28 Stunning Purple Hair Color Ideas to Refresh Your Look

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In the vibrant world of hair color, purple is a shade that promises creativity and stands out in a crowd. It’s not just a color; it’s an expression of personality and boldness. Whether you’re searching for a touch of lavender grace or a plunge into deep violet drama, our list of 28 purple hair inspirations is sure to spark your next style transformation.

Here are the top picks for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their locks.


Purple Hair Style Ideas

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1. Vibrant Violet Waves

A tidal wave of color, with deep violets and electric blues that’s sure to turn heads and set the soul on fire.

2. Pixie in Purple Passion

This edgy pixie cut dazzles with bold purple hues and light pinks, blending sass with class in a low-maintenance style.

3. Berrylicious Curls

Rich reds meet purple in a sweet and sassy curl combo, reminiscent of a berry-packed summer treat.

4. Mystic Plum Perfection

Dark, deep plum shades evoke the mystery of twilight, perfect for those who adore the night sky.

5. Lavender Luxury

Soft lavender-tinted waves that whisper elegance and playful charm, ideal for the graceful yet adventurous.

6. Radiant Orchid Ombre

A garden goddess’s dream, blooming with radiant orchid tones from root to tip.

7. Bold Amethyst Bob

Chic, confident, and striking, this amethyst-toned bob is a modern statement piece.

8. Luscious Lavender Layers

Romantic lavender layers flow like the twilight tide, soft and mesmerizing.

9. Sleek Eggplant Elegance

A sophisticated, dark eggplant hue that offers a mysterious and luxurious vibe.

10. Galactic Grape Glam

Dive into the cosmos with this stellar blend of purples, as deep and endless as the night sky.

11. Midnight Purple Haze

Sultry and mysterious, this style combines deep purple and black for a dramatic flair.

12. Vivacious Violet Streaks

Pops of violet that bring a playful edge to a punk-rock purple cut.

13. Twilight Tresses

A captivating cascade of purples and pinks that mimic the colors of the setting sun.

14. Mermaid’s Dream in Purple

Waves of deep ocean blues and purples for those with a mermaid’s heart.

15. Elegant Plum Eclat

Rich, vibrant plum curls that are perfect for the modern sophisticate.

16. Royal Rhapsody in Curls

Majestic curls in deep purple that frame the face with regal elegance.

17. Enigmatic Purple Hues

A blend of dark and purple hues for a look shrouded in mystery.

18. Electric Lavender Highlights

Bold lavender highlights that add a dynamic and spirited twist to your hair.

19. Violet Pixie Magic

An enchanting, edgy pixie cut in a bold violet hue that captivates and charms.

20. Passionate Purple Waves

Deep purple waves that embody boldness and beauty, perfect for expressing a vibrant personality.

21. Midnight and Amethyst Flow

Dark, enigmatic tones give way to vibrant amethyst in this style that’s as mysterious as the night itself.

22. Violet Verve

A bold and vivacious mix of purples that showcases a spirit both bold and unapologetically vibrant.

23. Lavender Luminescence

Subtle and softly glowing, these strands of lavender exude a quiet elegance and a touch of dawn’s gentle light.

24. Razored Cosmic Contrast Pixie

A dramatic interplay between the darkest blacks and the brightest purples, reflecting the boundless beauty of the cosmos.

25. Lilac Frost on Midnight

Hints of frosty lilac gently grace a dark base, suggesting a secret coolness within the warmth of night.

26. Avant-Garde Amethyst

A daring amethyst pixie cut that breaks conventions with its striking color and sharp silhouette.

27. Subtle Plum Serenade

A melody of plum tones that adds depth and intrigue to dark hair, perfect for a touch of nighttime magic.

28. Twilight Whisper Waves

Gentle waves carrying a hush of twilight colors, blending mystery and elegance in a soft, understated style.

Final Thoughts

Now your purple hair inspiration list is complete, ready to dazzle and inspire your readers to embrace the spectrum of purple hair possibilities!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).