

Using different techniques on different nails creates a fun and interesting manicure that’s going to get noticed.

Credit: Instagram / sirhisnails

We can’t decide if marbled nails or marbled French tips are cooler. Especially in a color like purple, these marbled French tips are definitely not your average manicure.

Credit: Instagram / jaxnails

Purple gemstone tips are epic. They are so elegant and chic and we are absolutely obsessed with these!

Credit: Instagram / sylwia.ka_1982
Credit: Instagram / creationsbyhani


The French manicure will never go out of style, but why not have a little fun and put a spin on the classic and go for purple instead?

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).